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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/17/02

By Beth
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At the Recovery Room, Alison asks Jamal to be in the wedding. She says that she also asked Jack, because of the two of them have always been her knights in shining armor. After they joke about what the two guys will be wearing, Alison thanks him for finally being okay with her wedding to Rafe. Meanwhile, Rafe is giving serious thought to what Alison told him about the blue bottles of water. Seeing Ricky come in, he plays up to the drummer, but Ricky is suspicious of Rafe's motives. After offering to buy Ricky a drink, Rafe promises not to talk about vampires. Instead, he wants to know about the special water that the band drinks. He talks about his plans to open a gym, claiming that he'd like to sell the band's water there. Could Ricky possibly get him a bottle? Ricky doesn't get it; it's just water. Rafe corrects him. Water isn't just water anymore. Nowadays, it has all kinds of antioxidants, electrolytes, and other things added to it. The more extras it contains, the more money people will pay for it. He would buy one himself, but he can't, because there's no label on it. He thinks that Stephen probably has it manufactured himself. Ricky wants to know whether Rafe is asking him to steal a bottle. Rafe assures him that he just wants to try it, and if he likes it, he'll approach Stephen about marketing it at the gym. Ricky asks again whether Rafe actually wants him to steal a bottle from his boss. "Well, you know, I hear you're pretty good at that kind of stuff," Rafe replies. He assures Ricky that Stephen will never know how he obtained a bottle. Ricky tells him that Stephen has a way of going postal over weird things like this. He doesn't want to lose his job. Rafe needles him about it. He's just asking for a little favor, and Stephen will never know. Ricky finally gives in; he'll see what he can do, but he's not making any promises. Rafe thanks him. As he walks away, Livvie comes in and sits down with Ricky.

Lucy is angry with Ian for saying such a hurtful thing to her. Ian claims that he didn't mean to hurt her; he just wanted her to open her eyes. He understands that she feels an obligation to Kevin. Whatever she feels for her husband may be blinding her to the truth. Andy and Kevin join them, and Andy tells Ian that he has no reason to hold Kevin; he's free to go. Ian asks Andy to wait just a little longer, in case the victim pulls through. Andy reminds him that it's unlikely. Chris emerges from the treatment room and asks them all to step inside. Jenny, the prostitute, is sitting up, no longer at death's door. Lucy exclaims that it's a miracle, and Ian in is agreement. Chris knows for a fact that it's a miracle. Before excusing himself, he gives Andy permission to ask his patient a few questions. Andy introduces himself, points out Kevin, and asks whether it was Kevin who attacked her. Jenny says that it wasn't Kevin this time. It was Benny, her pimp. He beat her up because he found out that she was leaving town. Ian thinks that she's too scared to talk with Kevin in the room, but Andy has heard enough. He's going to call the station, then come back to get more information from her about Benny.

As Rafe watches from the bar, Livvie tells Ricky that she was looking for him. She's hoping that they can finish their date. Ricky doesn't think that's such a good idea. He didn't like the way that Stephen looked at him when he saw them together. He doesn't want to lose his job. Livvie tells him that his private life is his own. Ricky thinks it's risky, but Livvie assures him that she's worth the risk. She goads him until he gives in. Ricky says that he'll check in with the band and see whether he's needed, then comes back. On his way out, he tells Rafe again that he'll see what he can do, but he can't guarantee anything. Alison tells Rafe that Jamal agreed to be in the wedding. She adds that she's going over to the boke shop with him, because he's going to lend them his books about starting a business. After they leave, Rafe goes over to Livvie's table to annoy her. He wants to know what's going on between her and Ricky. Livvie points out that she doesn't have to tell him anything. Rafe accuses her of using Ricky to get to the "big bat himself." After informing him that he's wrong, Livvie tells him to get lost. Rafe has no intentions of leaving. He knows that he's right about this. "You're going after Stephen. Or should I says Caleb?" he says accusingly.

When Jack finds Tess, she is holding her head. Concerned, he asks whether something happened. Tess tells him that she'll be okay; she just wants to go home. She doesn't like the hospital; she never has. Chris finds them, and he's almost at a loss for words. He tells Jack that Tess was absolutely amazing. He offers to buy them a drink so that they can talk. Jack is angry about this. He brought Tess to the hospital because of some really bad headaches. Chris apologizes; he had no idea. When Jack finds out that he used Tess to heal a dying woman, he overreacts, physically attacking his brother. Tess yells at Jack to stop. She wanted to help; Chris didn't make her do anything. Chris accuses Jack of always assuming the worst. Jack regrets his reaction. He asks Tess why she helped the woman. Did she know her? Tess explains that she didn't know her, but she didn't want her to die. That's why she made her better. Jack tells Tess that her heart is in the right place, but helping people is starting to hurt her. She understands, because she's getting another headache. When she goes to get some water, Chris comments on his brother's temper. Jack apologizes but says that he's desperate to help her. Chris questions him about her healing powers. Has healing always taken this kind of toll on her? Jack replies that it never bothered her until she came to Port Charles. He really wants Chris to do something. Chris doesn't know what to do; since Tess has no DNA, conventional tests won't tell them anything. He wishes that he had a better answer for his brother. Jack says that he can feel Tess slipping away. He can't let her go.

Andy returns to let everyone know that Jenny's story checks out. Her pimp has bruised knuckles, no alibi, and plenty of cash. The case is closed. Kevin thanks the detective for acting so quickly. Ian excuses himself, and Lucy follows him for a confrontation. Is he happy now that he's put her and Kevin through hell again? Ian asks why Jenny dropped the charges, but Lucy doesn't know why Ian cares. Ian is convinced that Kevin had something to do with this. Otherwise, Jenny wouldn't have named him. He's not going to let this go, because it bothers him. If it doesn't bother Lucy, she's not half the woman he thought she was. Lucy is angry. She knows that Ian is worried about her, but she's not afraid of her husband. She wants Ian to just leave her alone. "You got it," Ian says as he walks away, leaving Lucy on the verge of tears.

Jack takes Tess home. He's still worried about how long her headache has lasted He asks whether she can heal herself, but she can't. Jack can't sit around and watch her fade away. He tells her to pack her things. This town is sucking the life out of her. They're going back to where he found her--where they both belong.

Peering into the treatment room, Kevin sees Colleen with the patient. After the nurse leaves, Kevin goes inside. He tells Jenny that he's sorry that this happened to her, but he has to make sure that no one learns of his part in this. Jenny reminds Kevin that she told the truth. Her pimp beat her up this time. Kevin isn't talking about that. He's talking about the agreement they made for her to leave town. Jenny promises to leave as soon as she gets out of the hospital. "No one's ever going to find out you paid me all that money to drop the charges and leave. It's our secret," Jenny assures him. Unfortunately, Lucy has heard every word.

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