PC Update Friday 12/20/02

Port Charles Update Friday 12/20/02

By Beth
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As Kevin wraps up a phone call, Jack lets himself into his office. He wants to know why Kevin hasn't been to see Tess since he got back to town. Kevin claims that he's been busy, but Jack doesn't accept that excuse. Kevin doesn't know what Jack's problem is; in spite of the fact that she's a dead ringer for Livvie, Tess is nothing to him. Jack isn't so sure. Why does she look like Livvie? "Well, this is Port Charles, Jack," Kevin says matter-of-factly. "How do you explain a lot of things?" He goes on the say that there's no evidence that Tess even exists. He asks why Jack cares. Jack says that Tess needs a family and a sense of belonging. Kevin has no intentions of inviting her into his family. Jack wants to know what Kevin has against Tess. What has she ever done to him? Kevin doesn't like the fact that everyone loves Tess and treats Livvie like dirt. Jack understands now; Kevin is angry because Jack he fell in love with Tess. "Psychologically, Jack, I won't even begin to go into the obvious implications of falling for the exact replica of the woman you used to love," Kevin states. Jack points out that it's Livvie's fault that he doesn't love her anymore; she destroyed that love, as well as every other relationship in her life. Kevin points out that her relationship with him isn't destroyed. Jack thinks that says something about Kevin. Jack refuses to leave until Kevin listens to what he has to say. Tess has nothing to do with Livvie; she's nothing like her. Even so, she's somehow connected to Kevin, whether he likes it or not. Jack wants to know what Kevin's real problem is. Is he afraid to face the truth that Tess is the best part of Livvie, and that the daughter he loves so much might be as big of a freak as Kevin is? Kevin replies that since Jack doesn't have any children, it's natural for him to underestimate unconditional love. Kevin has no idea where Tess came from, and neither does Jack. In fact, they don't even know what she is. All Kevin knows is that she's out to steal Livvie's life, and that does mean something to him. He tells Jack to be her family, because he has his own. Dismissed, Jack leaves Kevin's office.

Rafe is feeling pretty confident. His instincts were right all along; Stephen really is Caleb. His eyes still glowing red, Stephen tries to cast doubt on that, but Rafe reminds him that he just saw his fangs. Stephen points out that the mind has a funny way of playing tricks. One minute, something's there, and the next minute, it's gone. Stephen proves this by vanishing before Rafe's eyes.

Ricky tries again to get Livvie to move their make-out session into the bedroom, but she has no intentions of doing that. She tells him that she wants to wait a little longer. She gets up, using the excuse that the door is open. Unaware that Livvie is responsible for the open door, Ricky says that he closed it himself. Determined to find out why her plan didn't work, Livvie peeks out the door. She knows that Caleb was there, so where is he now?

Stephen rematerializes in the park. "Poor slayer. He does try," he tells himself. Suddenly, Rafe appears, telling Stephen that he's right. The mind does have a way of playing all kinds of strange tricks. "I see you've still got some of the old magic left. Kudos," Stephen says. Rafe wants to know how he managed to come back, but Stephen doesn't think it really matters. They both managed to return, and they both have their reasons for doing so. Rafe points out that he isn't questioning his reasons, because he knows that they never change. He knows that Caleb is out to destroy. Stephen points out that he never said anything about that. He's not denying what happened last year, but that was the past. That was Caleb. Rafe points out that he is Caleb. "We may share the same good looks, but inside, I'm a new, and might I add, a vastly improved version. Not Caleb--Stephen Clay." Rafe tells him to call himself whatever he wants, but the fact is that he's no different than he was before. Stephen disagrees with that. If he's no different, why is it that the slayer can barely sense him this time around? Nothing bad has happened since his return to Port Charles; bodies aren't piling up, and the blood banks are safe. He's just a regular guy, or at least as regular as a rock star can be. Rafe points out the obvious; Stephen has fangs and a strange ability to protect himself. How does he do it? Rafe doesn't think he's using a talisman for protection this time. Instead, he has another theory. Caleb didn't walk around guzzling water all day, but Stephen doesn't go anywhere without it. That must be the key.

Elizabeth stops Alison from drinking from her blue bottle. Suspicious, Alison wants to know what's wrong with the water--and with her mother. Elizabeth doesn't understand why she's getting so upset, but Alison says that it's because of the way her mother is acting. In fact, she grabbed the bottle out of Alison's hand as if it contained poison. Trying to cover, Elizabeth claims that the water is fine. She just didn't want Alison to catch the flu from her. Alison grabs the bottle away from her, sniffing the contents for alcohol. She reminds Elizabeth that she didn't seem to be worried about germs yesterday, when she had no problem with Alison drinking after her. However, it was just a soft drink, not this water. Why is she acting so weird about the water? Elizabeth explains that Stephen doesn't think the water would be good for anyone who isn't in his group. She tries to change the subject back to the wedding, but Alison gets another idea about what's going on. Is the water some kind of designer drug? Elizabeth thinks this is really funny, but Alison isn't amused. If her mother is hooked on something, she'll help. They can get through anything. Realizing that Alison really does care, Elizabeth makes a decision. She's going to share the "gift" with her.

