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Port Charles Update Thursday 12/26/02

By Beth
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The night before her wedding, Alison sits by the fire, writing a letter to the child she and Rafe hope to have someday. She writes about how much they went through just to be together. She wants their child to be ready for love; when it comes, there are four things to remember. "Always keep lots of jelly around the house." Alison laughs about the time she and Rafe smeared jelly on each other's face. "Learn how to make really neat shapes in the snow." She remembers when she taught him how to make snow angels. "Know exactly what to ask for the first time you meet an angel." Alison recalls that when she told Rafe that pink roses are her favorite flower, he reached into his coat and pulled out a perfect pink rose for her. She saves the most important point for last. "Always do things, lots of things, for people, because when you really try hard, you can make miracles happen." She tells their child that Rafe had to go away, and they almost lost everything. As she writes, she thinks back to the moment when he said that he had fallen in love with her all over again. She also remembers seeing him running to her at the train station, and learning that he had been sent back to be with her. Alison writes that someday soon, she and Rafe will bring their child into the world, and he or she will be cherished, protected, and surrounded by light. She wants their child to believe in miracles, and to know that love will always lead the way home.

While Stephen looks out the window, Elizabeth lies in his bed. Between having him in her life and being able to attend her daughter's wedding, she considers herself to be the luckiest woman in the world. As she prattles on, Stephen has another woman on his mind. Elizabeth asks whether he knows what it feels like to have one person be his whole world. Stephen doesn't answer her question. Instead, he tells her to go to sleep. He thinks about what she said, adding some thoughts of his own. "To have someone have so much power over you. To have your whole universe hinge on one person." Looking out the window, he thinks of Livvie.

In Jack's house, Livvie looks out the window, wondering where Caleb is. It's Christmas night, and while everyone has someone to share the lights and decorations with, all she can think about is Caleb. A tearful Tess joins her in the living room. She couldn't sleep; every time she closes her eyes, she sees Caleb pulling her from Livvie's body. Livvie assures her that there's nothing to be afraid of. She's not scared, so Tess shouldn't be either. Tess asks why Livvie feels so connected to Caleb, but Livvie rephrases her question. How can she love Caleb, knowing what he really is? Tess refuses to believe that Livvie could love Caleb, but Livvie tries to make her understand. He's the reason that Tess exists. He wanted something very badly, and he used his powers to get it. She wants Tess to understand how it feels to be wanted by a man with so much power. Tess has to understand, because she's a part of Livvie. Tess is too afraid to think about it. Livvie understand her fear, because like Tess, she has also had the feeling that she's missing part of herself. She's finally figured out that the one man for her is back to stay. That man is Caleb. She doesn't believe that he showed up in Port Charles by accident. It was her hunger and her needs that brought him. Tess tries to change Livvie's mind. She thinks that her purpose to remove Livvie's hunger. Even though Livvie has buried her desire for goodness, it must still be there. Otherwise, Tess wouldn't have it. She wants to heal Livvie, but Livvie doesn't want to be healed. She's tired of people trying to save her, and she's tired of hiding what she really wants. Caleb is the only man who has ever recognized the true forces inside her. Tess warns her that the forces will kill her, but Livvie believes that Caleb will protect her. Tess begs for the chance to keep Livvie safe.

While Elizabeth sleeps, Stephen fantasizes about the one person who means everything to him: Olivia. In his fantasy, he stands on stage, listening to the audience cheer as "Crooked Avenue" comes to an end. After thanking his fans, he introduces "the hottest thing between heaven and hell." Livvie walks onto the stage. She lowers the microphone to make an announcement. Stephen is apprehensive about this, but she asks him to trust her. "The Stephen Clay Experience moves us. Its music possesses us all because of one man. His music speaks to us deep inside our darkest souls." The crowd cheers. Livvie tells Stephen that it's time to show the world who he really is. "The master behind the man. Love him for who he is. The vampire himself, Caleb Morley." The fans continue to cheer for their idol. Livvie tells him that his fans are ready; he doesn't have to pretend anymore. "They love you as much as I do. We have everything," she tells him. He tells her that he doesn't have quite everything yet. He still needs his wife. In front of his adoring fans, he proposes to Livvie. She accepts, and the crowd goes wild. The two of them vanish into thin air.

Caleb carries Livvie away to finish the pact they once started--to bind their souls together for all time. Livvie swears that she comes of her own free will, and they exchange rings. "Both our souls in an eternal compact, through the darkness above and beyond death itself. We are now complete, keepers and guardians of each other's heart. A pact of blood, mingling with the essence of our pure love. One everlasting." They kiss, and Livvie asks him to make her his own, forever. He sinks his teeth into her neck, drinking from her. Livvie pledges her life to him, and he tells her to finish their pact by drinking from him. Baring a huge set of fangs, she does as he asks. Now he has everything he's ever wanted. Now he has his true wife, Olivia.

Elizabeth wakens and tries to get Stephen to join her in bed. He tells her that he's not ready. She says that he looks sad, and asks to make it better. Stephen would like that. He decides to join her after all. Trying to forget his one true love, he makes love to Elizabeth.

Tess falls asleep on the couch, and Livvie pulls a cover over her. Livvie isn't afraid of her destiny, and she doesn't want Tess to be afraid for her. She can feel Caleb's hunger, and she can feel him calling to her. She's going to him. Knowing exactly what she wants, Livvie leaves Jack's home to find Caleb.

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