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Port Charles Update Monday 12/23/02

By Beth
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Worried because Tess isn't home, Jack calls Jamal and asks him to be on the lookout for her. As soon as he hangs up the phone, Tess comes home. Seeing her tears, Jack asks whether she's having the headaches or the strange flashes in her mind again. Tess tearfully says that she's not a real person. She knows the truth about the pictures that she sees in her mind. They're things that happened to Livvie, and she knows this because they also happened to her. She went to see Livvie, and that's when it all came back to her. She's a part of Livvie. Jack refuses to believe that; just because she looks like Livvie doesn't mean that she is Livvie. She's Tess, and unlike Livvie, she's a wonderful person. Tess very sadly tells him that she's not a person at all. "I'm no one," she says, sliding to the floor in despair. Jack sits down with her, pulling her close to comfort her. Tess keeps repeating that she's no one, but Jack doesn't agree with that at all. She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart, and she likes to help people. How can she be nothing when she means everything to him? She can't be nothing, because he can feel her. He can touch her and kiss her. She's very real, and he can't live without her. He picks her up, carries her over to the couch, and gently lays her down. Tears stream down both their faces. Even if Tess doesn't know who she is, Jack knows; she's the girl he loves.

With both hands on Alison's neck, Elizabeth tells her daughter that she wants to share something wonderful with her. Alison pushes her hands away. She doesn't like the way her mother is acting, or the way she looks; she's flushed, she's shaking, and she's been talking a million miles a minute. Either she has the flu, or she's on something. Elizabeth laughs; she's high on life, and she's never felt better. Still suspicious, Alison asks whether the designer water is some kind of drug. Elizabeth says that her love for Stephen is what makes her feel this way; she finally feels alive, after years of sleepwalking through life. This is freaking Alison out. She doesn't know what's going on, but she's going to call the doctor. While she's on the phone, Elizabeth's memory of feeding on Stephen convinces her more than ever that she should give her daughter that special gift. As Alison holds for Dr. Hamilton, Elizabeth stares at her daughter's neck. She's wasted so much time without her, and now they can be together forever. She approaches Alison, who senses her presence and turns to face her. Alison says that she loves her and wants to make sure she's not sick, because mothers and daughters are supposed to look out for each other. She assures her that everything will be all right. Elizabeth's thoughts turn to a memory of begging Alison for just one more chance, and she changes her mind about turning her into a vampire. Unable to reach the doctor, Alison leaves a message, then asks her mother to go home with her. Elizabeth begs off, blaming her strange behavior on mother-of-the-bride jitters. She'll just take a bath and be fine. When Alison tries to touch her, Elizabeth backs away, then goes off to take her bath. She's horrified by what she was planning to do. She was about to bite her own daughter. What has she become?

After making love for the first time, Tess is feeling much more secure. Jack tells her that he could hold her forever. They love each other, and that's as real as it gets. Whenever she feels lost, she should just hold onto him, and he'll show her who she is. "I'm Tess--Tess who loves Jack," she says contentedly.

Stephen lies still on the snow-covered ground, the wooden stake in his chest. While Rafe takes a satisfied look at the scene, the vampire's hand begins to move. Stephen reaches up and removes the stake from his body, causing sparks to fly. He sits up slowly, smiling because he's even immune to the stake now. Rafe stares in disbelief. Twirling the blackened stake between his fingers, Stephen asks what he should do with it. He points out that it should work on Rafe, since he's just a man now. "You should've seen the look on your face when I did that little waking-from-the-dead thing. It was priceless," Stephen laughs. When Rafe attributes his resurrection to the water, Stephen admits that it helps. He chides Rafe for trying to kill him instead of accepting his olive branch. Feeling very self-confident, Rafe challenges Stephen to take him down. Wielding the stake, Stephen lunges at the slayer, stopping short of killing him. He tosses the stake backward. He's not into killing anymore; he's into fame, fortune, and rock and roll. Rafe finds it suspicious that he chose Port Charles of all places, but Stephen says that the band will soon be hitting the road. Rafe doesn't trust him to leave town without leaving his usual trail of bodies, both dead and undead. When Stephen protests that he's been a perfect citizen this time around, Rafe reminds him that he turned Elizabeth into a vampire, which means that Alison will never be safe. Stephen promises that she'll never bother Alison or Rafe again. Rafe misinterprets this to mean that he plans to kill her, but Stephen corrects him. He's going to take Elizabeth on the road with him. Rafe reiterates his earlier allegation that Stephen took up with Elizabeth as a way to get to him. Stephen again admits that it did have something to do with that at first, but not anymore. When Rafe calls him a "bloodsucker," Stephen comments that the term is "so twentieth century."

While Alison waits for her mother, the doorbell rings. Mr. Travis, the private detective she hired to help find her sibling, has tracked her down at Stephen's place. He hands her a box that he found hidden behind a wall in Malcolm's office. He thinks it will give his client some answers. Alison takes the box from him and says that she'd like to look at the contents in private. After the detective leaves, Alison goes through the box. At first, she finds only inconsequential items, but then she finds a stack of letters. Reading them, she learns that they're love letters to her father from a woman named Katrina. One of them mentions the child they share. Alison can't believe it; she's found the woman who bore her sibling. She keeps looking through the box and finds a false bottom, underneath which she finds a photo of Katrina. When Elizabeth returns to the room, Alison quickly hides the photo from her mother. Holding a blue bottle, Elizabeth asks what Alison is doing, but Alison claims that she's not doing anything at all.

Stephen reminds Rafe that he doesn't even like Elizabeth. Rafe points out that Alison does like her, and now Stephen has robbed her of part of her family. Stephen assures him that they can still have a long-distance relationship. "I'll bring Elizabeth home at the holidays, pack plenty of water so we don't have any embarrassing situations. I mean, we wouldn't want Nana disappearing between courses." Enraged, Rafe warns him not to go anywhere near Alison or the rest of her family. "Actually, I'm quite fond of Alison. There's something about those Barrington women, don't you think?" Stephen says, baiting Rafe. "What's with the long face, Rafe? Huh? Is it because you might actually miss me when I'm gone? Or is it the realization that you can't destroy me?" Rafe is confident that if Stephen exists, he can be destroyed. Stephen assures him that they both exist, and they're not so different. They were both sent back for a second chance. Rafe wants to know what he means by that. Stephen tells him that while he was banished from this earth a year ago, one person set him free. "I'm back because of you," he says happily. Rafe's skepticism is not unexpected; Stephen knows that the slayer's view of the world is quite narrow. The fact is that if everything were good, the world would be out of balance. "When someone's sent back to earth from upstairs, like you were, downstairs gets to do likewise. Even-Steven, so to speak. So when you traded in your halo for the woman you love, let's just say I got a 'get out of hell free' card." Rafe doesn't want to believe this, but Stephen explains that it's all about balance. Now that Rafe knows the truth, Stephen can thank him. "Here's to you and second chances," he says, toasting Rafe with his special water.

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