PC Update Monday 12/16/02

Port Charles Update Monday 12/16/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Tess are snuggled up on the couch, munching on popcorn as they watch cartoons. After Jack kisses her, Tess has a flashback of Livvie's time with Caleb.

Kevin and Lucy are very happy about the most recent turn of events. They share a kiss, which is interrupted by a knock at the door. Lucy is surprised to see Andy, who asks to speak with Kevin about the prostitute he was accused of assaulting. Kevin points out that she was supposed to have dropped all the charges. Lucy adds that they also thought she was leaving town. Andy informs them that she never had the chance to leave. She's been beaten up badly again, and when questioned, she mentioned Kevin's name. After coming inside, Andy confirms that it happened sometime tonight. However, they don't know the exact time of the attack. Kevin did hurt her once before, and since she mentioned Kevin's name this time, the police have to check it out. Kevin suggests that she may have been delirious when she named him, because he hasn't seen her since he was hospitalized. Kevin asks for some details about what happened to the woman. Andy says that she was found in an alley, and after getting to the hospital, she mentioned Kevin's name to Ian. When Kevin asks whether anyone else was in the room at the time, Andy says that Ian was alone with her. He reiterates his need to ask Kevin a few questions. Lucy thinks this is ridiculous. She wants an attorney present. Kevin tells her not to worry, because he has nothing to hide. He was at home with her all evening. Lucy confirms this. Andy points out that a woman providing an alibi for her husband isn't exactly proof of innocence. Kevin states that Ian has made quite a case against him. Lucy suggests that they all go to the hospital now; they can talk to the victim and clear Kevin's name once and for all.

As Stephen feeds on Elizabeth, he's startled by a knock at the door. Alison calls out to her mother, who doesn't answer. She and Rafe both hear a moan from inside the hotel room. Acting quickly, Stephen forces Elizabeth to drink from the blue bottle. Alison is worried; her mother has been sick, and now she may be worse. Otherwise, why wouldn't she open the door? She calls out to Elizabeth again, and Rafe joins in. Alison is ready to take some kind of action, but she's not sure what to do. After having her stand back, Rafe kicks in the door. They look inside the room, and what they see is a mortifying; Elizabeth is in bed with Stephen. Alison turns around, embarrassed beyond repair, while Rafe tries in vain to remedy the situation. After he closes the door, Alison starts freaking out. "Ew!" she says, gesticulating wildly. "This is not supposed to happen! I just saw my mother and her boyfriend--and she saw us seeing them! This is not supposed to happen. What do I do? Rafe, hi! Hello?" Rafe is lost in thought, but Alison manages to get his attention. She's ready to move to Siberia, Bermuda, Bellingham, or anyplace her mother and Stephen will never see her again. She just feels so stupid! The door opens. Stephen, wearing a white bathrobe, has come out to apologize. Alison feels that she and Rafe should be the ones to apologize. They agree that it's all very embarrassing. Stephen asks what was so important that they felt the need to beat down the door. Rafe starts to answer, but Alison stops him. She tells Stephen that they were worried about her mother's health. Obviously, she's feeling much better now. Flustered, Alison asks Stephen to have Elizabeth call her when she gets a chance, and Stephen agrees. Rafe stares at his robe. There are two bloody spots on the collar, perfectly spaced to be from a vampire bite. Stephen goes back inside the room, leaving Alison to continue stressing about what happened. She doesn't think the night could get any worse. Rafe doesn't agree with that at all.

Jack takes a reluctant Tess to the hospital to be checked out. She insists that her head doesn't hurt anymore, but Jack really wants someone to look at her because of all the headaches she's been having lately. Tess adds that she's also seeing pictures. Concerned, Jack asks her to describe the pictures. Tess doesn't answer; in her mind, she sees Caleb biting Livvie. Jack wants her to sit down while he looks for Ian and Chris. He asks her not to move until he gets back. As she waits, Lucy, Kevin, and Andy go by. Seeing Lucy, Tess decides to follow her.

