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Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/11/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita


Rafe and Lucy are still at the warehouse. Rafe is happy about his decision to buy it from Lucy and set up a gym there. Alison will love it, and it will be a normal thing for him to do. Lucy talks about what a special Christmas they're going to have, now that Kevin is back and Rafe gets a shot at being normal.

Alison feels silly in the bridal headpiece she's wearing. Elizabeth laughs, because it does look ridiculous. She shows her daughter a pair of shoes, which Alison doesn't like either. A salesgirl comes in with a vase of beautiful pink roses and a bottle of champagne. After checking the card, Alison announces that they're from Rafe. Elizabeth asks the salesgirl to bring a few more selections for Alison to try. She adds that since it's getting warm, it would be nice if they would turn up the air conditioner. When Alison expresses concern for her mother's health, Elizabeth says that it's just that bug again. For some reason, the designer water that the band drinks is the only thing that helps. She takes a drink from the blue bottle, but it tastes different to her. Alison admits that it is different; she spilled it and then refilled it with some water from the hotel. She hopes that Stephen's special blend can wait. Elizabeth doesn't see that she has a choice.

Hearing Kevin's threat to blow up the place and kill both of them, Stephen wisely chooses to hang up the phone. He demands to know how Kevin got inside. Kevin replies that it was surprisingly easy; he expected Stephen to have bodyguards around, but he's obviously feeling pretty secure these days. Stephen coughs, the gas getting to his throat. What does Kevin want? Kevin tells him to stay away from his daughter, Livvie Locke. His thumb twitches next to the lighter, to show what he'll do if Stephen doesn't stay away from Livvie. He appreciates Stephen's reaction to her name. The eyebrow raised in shock really works for him. In fact, when the whole rock star cover gets old, he should consider the theater. Stephen advises Kevin to consider a mental institution. "I think you can get in on a family plan. Your daughter is psycho. And from where I'm standing, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree," Stephen points out. If he has all these supernatural powers, as everyone claims, why is he affected by the gas? Why isn't Kevin affected? Kevin explains that it's a slow leak, and he's always had a talent for controlling his breathing. He wants to know why no one had ever heard of Stephen until right before he hit town. He starts psychoanalyzing him. Has Stephen ever asked himself about his need to be someone or something that he's not? It's denial, and it's symptomatic of a man who finds it too painful to see himself as he really is. Stephen has some news for Kevin. Livvie is the one who's stalking him. Then her father comes in, crazier than a fruitcake, threatening to blow the place up. If Stephen is a vampire, why hasn't he taken care of both of them by now? Kevin says that's what he came to find out. He'll blow the place up if it comes to that.

Alison doesn't like the way her mother looks, but Elizabeth insists that she's fine. She wants Alison to share the champagne with Rafe, not her. Alison points out how supportive Rafe is trying to be, and she'd love to be able to tell him that her mother is also supportive. She doesn't want to dwell on the past; she wants to keep going forward with her plans. Using Stephen's advice to pick her battles wisely, Elizabeth pretends to be happy for her. The salesgirl returns with a small envelope. Opening it, Alison finds a key and a note from Rafe. He has some kind of surprise for her. Elizabeth tells her to go ahead; she's going back to her room to take a nap. Alison takes the bottle of champagne with her. After she's gone, Elizabeth tries to call Stephen, but he doesn't answer. She leaves a message asking him to call her as soon as possible, because she's getting worse.

When Stephen's phone starts ringing, Kevin turns off the ringer to prevent any interruptions. He wants to talk about control, especially how easy it is to abuse it. He accuses Stephen of being the one who led Livvie down that dark road, and once there, it's impossible to go back. "Well, this is--this is all very dramatic. And in fact, you and Livvie and a lot of other people in this town seem to enjoy living in a fantasy world, where good and evil are in constant battle with one another and vampires can be killed with a stake. But I'll tell you what, Doc--buy the video game. Don't live it," Stephen advises. Catching his use of the nickname, Kevin questions how a stranger like Stephen Clay would know that he's a doctor. Stephen points out that Kevin has been "shrinking" him this entire time, but Kevin still doesn't believe that he's anyone other than Caleb Morley. Stephen tells him that he wins. He's had enough of his little power game. If Kevin will keep Livvie away, Stephen will avoid her like the plague. Satisfied, Kevin walks toward the fireplace, bending over a few feet from it to pick up a business card. He hands the card to Stephen, in case he needs to talk to someone; he obviously has issues. Maybe his mother didn't love him enough, or she didn't approve of his line of work. Unamused, Stephen tears up the card. Kevin wishes that Stephen would give him a chance, because he could write volumes delving into his psyche. He flicks the lighter, but there's no spark. "Maybe next time," he says before tossing it to Stephen.

Alison goes to the warehouse to meet Rafe. Although he has a candlelight picnic waiting for her, the first thing she notices is his hair. She loves it! When Rafe points out the food, Alison asks whether he lured her to the empty warehouse to show her a picnic and his hair. Rafe says that he wants to show her "normal." He explains that he'll be leasing the warehouse from Lucy--with the option to buy--and building a gym. He can train people in self-defense and fitness. It'll be great. It's a huge amount of work, but together, they can do it. There's even a great place upstairs for an apartment. Once they start making money, they can buy a house and have a real white picket fence. Alison tells him that it isn't exactly normal. Rafe is clearly disappointed, until she clarifies. "It's heaven." They're both very happy about their future together.

Jack takes Tess to Santa's Village to do some shopping and look at Christmas decorations. Tess really likes what she sees. Jack says that he has a surprise for her. After looking at all the decorations and meeting Santa, they're going to get her some early Christmas presents, especially some new clothes. She won't have to wear Livvie's clothes anymore. Tess is pleased to hear that she'll get some new clothes of her own. She sees Ian and Danny, who end up joining them. Jack mentions having seen Danny at the park with Lucy and Christina recently, almost as if they're brother and sister. Ian acknowledges that the children are good friends. When Jack inquires about Lucy's whereabouts, Ian informs him that she's at home with her family, where she belongs. Tess asks to hold Danny, and Ian lets her, but says to stay nearby. Jack assures him that Tess would never hurt Danny, but Ian is still uneasy about it. He'll get over it, though. As Tess shows Danny an ornament, a memory of Livvie holding Danny a year ago fills her mind. Ian and Jack watch them, but Ian has already overcome his uneasiness about Tess. He advises Jack to grab happiness while he can. As for himself, he has his job and his little boy. He also has a terrible habit of picking exactly the right woman at precisely the wrong time. He turns around, and Lucy is standing there. Jack wants to sneak away and buy something for Tess, so Ian and Lucy agree to keep an eye on her. As he leaves, he tells them to watch out for the mistletoe. A saleswoman brings Lucy a wrapped anniversary gift for Kevin. Lucy invites Ian and Danny to celebrate Christmas with her family, but he's thinking about visiting friends in Manhattan. He decides that it's time to take Danny to have his picture taken with Santa. Before he can get to his son, Tess has another memory of Livvie with Danny. When she turns her attention back to the little boy, he's gone. Elizabeth finds Danny wandering around and picks him up. "I could just eat you up," she says as she nuzzles his little face.

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