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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/24/02

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Tess admires the tree, thanking Jack for it--and for what happened between them last night. Jack tells her that she's very real to him; she's her own person, separate from Livvie. The doorbell rings, and Jack assumes that their guests have arrived. Instead, Livvie stands on the porch with a small suitcase. "I'm moving in with my sister," she announces. Jack is too stunned to stop her from coming inside, but he refuses to let her move in. Livvie tells him that she has a bond with Tess, and they need to watch out for each other like family. The doorbell rings again, and as Jack goes to answer it, he tells Livvie not to get comfortable. Livvie takes Tess aside to stress the importance of sticking together. Now that they know that Caleb created Tess from Livvie, they also know that they're very much a part of each other. While they both want to be their own person, they have to keep each other safe. Otherwise, what happens to one will happen to them both. Jack invites Chris, Jamal, and Marissa inside. Jamal wants to know what Livvie's doing there, and Jack explains that he's not letting her stay. Livvie says that she's going to the car to get a Christmas present for Tess. While she's gone, Tess informs Jack that she wants her to move in with them. Jack doesn't like this, but Tess insists that she and Livvie need each other. She reminds him that Christmas is the time for forgiveness and being with people.

Rafe stands outside, alone with his thoughts. He's dwelling on the bombshell that he is responsible for Caleb's return. Rafe tries to make sense of it all. He thought that his own return was a reward for the love and faith that he and Alison share. He didn't know that it would allow evil to return at the same time. Looking inside the house, he sees Alison. How can he give her the life of her dreams and still get rid of their biggest nightmare? He goes inside, where Alison is putting together a very special Christmas Eve celebration. Alison chatters away about past Christmases with Amanda, but Rafe is lost in thought. Finally getting his attention, she asks what's wrong. Despite his assertion that he's fine, Alison knows better. Rafe tells her that he's worried about not being able to protect her or give her the life she deserves, because the world isn't always good. Alison doesn't want him to worry. She has faith that this will be a very special Christmas Eve. She reminds Rafe that a year ago, they helped everyone get back together. It seems like a long time ago because of the problems everyone has had, but love is what gets them through all that. Rafe agrees with her. He feels better about things, and now he wants to talk about his favorite subject: Alison. She doesn't mind that at all. In fact, she has some good news for him. She fills him in on how she came to find the photo of the woman who gave birth to her brother or sister. Rafe is happy for her. Alison has a wedding gift for him, which she wants him to open. Rafe points out that she'll have to wait until tomorrow for hers, and that's fine with her. She just wants him to have this now. He opens his gift; it's a watch. Alison reminds him that she used to get upset about his other watch, because it was counting down the weeks until he had to leave. This one is just a regular watch. It's not upsetting, because it's not counting down anything. It will tell time forever, and since it's solar powered, it will never die--just like their love. Their time together is endless.

Jack reluctantly tells Livvie that she can stay, but only because it's what Tess wants. He doesn't trust her at all. Tess and Chris talk, and they're both glad that Chris is there with them. Chris tells Tess that he's been thinking about the way she heals people inside and out, and he wonders whether there's anything he can do for her. He asks about her headaches, and Tess says that they're better. Chris is glad to hear that. He tells her to make a wish--anything she wants. Tess says that all she wants is for everyone to be together and to love each other tonight. Jamal tells Marissa how grateful he is that she stayed in town for the holidays, because he knows how much she likes big family Christmases. Marissa says that she'll see her family next year, and maybe Jamal will go with her. He likes that idea. Livvie returns with a gift for Tess, which she asks her to open now. Livvie has one just like it, and she thought that Tess would probably also like it. Tess opens the box and finds a white sweater. She thanks Livvie; it's beautiful. Watching from across the room, Jack isn't amused. Jamal thinks it's freaky that Livvie wants them to dress alike. "Yeah, everything about Livvie is freaky," Jack agrees.

Ian and Danny are at the cemetery visiting Eve's grave. Ian is busy decorating a little tree that he has put a little Christmas tree in front of the grave marker. One of the ornaments is homemade, shaped like a heart, in green felt and glitter; in the center of it, there's a photo of Ian, Eve, and Danny. Ian really likes the tree, but he knows it's not as nice as the huge one in the park. He tells Eve that she should see it, because it's really gorgeous. The patients at the hospital enjoy looking at it from their windows; it makes them feel like it really is Christmas, even if they're not with their families. Ian wishes that he could give Danny more of a family. Even though he's good friends with Christina, and Serena seems to like watching him, Ian really messed things up. In fact, he's messed up a lot of things since Eve's been gone, but he's determined to give Danny a good Christmas.

Kevin is about to put a few more gifts under the tree when Lucy gets back from some last-minute shopping. Kevin tries to get her to talk, but she's avoiding him as much as possible, still extremely upset with him. How could he act so surprised to hear that Jenny agreed to drop the charges and leave town? Kevin is disappointed that Lucy, of all people, doesn't understand that he simply didn't want their life together to be blown apart again. He had no idea that Jenny's pimp would beat her up for trying to leave town. He's very sorry that Lucy's trust in him has been broken, but he hopes that they can find a way to get past that, at least for tonight. Lucy can't pretend that everything is all right between them. She can't forget what he said, both to her and to Jenny. It's not just the things he said; it's the way he said them. Kevin just wants her to understand how much she means to him. He doesn't ever want their family to be separated again. Lucy tries to explain that he's responsible for separating them even further, but the girls come downstairs and notice the extra presents under the tree. They get very excited about this, and when Lucy tries to send them back to bed, it doesn't work. Serena tells her that they can't sleep. Christina asks Kevin to tell the story about when they became a family last Christmas. Carrying the tiny girl to the couch, Kevin begins to tell the story. For Lucy's benefit, he includes the part about asking her to take a huge leap of faith and believe in his love for her. He says that the best part of the whole night happened right before they said "I do." Christina knows what he means; that's when she came! Kevin says that it was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. He knew right then that the only thing he wanted was to make his family happy. Serena asks Lucy how she felt at the time, and Lucy replies that she felt very lucky, because she had everything she'd ever wanted. She was surrounded by her daughters, her husband, and all their family and friends. Christina wants to know why tonight is different. Where are Ian and Danny?

Alison wants Rafe to stop worrying, because everything will be fine. They're both startled when the lights go out. They look outside and notice that the power is out everywhere except in one spot, where the light is very bright. They decide to go check it out.

The lights at the cemetery go out, and Ian looks around. The power is out everywhere, with one exception.

Kevin, Lucy, and the girls look out the window, seeing one bright light. Serena begs to go see what it is, and Lucy starts to resist but immediately gives in. She tells the girls to get their coats and shoes while she gets some candles.

In the park, people are gathering to look at the Christmas tree, which has the only working lights in town. Everyone from Jack's house gathers around the tree, except for Livvie, who is hiding in the bushes. Frank and Karen are there, and so are Ricky and Reese. Frank greets Ian, who thinks that Eve did this for them. Alison attributes this to the Christmas spirit. Kevin, Lucy, and the girls all think that it's a miracle. Ian takes Danny over to see Christina. Alison thinks this is what everybody really wanted--just to be together on Christmas Eve. Rafe says that she was right along; he just needed a night like this to show him. Serena hands out candles, and everyone sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

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