As Ian works on the prostitute, he worries about her condition. He's joined by Chris, who assumes that the woman's pimp is responsible. Ian denies this but doesn't elaborate. Ian doesn't think she'll make it through the night. He insists that room be made for his patient in the operating room. When Colleen informs him that it will be another hour, Ian says they don't have that much time. Chris again assumes that her pimp did this. Ian says that it doesn't matter who did it; they just have to save her life. Chris remarks that whoever did it is a "sicko." Seeing Kevin and the others go by, Ian goes out to confront them. No one sees Tess watching them from a distance. Ian demands to know what Kevin is doing at the hospital. Andy informs him that they want to talk to the victim, but Ian says that it's not possible; she's barely hanging on. He wants to know why "this psychopath" isn't locked up. Andy says that they have no real proof that Kevin has done anything. This infuriates Ian, who doesn't believe that Kevin really has an alibi. Lucy says she's his alibi. Ian can't believe what he's hearing. He's convinced that she's lying to protect her husband. Lucy blurts out that Kevin was home all night, making love to her. Ian is disgusted at the revelation, but it still doesn't prove anything, because they don't know what time the attack took place. Kevin points out that Ian is the only one who heard the victim name him as the attacker. It's obvious that Ian is trying to pin it on him, just to get him out of the way and leave a clear path to Lucy. Ian is outraged by the accusation. Andy tells them both to stop it. Lucy begs Ian to think about what he's doing. If he persists, Kevin will go to prison for a very long time. "Me think about it? This woman could die in there and your husband is responsible, and you went to bed with him. You made love with that animal just hours after! You think about that!" he challenges her.

Chris continues to work valiantly on his patient, but it's no use. He tells the unconscious woman that he's sorry, but they did everything they could to save her. Turning around, he's surprised to see that Tess has entered the room. Tess asks whether the woman is going to die, and Chris confirms that she is--unless Tess can somehow help her.

Back at home, Rafe takes notes about Stephen in his notebook. Alison is still trying to forget what she saw. The good thing is that her mother is obviously feeling better. There must be something to the water that Stephen makes her drink. When Rafe has no idea what she's talking about, she explains that it's some designer water that has all the electrolytes and vitamins in it. Her mother swears by it. She's surprised that Rafe hasn't seen her drinking it. Thinking about this, he realizes that he has noticed. Alison points out that they never leave home without their little blue bottles. She leaves the room, and Rafe returns to his notes.

Stephen has Elizabeth drink more water. She doesn't remember exactly what happened. She thinks about it, then remembers something awful. She has fangs! She saw earlier when he looked in the mirror. Stephen wants her to calm down, telling her that it's going to be all right. Elizabeth doesn't think that's possible. Stephen assures her that there's nothing to be afraid of. She should be happy, because he's given her the gift of eternal life. Elizabeth asks what he means by that. Stephen can't believe that she really doesn't know what he's talking about; she had to know who he is. Besides, he knows that she's been concerned about her recent behavior. Elizabeth says that she thought she had the flu or a virus. Stephen chides her; the flu didn't cause the passion and the irresistible urges, and she know it. Now that he's told her, she knows for sure. "It's kind of liberating, isn't it?" he asks. Horrified, Elizabeth insists that it's not possible. "Oh, it is. I'm living proof. And so are you," Stephen informs her. "You're one of us now." Elizabeth faints. Stephen lies next to her on the floor. He tells her that it takes some getting used to, but in time, she'll love it.

Alison returns to suggest that they eat at the Recovery Room. Noticing that Rafe seems distracted, she thinks that it has to do with what they saw earlier. She tries to reason it out; her mother and Stephen are both adults, and it really isn't a big deal. She goes to get her coat, and Rafe finishes up what he was writing about Elizabeth and Stephen Clay. It all adds up to one thing: vampire. There's a little sketch of a vampire in his notes.

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