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Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin reminds Jenny, the prostitute he assaulted on Jasmine Island in September, that she agreed to leave Port Charles. Jenny assures him that no one will ever know that he paid her to drop the charges and leave town. She won't cause him any more trouble. In fact, he'll never hear from her again. This will always be their little secret. Neither of them realizes that Lucy is standing on the other side of the curtain. She has heard every word. When Kevin leaves the treatment room, he finds Lucy nearby. Now that this nightmare is over, he's ready to go home.

Rafe accuses Livvie of using Ricky to make Stephen jealous. He thinks that she's out to kill Caleb once and for all, but that she won't make her move until she can be certain that Stephen and Caleb are one and the same. Livvie scoffs at his accusations, but Rafe tells her that there's no need to defend herself this time. Her plan is a good one, and he wants in on it. Livvie laughs at the idea of the two of them working together. Rafe is persistent, but she doesn't change her mind. She would never help him or anyone else in town. She already did that, and it didn't exactly turn out well for her. If she really thought that he was right about Stephen, she might be interested in his little plan, but Stephen is just Stephen--not Caleb. Everyone has a twin out there somewhere, and she's not going to kill a man for looking like some dead vampire--or for the chance to let Rafe play hero. Rafe warns her that this is dangerous; she'll be killed if she tries this on her own. She's way over her head on this one. Livvie's continued resistance leads Rafe to one conclusion. She's obviously still hung up on Caleb. She doesn't want him dead; she wants him back.

Elizabeth wakes up to find Stephen sitting on the bed with his guitar. She tells him that she had a horrible dream. It was just a nightmare, wasn't it? Unable to answer in the affirmative, Stephen tries speaking to her softly and reassuringly. He tells her that she's in a little bit of a shock right now, but in time she'll come to accept this. Elizabeth panics. She doesn't know how to accept being a blood-sucking monster. "Please, Elizabeth, now you're just being insulting," Stephen tells her. Elizabeth is upset that she can never go back to being who she was before this happened, but Stephen reminds her that her life wasn't so great. Elizabeth points out that at least she was human. "I never held it against you," Stephen replies. Elizabeth tries to get away, hoping to find help, but Stephen pulls her back. When Elizabeth demands to know why he did this to her, he says that he did it because he wanted her. The alternative was for her to die. When Elizabeth misinterprets his last statement, Stephen clarifies. If he hadn't given her the gift of immortality, she would have eventually died. All humans do. It isn't easy to live forever, while watching everyone else grow old and die. He just couldn't bear the thought of that happening to his beautiful Elizabeth. She accuses him of turning her into a creature that lives off blood, but he points out that it doesn't have to be that way. He's discovered the secret to having the best of both worlds. They can have immortality, and all the power and passion that come with it, without ever having to feed. Their secret will never be detected. Reaching und his pillow, Stephen removes his blue bottle. "Everything we need to survive is right here in this precious liquid," he explains. He urges her to take a drink, but she pushes the bottle away. She wishes that he had just let her die. Everything has changed, and right when she found her daughter. Stephen assures her that nothing has to change. There's no need to worry about sunlight or crosses. She can live exactly the way she wants to live, only better and longer--and she can share her life with him.

Home from the hospital, Kevin comments on how quiet Lucy has been, but she claims that she just wants to forget everything that happened. He starts to help her off with her coat, but she cringes. When he blames Ian for the latest mess, she loses her temper. Calling her husband a hypocrite, she says that she heard what he told Jenny at the hospital. Kevin denies hurting Jenny in any way, but Lucy doesn't know what to believe. After all, he's been lying to her for days, acting surprised to hear that Jenny had dropped the assault charges against him. He wasn't surprised at all! He paid her to lie and get out of town! Kevin justified his actions; he was just trying to make everything right. When he apologizes, Lucy asks whether he's sorry for lying or for getting caught. "Both, actually," he admits. He doesn't know what was so wrong about what he did. He didn't like the possible consequences of what he did months ago, so he took care of the problem. He paid a prostitute money to start a new life. Some people might even call that charitable. Besides, he knows for a fact that Lucy has solved more than one problem with a little cash. Lucy admits that he's right, but the fact is that he lied to her and doesn't seem to care. Kevin turns it around on her. Hasn't she ever told him a little fib? The worst he can be accused of is putting their marriage first, because he refuses to lie down and let their life together fall apart. Lucy doesn't like the fact that he lied and committed bribery. Kevin says that he was just taking her advice; he wanted this enough to fight for it, so that's what he did. He refuses to let anyone separate him from his family again. He regrets lying to Lucy, and hurting her, but he won't apologize for fighting for their life together. He could have hired a team of attorneys, but if they lost, he would have spent five years in prison, away from his family. When Lucy accuses him of buying his freedom, Kevin points out that $25,000 is a small price to pay. If that hadn't been enough, he would have offered more. Lucy asks what he would have done if Jenny refused to be bought. Kevin replies that everyone has a price.

Elizabeth points out that everything Rafe said is true; he's really Caleb. "What's in a name?" Stephen asks, dismissing her concerns. Elizabeth reminds him that he hurt a lot of people and almost destroyed the town. Why would she want to be with someone who would do that? Stephen tells her that Caleb did those horrible things, but he's not Caleb anymore. He's Stephen. When he was Caleb, he lived in a world of loneliness and pain, and it was slowly poisoning him. He knew that he couldn't go on like that. The water is what changed everything. It provides all the benefits of being special, without any of the side effects. He used to be an outcast living in the shadows, but now he's a new man. He has the chance to live a full life with the woman he loves. That's why he bound himself to her forever. Elizabeth isn't too sure about this. She thought that he did this just to get closer to Alison and Rafe, so that he could hurt them. "Elizabeth, your words hurt me more than any slayer," he charges. She just wants to know the truth. Stephen reminds her that when they first met, she told him that no man had ever loved her. Until he came along, no one had made her feel so beautiful and alive. She was a hidden jewel. Can't she see how much he loves her? In awe, Elizabeth asks whether he really wants her, and not someone else. Stephen thinks about finding Livvie in his bed, but he pushes the memory away. He tells Elizabeth that she's the only woman he wants. He kisses her, picks her up, and carries her to bed.

Livvie asks why she would want Caleb back, but Rafe has given up on trying to figure her out. She does wants him back; Rafe can see it in her eyes. Livvie tells him to go be with Alison. He and Jack both turned on her, because they weren't man enough for her. She needs a man who knows how to live--someone who makes her feel alive, and who doesn't get caught up in duty and honor and other boring things. Rafe has his own theory about her. "I think you want someone without a soul, someone who lives in darkness, someone who exists in the shadows," he says. Livvie says that sounds like her kind of guy. She will get what she wants, and there's nothing that Rafe can do to stop her. Rafe tells her to go ahead and destroy herself. Livvie storms off, excusing herself to go to the ladies' room. On her way, she sees Ricky come back, so she watches. She sees him give Rafe a blue bottle, and she hears them talk about where it came from. Rafe assures Ricky that Stephen won't find out where he got it. Livvie comes back and hangs all over Ricky. She's ready to go back to her place. After they leave, Rafe thinks about the water. He's convinced that it's the key.

Stephen tells Elizabeth that their life together is just beginning. The world is at their fingertips, and the water is their ticket to freedom. He urges her to drink. She asks what happens if a human drinks it, but he tells her not to worry about that. She never has to worry about anything again.

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