Making himself comfortable on the park bench, Stephen tells Rafe to believe what he wants. Rafe believes that the water allows him to go without feeding, but that doesn't make him good. "I never said I was all good," Stephen replies. Rafe stubbornly insists that he'll never change. The only difference is that this time, he's not destroying everything straight out. He's just messing with everyone's mind. Stephen reminds the slayer that he and his buddies made the first move when they tried to destroy him. Rafe takes this to mean that he's back for revenge. "Why is everything always so dramatic with you? Okay. Yeah, I wanted to make a grand entrance, get in your face a little bit and have a little bit of fun, but that's all there was to it," Stephen explains. He enjoys being Stephen Clay, adored by everyone--including Rafe's "little fiancee Alison." Rafe tells him not to forget about Alison's mother. "Ah, that," Stephen says almost sheepishly. Rafe knows that he turned her into a vampire. Stephen says that he simply gave her a gift. She's happy, and so is he. They fulfill each other's needs; Elizabeth is a perfect partner. Rafe points out that she also happens to be the perfect way to get to him. Standing up again, Stephen asks whether everything always has to be about Rafe. He admits that at first, he approached Elizabeth because of her connection to the slayer. Then he got to know her, and he realized how special she really is. They just want to build a life together. Rafe asks whether they plan to settle down in Port Charles and live happily ever after as model citizens. "Yeah, something like that," Stephen replies. Rafe won't let that happen. He pulls out his wooden stake and wields it menacingly.

Ricky doesn't know how the door got open, but it's closed now, and they have all the privacy that they need. He's not happy to see Livvie pull a throw around herself. She's ready for him to leave; things didn't work out, and it's time to call it a night. Ricky wants an explanation, but Livvie tells him that it was all a big mistake. Ricky agrees with that, calling her "seriously twisted." When he opens the door to leave, he finds Tess getting ready to knock. He assumes that Livvie was waiting for her twin to show up, so that they could play some sick little game. He tells both of them not to bother stopping by rehearsal anymore. Livvie pulls Tess inside, asking what she's doing there and where Jack is. Tess says that Jack is home sleeping, and he has no idea that she's with Livvie. She was afraid to tell Jack what happened. She saw Livvie. "You were in the woods and you were dead," she says tearfully. Livvie thinks that this might be the answer to her connection to Tess. She wants to know exactly what Tess saw. Tess says that they were in the woods, and Stephen was pulling her away from Livvie. Livvie corrects her; it was Caleb, not Stephen. She wants Tess to continue, but it's causing a severe headache. Livvie can feel the pain as well, but she has to know the truth. They both close their eyes and try to remember everything.

Stephen asks Rafe what he's doing. They've been down this road before, and it doesn't solve anything. Stephen vanishes, reappearing behind Rafe. They could keep up this fight until the end of time, but he thought that Rafe wanted to be normal. Rafe admits that he does. Stephen says that they both have a chance for that. "Do you really want to risk losing it over some ancient feud started by people we don't even know?" Stephen asks the slayer. They both have the chance to live an incredible life, with everything they've ever wanted. "Your future's right in front of you, right there for the taking, everything you've ever wanted--Alison, a wedding, a honeymoon, a little vine-covered cottage with little blond kids running around out in front. Man, you've got the dream. So what do you say we just drop all this once and for all, because from where I'm standing, we both have too much to lose." He urges Rafe to bury the hatchet--or in this case, the stake. Rafe says that there's only one problem with that. Caleb can never change who he is. He may be a harmless rock star now, but it's only a matter of time before the vampire inside comes out. Rafe lunges forward, burying the stake in Stephen's heart. Stephen falls to the snow-covered ground. Rafe believes that he's finally won, but then Stephen's hand begins to move. Sparks fly as he removes the stake from his body. "Well, what do you know? I'm even immune to the stake now," Stephen points out. He asks Rafe for suggestions about what to do with the stake now. "It didn't work on me, but you're just a man now, aren't you? Just flesh and blood?" Staring down the slayer, Stephen twirls the burned stake between his fingers.

Tess sees Livvie in a white wedding gown, becoming Caleb's bride. She sees Caleb bite Livvie's neck. "We're together, Olivia, bound to each other through the ages," she remembers Caleb saying. Caleb carries his new bride to the woods and lays her on the ground. "To come of your own free will, both of our souls, to hide in eternity. Above and beyond death itself, we are one, everlasting." Tess is scared, but Livvie insists that she keep going. After kissing his bride's face, Caleb reaches down and pulls Tess from Livvie's body. Like a baby being born, Tess cries out when she emerges. Stunned and confused, she looks at Caleb, then runs away from him, frightened. Like Tess, Livvie now remembers what happened. She looks at her doppelganger in awe. It's true; Tess really is a part of her. Crying, Tess says, "I am you. I was made from you. There is no Tess." Upset about learning the truth about herself, she leaves.

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