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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/10/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita


Lucy hurries to answer the door, if only to make her visitor stop ringing the doorbell so insistently. When she opens the door, Rafe rushes inside, but Lucy is confused. She doesn't recognize him at all with his haircut and shave, and she thinks that a total stranger has just entered her home uninvited. When she tells him to get out because she doesn't know him, Rafe wants to know what she's talking about. Lucy stops to take a good look at her cousin. She tries to find out what happened, but he tells her to stop. He needs her help; it's an emergency. "Oh--emergency. Caleb made you cut your hair?" When that's not it, she asks whether Caleb is coming after them; she'll get her bag. Rafe is really getting frustrated with her. This isn't about Caleb or any other vampire. It's not even about evil forces. It's about him, and he needs Lucy's help. He wants her to teach him how to be normal. That's not something Lucy ever expected to her from anyone. She takes this as a sign of desperation. Rafe admits that he is desperate. He got a haircut, and he shaved his beard, but that's not enough to be normal. He needs some advice. Lucy really thinks that he looks good. As for advice, she's not exactly the best person to ask. She lives through her vibes, and she talks to the universe. She also talks to her pet duck. Rafe takes this as proof that it runs in the family. Lucy wants to know exactly what happened to get her cousin into such a state. Rafe explains how he used magic to make Alison see Stephen's true identity. Unfortunately, it got out of hand, and in the dream, Caleb killed Alison. "Oops," Lucy replies, understanding. She knows that his heart was in the right place, but Rafe doesn't think it matters. Alison doesn't want anything more to do with the magic. She wants a normal life, which means that he has to learn how to live in the real world and act like everyone else. Lucy doesn't think that's good, because magic can really help them. After all, they're fighting evil, which is probably not going to play by any rules. Rafe insists that it doesn't matter. He has to quit cold turkey. "I lose the magic or I lose her," he insists.

Alison goes to her mother's hotel room and immediately hears how exhausted she looks. Alison doesn't appreciate this. When she can't find her keys, Elizabeth asks her what's wrong. Alison reminds her that she's planning a wedding, which means that she has a lot on her mind. Elizabeth blames Rafe for this, with all his talk about vampires. Alison informs her that vampires are the furthest thing from her mind. She turns around and runs straight into Stephen, who apologizes for startling her yet again. Alison explains that she didn't know that he was in the room. He offers to stay away--or wear a bell around his neck--if it would make her feel better. Again, Elizabeth blames Rafe for her daughter's nervousness, saying that he really should stop talking about vampires. Alison wants to change the subject and talk about the wedding. Mention of the wedding gives Elizabeth the opportunity to extend some motherly advice. She really doesn't think that Alison should marry Rafe. Alison doesn't want to hear it. She loves Rafe, and she's going to marry him. With Alison's permission, Stephen interjects his opinion. He's not exactly Rafe's biggest fan, since the guy seems intent on killing him. However, if Alison believes in her heart that he's "the one," she shouldn't let anyone or anything stand in her way. Love is too precious to just throw away. Alison thanks him, adding that Rafe did promise to drop the whole vampire thing. She's really sorry about everything. While she goes to freshen up, Elizabeth compliments Stephen on his little speech. "You have to learn to pick your battles if you want to win," he explains. After reminding her to drink plenty of water, he leaves the hotel room. Just outside the door, he congratulates himself on his performance. "Damn, I'm good," he says before disappearing into thin air.

The two cousins sit down to talk. Lucy can't believe that Alison would give Rafe that kind of ultimatum, especially considering how much she adores him. Rafe tells her to believe it anyway. Alison thinks that Stephen is a good guy, and since Caleb hasn't done anything yet, Rafe's the one who looks crazy. Lucy insists that he's not crazy at all; Stephen is Caleb. She trusts her cousin's instincts, just as he trusts hers. Maybe Alison is just scared. Rafe reiterates the reason for his visit. He needs to know how to be normal. Lucy thinks about this, then comes up with something. A normal person has a job. Hearing this, Rafe decides to get a job. To help, Lucy picks up a pad and pen to write down his skills. She asks him to tell her one skill that he has. Rafe says that he kills vampires. Lucy can't use that. How about another skill? Rafe thinks about it. He can track anything. He can hit a moving target with a crossbow at two hundred feet. He can also fashion a perfect weapon out of an ordinary piece of wood. Lucy takes all this down, thinking that she can come up with something. After looking it over, she announces that he's qualified to be a contestant on a survival show, but that's about it. Rafe is even more discouraged than ever. He sees himself as completely unemployable. Suddenly, Lucy has an idea. She drags him out of the lighthouse, on a mission to show him what she has in mind.

When Alison returns, she tells Elizabeth that she really likes Stephen. She's glad that her mother finally found someone stable. As for herself, she's very happy with Rafe, so there's nothing else to talk about. Elizabeth still isn't convinced that he's right for her, but Alison makes her drop it. While Elizabeth takes her turn at freshening up, Alison accidentally knocks her blue bottle from the table, spilling some of the contents. Picking it up, she tops it off with some water from a pitcher. Elizabeth returns, ready to leave. Making sure she has the bottle with her, she takes a drink.

