PC Update Thursday 12/19/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 12/19/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe stares at the blue bottle of liquid that Ricky managed to get for him, trying to figure out how it allows a vampire to walk around like a normal person. Returning from the bike shop, Alison hands him some information on opening a small business, never noticing the bottle on the table. She invites Rafe to go with her to visit her mother, but he bows out, saying that he has other things to do. He quickly hides the bottle and leaves.

Stephen and Elizabeth drink a glass of red liquid, which Stephen compares it to a rich chianti after a feast. Elizabeth thinks it looks like blood, but Stephen informs her that it isn't nearly as sweet. Elizabeth now remembers drinking his blood. Stephen tells her that she'll never have to feed off a human. She'll always get the urges, but the water will help control them, and she'll never have to hurt anyone. She can live her life the way she wants, never growing old. All she has to do is keep the water supply safe, and never let anyone near it. Alison's knock at Stephen's door interrupts them. Unamused, Stephen comments that her timing is getting worse. He answers the door, and Alison comes inside. She looks around, impressed by Stephen's place, then realizes that he and her mother are waiting for an explanation. She apologizes for not calling first, but she heard they had left the hotel together and that her mother was looking very sick again. Elizabeth insists that she's fine now; Stephen's specialist from Manhattan gave her something to make her feel better. It's just miraculous. She feels great!

At Livvie's request, Ricky lights some candles in her living room while he waits for her to join him. When she appears in a black teddy, Ricky gawks until the match burns his fingers. Livvie loves an appreciative man, and she's ready to give him an incredible night. Ricky is ready to take the next step, but Livvie slows him down, claiming that she likes to take things nice and easy, savoring every moment. Ricky had no idea, considering how she acted at rehearsal, but if that's what she wants, he can do that. While he gets some wine from the kitchen, Livvie calls Stephen. Identifying herself as Olivia, she tells him that she needs to see him tonight, and he had better find a way to make it possible. She knows about his special water, and if he doesn't give her what she wants, her next call will be to Rafe.

Chris catches Rafe coming out of the lab after having the liquid analyzed. Trying to cover, Rafe claims that he was looking for Ian. Chris warns him to stay away from the lab, where he has no business being. Remembering that Chris does research, Rafe asks for his help. He gives him results showing the chemical breakdown of the liquid, and Chris can't believe what he's seeing. He demands to know where Rafe got this. Knowing that something's up, Rafe wants to know what he knows about it. Chris claims not to know what it is, but Rafe calls him a bad liar. "Usually I'm a better one," Chris mutters. He admits that it's close to a formula he was working on last year. He doesn't want to talk about it, but Rafe presses him. Chris reluctantly admits that it's a vampire serum. Although he can't be absolutely certain of that, most of the ingredients are the same as what he was working on. Rafe questions his motive. "Hey, people were turning into vampires. Somebody had to find a cure," Chris defends himself. Rafe isn't impressed. He wants Chris to tell him what he came up with. Chris says that he stumbled onto it. It was like a vampire miracle drug, because it gave a person all the benefits of being a vampire, without the need to feed on human blood. He tested it out on someone, but it didn't work. It was lethal, and the subject almost died as a result. Rafe can't believe he took things that far. His next question surprises Chris. Did Caleb know about the research? Chris confirms that he did, which is why the vampire came after him. More than a little curious, he asks where Rafe got this, and what it has to do with Caleb. Is he alive? Rafe doesn't answer. Instead, he rushes out, having gotten all the information he can from Chris.

Stephen excuses himself to attend to personal business. He tells Elizabeth that someone is interfering, but he assures her that nobody will get hurt. Alone now, the two Barrington women plan Alison's wedding. Clutching her blue bottle, Elizabeth talks a mile a minute. Alison tells her to slow down. Elizabeth says that she feels incredible. She offers to tell Alison her secret. It's Stephen. He makes her feel so passionate, and that passion is spilling over into everything. Her greatest joy is getting to actually be Alison's mother and help with the wedding. Elizabeth promises to be there for the rest of Alison's life. She's also going to help find her sibling. Alison is grateful for this. She's very happy for both her mother and Stephen. Elizabeth leaves the room. Alison can't believe how much energy her mother has. In fact, her energy is making Alison tired and thirsty. Seeing the blue bottle from which her mother has been drinking, Alison picks it up and puts it to her lips.

As Livvie and Ricky make out on the couch, Ricky suggests moving it into the bedroom. Livvie wants to stay right where they are. She cracks the front door and turns on the lights. Ricky doesn't notice the door, but he asks about the lights. Livvie claims that she wants to see the look on his face the whole time they're together. She goes back to the couch and lies down on top on him. Just outside the door, Stephen is watching. As Livvie and Ricky get very hot and heavy, Stephen comes to a decision. Trembling with rage, he decides to punish Ricky. His eyes turn red, and he bares his fangs. "Uh-oh. Your fangs are showing, Caleb," Rafe says from behind him. Stephen turns his vampire face to the slayer.

Jack takes Tess back to the cave where they first met, hoping to focus on the two of them and pretend there's nothing else out there. Tess is unhappy about it. She doesn't want to be in the cave anymore. Jack reminds her that this is where they first kissed. Tess understands that it's a special place, but it's not their home anyone, and they don't belong there. Jack thinks that they do belong there. He asks her to try to block everything else out, and just focus on them. She says that she'll try, but she's cold. Jack gives her his coat. He strikes a match to build a fire. After the fire's going, Tess asks him to hold her. Jack promises to hold her for the rest of his life, if she'll let him. Tess doesn't know how he can be so sure about that, but he is. He's also sure about something else. He wants to make love to her. As he holds her close and kisses her tenderly, Tess has a flashback of herself running through the woods, with bare legs and feet. She pulls away, telling Jack that she can't make love with him. Jack doesn't understand. Tess says that she does want to be with him, but at home, not in the cave. She accuses him of being scared and hiding from something. This isn't her home anymore, because Jack has taught her how to live in the real world. Jack explains that he brought her back to the cave because he was afraid of losing her. Tess promises to never leave him. Jack agrees to take her back to the house. While he puts out the fire, Tess has another memory. There's a scream that sounds somewhat like a baby's cry. Livvie is lying on the ground in the woods, unconscious or dead. She's wearing a long white dress. Caleb or Stephen is helping a stunned Tess to her feet, as if pulling her out of Livvie.

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