PC Update Thursday 12/12/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 12/12/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita


To celebrate his plans for a normal life, Rafe pops the cork on the champagne bottle. At Alison's request, he provides a guided tour of the warehouse as he sees it. He envisions the main gym, with all the usual equipment, a separate area for fitness and martial arts classes, and a juice bar offering sandwiches and smoothies. Excited, Alison says that the juice bar is her domain. Rafe is one step ahead of her; he was counting on her help. When she notices a mat, Rafe carries it over to the middle of the room, ready to put his mark on the place. Hearing this, Alison stands on the mat, puts up her fists, and challenges him. Rafe surprises her with a move that he calls a bear hug. He wants her to pretend he's a bad guy, and try to get out of it. She's having a lot of fun with this. He finally has to tell her what to do, but she refuses to hurt him. Instead, she playfully pulls him to the mat for a kiss. She temporarily kills the mood with a comment about how he and her mother will really like each other, once they give each other a chance. Rafe pulls away; he wouldn't make too many bets on that. Alison stands by her belief. Changing the subject, she says that Rafe is going to have the most fabulous gym in the state. He offers to show her the spot for their future bedroom upstairs, but she doesn't see the need for that right now. They already have a mat right where they are. She begins to seduce her fiancÚ.

Elizabeth holds Danny, nuzzling up to his little face. She suddenly realizes that her behavior toward him isn't right. When Tess finds her, she tells the older woman not to hurt him. Elizabeth hands him to her, mistaking her for Livvie, but Tess corrects her. Elizabeth asks why Tess was afraid that she would hurt him. Tess replies that her eyes looked mad. Elizabeth assures her that she would never hurt a child. Meanwhile, Ian is frantic when he doesn't see Tess and Danny anywhere. He and Jack start looking for them. When they find them, Ian takes his son from Tess. He admits that Danny also gets away from him sometimes. Tess wants to go home, and Jack makes sure that Ian isn't upset by what happened. Ian is fine; he tells them to have a good time. He notices that Elizabeth looks ill, but she insists that she's fine. Shopping with Alison was overwhelming, and she forgot to eat. She reaches for Ian, possibly ready to bite him, and collapses.

The Stephen Clay Experience is at the studio, but Stephen is distracted by his inability to reach Elizabeth. He leaves a message for her to call him. Ricky lets his boss know that he invited a friend to rehearsal, but Stephen wants him to cancel the invitation. It's a workplace, not a social club. Marissa comes in with Jamal, which further annoys Stephen. He takes a look at her latest lyrics; they're good. Suddenly feeling very charitable, he allows Jamal to stay. Ready to work, he gets everyone's attention, but then Livvie comes in. Joshua offers to drag her out, but Stephen wants to take care of it. "I just had a very unpleasant encounter with a psycho claiming to be your father. He asked me to stay clear of you. So why don't you do Daddy proud and just leave?" Pretending go along with his act, she tells "Mr. Clay" that she's finally convinced that he's not who she thought he was. Besides, she's not here to see him. Ricky approaches them and apologizes to his boss. He tried to call her but couldn't reach her. Livvie informs Stephen that she's there to see Ricky, not him. Ricky tries to get rid of her, but Stephen has changed his mind. Livvie can stay, and he won't even notice her. Livvie doesn't believe that. She shows Ricky a bag of chocolate-covered strawberries that she brought to the studio. Stephen joins Joshua, who's watching from the doorway. The manager insists that Livvie shouldn't be there, but Stephen says that it doesn't matter. Last night he had Olivia in his bed, naked. She was literally on her knees, begging him to bite her, and when it was done, he told her that the game was over. Joshua thinks his boss is playing a very dangerous game. Cass asks whether they're ever going to play, and Stephen agrees that it's time to get to work. He gets everyone's attention again with the announcement that Marissa has just written a new song. This one's going to be big. He reads the lyrics:

"The first time I saw you 
Was the last time I cried 
I feel for the moment 
Though the moment might lie 
I opened my heart 
And you took it inside 
Then handed it back In the blink of an eye 
You lie in the bed that embraced me 
Then you lied to my face that you love me 
If I ever let you in again I'll die 
So with that I say goodbye"

Sitting down, Elizabeth insists that she's fine, but Ian doesn't believe that. He wants to run some more blood tests. Elizabeth would prefer to go back to her hotel, have some soup, and take a nap. She takes him up on his offer for a ride back to her room. Along the way, they drop Danny off with his nanny. In the hotel room, Ian tells Elizabeth to sit down. He's going to get a cold compress for her fever. While he's getting that, Elizabeth thinks about what a lovely bedside manner he has. Removing some of her clothes, she waits on the bed for him. When he comes back, she's going to make sure that he gives her everything she needs.

Livvie calls Ricky "her guy," but Stephen tries to ignore her. He tells everyone to take a copy of the lyrics and memorize them. Reese is obviously jealous of Livvie, but Ricky brushes off her presence as just "hanging out." Joshua doesn't like the look on Stephen's face; Livvie is obviously playing him. Stephen doesn't want to hear it. Jamal approaches Ricky to make sure that he's not with Livvie now, because that would be a bad thing. Ricky doesn't see the problem, even if she is just trying to make Stephen jealous. She's hot, she wants him, and there are no strings attached. Jamal warns him that with Livvie, there are always strings. Ricky doesn't have time for this now; he has to work. Instead, he goes over to Livvie, who begins to seductively feed him a strawberry. Jamal has seen enough; things are getting pretty ugly, in his opinion. He and Marissa go out for a walk, which leaves Livvie and Ricky alone in the room. When Livvie asks Ricky to play the "sexy" song for her, he turns on "Crooked Avenue." Livvie starts slow dancing with him, coming on very strong. Still watching from across the room, Joshua doesn't like Stephen's reaction to this. Livvie is their enemy, and she's doing this all for Stephen's benefit. Stephen insists that she means nothing to him. When Joshua won't give it a rest, Stephen kicks the manager out. As he watches Livvie's treachery, memories from their time together fill his mind.

Back at home, Jack puts the star atop the Christmas tree, then turns on the tree's lights. They still need to put more ornaments on it, and tinsel if Tess wants any. Before they do that, though, they're going to get some mistletoe and eggnog. When Tess asks for music, Jack turns on the boom-box. He pulls her to him for a slow dance. Tess likes dancing; it's like hugging. Jack chuckles at the remark. After promising not to let her fall, he reminds her to breathe. Tess thinks that's funny. Showing her how to dance, Jack tells her to move when his legs move. Tess really likes this.

The song over, Ricky realizes that Stephen is behind him. He apologizes, but Stephen takes him aside to give him some advice--and money for a room. Ricky protests, but his boss insists, calling it an advance. "You might want to use protection, man. You don't know where she's been," Stephen cautions his drummer. Livvie approaches them, thanks Stephen, and takes the money from Ricky's hand. She promises Stephen that he'll get his money's worth. "Have fun," Stephen says before leaving the studio. Ricky doesn't like this; Stephen is mad at him, and that's not good. He asks Livvie for a rain-check, and she agrees. She also keeps the money. When he's out of earshot, Livvie chuckles at his stupidity and her own victory. "It's not you he's mad at, you moron. It's me. Gotcha, Caleb." Just outside the studio, Stephen's eyes glow red with his rage. "How could she? How could she?"

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