Lucy takes Rafe to her warehouse, but he's not impressed. He sees broken boards, boxes, dust, cobwebs, and a rat. He hates rats. Lucy informs him that it's not a rat; it's a cute little mouse. She wants him to see the potential. She sees the place as a gym. In fact, she always intended to turn it into a gym, but then she lost interest when all the trouble started. Now she knows that it was all part of the universe's plan, because now she has the perfect guy to run the gym: Rafe. Protesting, Rafe doesn't like this idea; he doesn't want any handouts. Lucy has no intentions of giving any handouts. She'll lend him the money, then let him pay her back with a lot of interest. It's not a handout; it's what normal people do. Looking around, Rafe admits that the place does have some possibilities. He could teach self-defense classes. Lucy thinks that will work. She'll even be his first client. They strike a deal, sealing it with a hug. Lucy thinks it's important for him to keep up with his fighting skills, just in case they have to take on a vampire or two.

Feeling cocky, Ricky comes into the Recovery Room, removes his dark glasses, and checks out two women sitting at a table. From his barstool, Jamal chuckles about his attitude, but Ricky points out that Jamal's the one sitting alone again. He thinks that it was stupid to make Marissa quit the band, but Jamal doesn't really care what he thinks. From behind him, Marissa asks whether her opinion matters. Jamal takes her aside to speak privately, although he really doesn't think they have anything to discuss. Marissa admits that she was wrong to lie to him, but he gave her no choice when he shut her out. She tells him about what happened on her way to the Recovery Room. She saw some kids listening to the radio, and they were into the song that was playing. Suddenly, she realized that it was her song. Jamal accuses her of having a big ego, but she insists that it isn't about that. It's about making her mark on the world. She has all these words in her head, and Stephen gave her the chance to share them. It's not fair for Jamal to ask her to give that up. Jamal admits that he had no right to ask her to quit, but she didn't see the damage Caleb caused the last time around. Marissa insists that this isn't about Stephen. It's about the two of them. She wants Jamal to trust her enough to make this decision, and there's one way to do that. She wants him to spend some time with Stephen. Jamal thinks she's crazy, but all Marissa wants is for him to hang out with the band. If he does, he'll see that they're just like any other band. Jamal agrees on one condition. He doesn't ever want Marissa to be alone with Stephen. She agrees with a kiss, and they decide they've already spent too much time sleeping apart. As they start to leave the restaurant, Ricky calls out a warning not to be late for rehearsal. He makes sure that everyone hears him talk about being an important member of The Stephen Clay Experience.

Also at the Recovery Room, Livvie is startled when Kevin tosses today's paper down on the table. Livvie can't believe he's really there. How did he get there? Kevin has a better question. Pointing out Stephen's photo on the front page, he asks why the vampire she killed is alive and living in Port Charles. Kevin assures his daughter that he's allowed to be walking around. He was released from the hospital, and the woman dropped the charges against him. He was certainly surprised to pick up the paper and see Caleb's smiling face staring out at him. He wants to know whether the man on the front page is really Caleb. Livvie tells him that although Stephen denies it, she knows that he's Caleb. He wants her, and he'll do just about anything to get her. He's already tried his best to seduce her. Skeptical, Kevin gives her some advice. "Livvie, do you remember our little talk where we agreed that we wouldn't con each other? Now, what's the real story? And don't lie to Daddy," he warns. "I can tell by looking at you that you don't want to destroy Caleb. You want him back." Livvie insists that she doesn't want "that creepy vampire" back, but Kevin doesn't believe her. She obviously didn't feel that way when she slept with him, married him, and did his bidding. Livvie reminds him that she also drove a stake through his heart. Kevin points out that she only did that after nearly ruining everyone's lives. He saw the look on her face before she staked him, and it was as if she were killing a part of herself. Livvie admits that she's felt empty inside ever since Caleb lost. Kevin understands. "Believe me, once you tap into your dark side, it's not easy to find your way back," he empathizes. Livvie says that even though Caleb hurt her very badly, no one else has ever loved her the same way. No one else has ever had the passion or the power. What should she do? Kevin tells her to stay away from Caleb, and to give her dad a call when she feels confused. He kisses the top of her head, then leaves the restaurant. Outside, he knows what he has to do. "Don't worry about a thing, Livvie. Lucky for you, Daddy's back in town." After he leaves, Livvie comes up with another idea. She undoes the top button or two on her blouse to expose some major cleavage. Then she slinks up to Ricky at the bar--making certain that he gets an eyeful--and asks whether his dinner invitation is still good.

Stephen returns home, immediately smelling something unpleasant. When he asks himself what it is, Kevin reveals his presence, locks the door, and informs him that he has a gas leak. Stephen asks who he is, then decides it doesn't matter. He's calling the police. "No, I think you and I need to have a talk first. Now, you can either make yourself comfortable, or I can send you right back to hell. It's your choice," Kevin warns as he plays with a cigarette lighter.

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