PC Update Friday 12/13/02

Port Charles Update Friday 12/13/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita



Lucy adds the finishing touches to her plans for a romantic evening with Kevin. The lighthouse is filled with Christmas decorations. She hangs some mistletoe, and turns on some holiday jazz. Kevin's favorite wine is chilling. Lucy worries that she may be overdoing it, but she tells herself that there's nothing wrong with having a special evening with her husband. As she tries to convince herself of that, she remembers inviting Ian to spend the holiday with them. She is surprised to hear a "ho-ho-ho" as Kevin comes home wearing a Santa suit. Lucy reminds Kevin that the girls are gone for the night, but he already knows that. He did this for Lucy. Looking around at the decorations, he expresses pleasure with her handiwork. He especially likes the mistletoe. He takes her over to it and kisses her. Next, Kevin sits down on the couch, with Lucy in his lap. He asks what she wants from Santa this year. Lucy replies that she already has everything that she could possibly want. She has her husband back, and she has two daughters who are safe and sound. She doesn't need anything else. She pulls down his Santa beard and gives him a kiss. Kevin has another surprise for his wife. He hands her a ring box. She opens it, finding a huge, expensive diamond ring inside. This isn't like him at all! "Well, get used to it, sister. You're looking at the new and improved Kevin Collins," he replies. Lucy embraces her husband, but she's very uneasy about his last statement. What does he mean by that? Kevin explains that he wants to stop being so sensible. He wants to live in the moment for a change. He realizes that the gift was extravagant, but he wanted to show her how much she means to him. He's very lucky to be home, and he wants to make every moment magical. He tells Lucy that she's the reason he was able to come home. He holds her close, and with no pressure, Lucy decides that she's ready to make love with her husband for the first time since his return. Taking her hand, Kevin leads her over to the fireplace. They make love by the fire. They both really missed being together. Kevin promises that she never has to be afraid again, because he'll never leave her alone again.

After leaving the warehouse, Rafe and Alison go to Santa's Village to do some shopping. They're both very excited about the prospect of having a normal life. Alison drops a bombshell on her fiancÚ. She wants her mother to walk her down the aisle. In fact, she wants her mother on one side, and her grandmother on the other. Rafe doesn't think this is a good idea. It's an awfully big honor to give Elizabeth. Alison understands his point of view, but she has always wanted her parents at her wedding, with her father walking her down the aisle. Since that can't happen, she wants her mother to do the honors. Knowing how much Alison wants this, Rafe agrees. Alison wants to go to the hotel now to ask her mother; they can finish shopping some other time. The wedding is in two weeks, and she thinks that her request might make her mother feel better.

As Elizabeth sits on the hotel bed, Ian returns with a cold compress for her head. Embarrassed by her state of undress, he apologizes and turns to leave, but she doesn't want that. She's not changing clothes; she's just hot. Isn't he hot? Pulling him to her, she kisses him. "Elizabeth," Stephen says from the doorway. Holding a single red rose, he looks extremely upset with her. He demands to know what's going on. Confused, Elizabeth says that she doesn't know. Ian tells him that she wasn't feeling well, and that he brought her home. Stephen tries to get rid of him, but Ian doesn't trust the other man. Elizabeth isn't getting any better. Where is the expert Stephen called in to look at her? Who is this expert? Stephen doesn't think that Ian would know him; he's one of the "top guys." He tries to dismiss Ian, but the doctor is persistent. Stephen finally gets his way when Ian's beeper goes off, calling him to the hospital. Ian warns them that Elizabeth should be in a hospital. Stephen says that she will be, if the specialist agrees.

With Ian gone, Elizabeth apologizes to Stephen for her behavior. She's just so glad that he's here. She tries to get close to him, but he pushes her away, throwing the rose across the room. Furious, he tells her that this can never happen again. Things are out of control. Every time he lets her out of his sight, she almost ruins everything. She's becoming a problem that he can't afford. Examining Elizabeth's blue bottle, Stephen accuses her of not drinking her water. She says that Alison spilled it, but Stephen doesn't accept that as an excuse. He tells her to be more careful. He can't be with her all the time; she has to learn to take care of herself. Stephen drinks from his own blue bottle. Elizabeth really wants to know why that water is so important. She gets riled up about the fact that it always makes her feel better immediately. Stephen calms her down. He's going to make her feel better, because he needs her. He needs everything to be perfect. Neither of them can lose control again. Sensing empathy, Elizabeth asks whether he feels that way sometimes. Stephen says that he knows what it feels like, but he can control it. He doesn't let anything impair his judgment the way he used to. He asks her to describe what she's feeling. Elizabeth says that she feels an endless hunger, but she doesn't know what she's hungry for. Stephen thinks that she does know. "You can smell it. You can almost taste it. Go ahead. Take what you need. You don't have to fight it anymore," he urges. Elizabeth bares her fangs, sinks them into his neck, and drinks his blood.

When Ian reports to the hospital, he finds Colleen tending to a badly beaten woman. He orders some tests and tells her to page Chris. Colleen returns to say that Chris is on his way; the lab results will be back soon. She leaves again to check on the blood that Ian ordered for the patient. Ian tells the battered woman that he'll do all he can for her, but she has to fight. He wants to know who did this to her. Struggling to speak, she names Kevin Collins as her attacker. Hearing this, Ian fears for Lucy.

As Elizabeth feeds, Stephen urges her to take what she needs. Sated, she pulls away and asks what happened. Wiping some blood from her mouth, he puts it on his own tongue. "A gift beyond your wildest dreams," Stephen replies. When he tells Elizabeth to look at herself, she goes to the mirror. Seeing what she's become, she screams in anguish. Stephen tells her that she's never looked more beautiful, but she demands to know what he's done to her. "Given you power and passion beyond anything you could ever dream of. Every emotion, every sense heightened." Elizabeth is horrified; everyone was right about Stephen. He tells her that she should be grateful. He bites her neck, feeding off her for the second time since they met. She goes limp in his arms. A knock at the door is very unwelcome. Alison stands outside, calling out to her mother.

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