PC Update Monday 12/9/02

Port Charles Update Monday 12/9/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks, a blonde prostitute plies her trade. Seeing a man approaching, she asks whether he's looking for a date. "As a matter of fact, I am. A date that's long overdue," Kevin replies, approaching her menacingly. The woman cries out, recognizing him as the man who attacked her on Jasmine Island three months ago. Kevin grabs her and puts her in a choke hold. The woman begs him to let her go, but he can't do that. He's just getting his life back together, and going to jail doesn't fit into his plans.

Alison is horrified by what Rafe did. She can't believe that he actually crawled inside her mind. He gave her a nightmare that Stephen was really Caleb--and that he bit and killed her! Rafe is deeply remorseful. The dream was supposed to help Alison, but something went terribly wrong. He just wanted her to see the truth. Alison accuses him of putting a spell on her, despite his earlier claim that he no longer has any magical powers. Rafe assures her that most of the time, he doesn't have those powers, but for some reason, when it comes to her, he's able to tap into the magic. Alison isn't impressed by his willingness to manipulate her. She can't wait to see what happens in the future, when they get into a disagreement about something. This behavior is brainwashing and controlling, and if that's the way their future looks, she wants no part of it. Rafe tries to plead his case, but it's useless. Furious, Alison informs him that there's no justifying what he did to her. His obsession with proving Stephen's true identity is making him do insane things. Upset, Rafe admits that he knows that. He would rather cut off his own arm than put her through that nightmare. Alison informs him that she's not just talking about the nightmare. She doesn't understand why he's using magic now. Back on the train, he made a promise to her; he told her that he was through with the magic, so that they could be a normal couple. Does he even remember that? Rafe admits that he does. So does Alison, and that promise means a great deal to her. It's about their future together, and now she feels as if it's crumbled into a thousand pieces; all she's left with is a bunch of chaotic images of Caleb that her own fiancÚ put into her brain. Rafe says that he's sorry, but that's not what she wants. She just wants to know how they can possibly move on and be like normal people. Rafe says that he can't change what he believes about Stephen. However, he realizes that he shouldn't have forced his thoughts on Alison. He's very sorry; he doesn't want her to be afraid to close her eyes. What happened earlier will never happen again. Alison points out that it's not that easy; he should know that. She reminds him that it sometimes happens without his knowledge. Rafe promises to control the magic, and never subject her to this again. Alison knows that he means it; she wants to move past this. She knows that it was just a dream, but it was so real and horrible. She can't get it out of her mind; she's really scared. She lies down, and Rafe holds her close, promising that she'll never be afraid again. He turns out the light, but Alison reaches up and turns it back on. She lies there silently, afraid to close her eyes.

Lucy chides herself for her inability to get Ian off her mind. She has to stop thinking and worrying about him; he'll be fine. He'll get over her and move on, because she's putting her life back together with Kevin. Hearing a noise, she calls out for her husband, but he's not there. She's surprised that he's not home yet. Setting the mood for his arrival, she puts out his favorite flowers, candles, and music. Thinking that he'll probably be hungry, she decides to order takeout from his favorite Italian restaurant, but she can't find the menu. This upsets her until she realizes how silly she's being. This isn't their first date; her husband is coming home, and everything's going to be fine. She just has to refrain from trying to force anything. As she makes this decision, Kevin comes home. When Lucy mentions how late he is, he apologizes; he didn't think she would be home yet. He was with Victor most of the time, then he tied up some loose ends afterward. Kevin regretfully tells Lucy that things don't look good, despite Victor's best efforts. The woman he attacked doesn't want to drop the charges, and he really can't blame her for that. Lucy promises to try not to worry yet. She wishes that she could persuade the woman not to press charges, but instead, she'll have to hope for a miracle. Noticing some nasty scratches on Kevin's left wrist, she asks him about them, but he claims not to know how he got them. Victor stops by with the news that Kevin's victim dropped all the charges; she's also leaving town for good tonight. Lucy can't believe it. This is the miracle she was hoping for, and now everything will be all right. Kevin thanks his father, and they embrace before Victor leaves.

Stephen stares at Livvie in disbelief, then turns his head to hide his amusement. Livvie asks him what's the matter. This can't be the first time he's ever found a naked woman in his bed. Stephen tries to reason with her, but when he calls her "Livvie," she stops him. She wants him to call her "Olivia." When called her that earlier, she knew immediately that he was really Caleb. Stephen wraps his arms around her bare waist and kisses her passionately. Easing her back onto the bed, he takes her in his arms and continues to kiss her neck. Livvie tells him not to stop; she knew that he wouldn't be able to resist her. Looking soulfully into her eyes, Stephen asks why she wants this. After all, she did try to kill him. Why does she want him back now? Livvie says that she finally realizes that he's the only man who has ever loved her unconditionally. Stephen reminds her that she betrayed and destroyed him; he can't forget that. Things can never be the same between them. Livvie doesn't agree with that. She asks how she can win his love again. "Beg," Stephen whispers in her ear. Complying with his demand, Livvie steps up her attempt to seduce him. Ever since he came back to town, she's been hit with all the memories of what it was like to be with him. She's tried fighting the memories, but it's impossible. When they were together, he told her that his love for her was infinite and forever. If that's true, then he must still love her. "So I am begging you, take me. Make me your bride again, and I will never, ever betray you again." Softly uttering "Olivia," Stephen bares his fangs and lowers his mouth onto her neck. Livvie begs him to do it; she needs to feel as close to him as she possibly can. He again lowers his own face to her neck, then loses his composure. Laughing, he removes a set of fake fangs from his mouth. "Oh. My gosh, you're unbelievable," he chuckles. He just couldn't go through with it. It would have been fun, but it got way too freaky in the end. Livvie is confused. What is he saying? Stephen explains that it was a gag. "For the millionth time, I'm not Caleb. I'm Stephen Clay," he laughs. As he leaves, he tells her to get dressed and get out. Alone again, Livvie is convinced that Caleb is still playing with her. That's all right; she can be patient, because she has all the time in the world.

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