PC Update Friday 12/6/02

Port Charles Update Friday 12/6/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

As Elizabeth makes a phone call pleading for help, Alison's nightmare continues. After Stephen sink his fangs into Alison's neck, she collapses in his arms. Rafe yells, powerless to help her. He feels responsible for what happened; he only entered her dream to show her Stephen's true identity. "I think she got the message, Slayer. Mmm--so tasty," Stephen comments, blood dripping from one side of his mouth. Finally able to move, Rafe lifts her limp body from the floor. Opening her eyes, Alison accuses Rafe of doing this to her; he killed her. She loses consciousness, and Rafe yells out in grief.

After Kevin's appointment with Gail, he and Lucy agree that his first outpatient session went very well. Kevin thanks his wife for being there with him, but she wouldn't have it any other way. It's not easy for her, but all that matters is for Kevin to get his life back. Victor rushes over to them. He's been trying to get the matter of the criminal charges settled, but they need to talk about it. Lucy wants to stay and hear what Victor has to say, but Kevin would prefer that she go home and wait for him. He and his father sit down at a table to talk privately. Victor still has one more meeting with Mac, but things don't look good. Kevin takes his file and opens it, immediately seeing a photo of the woman he attacked. He says that he doesn't even remember doing it. It's amazing how the mind can make people forget things they don't want to remember. He wants the truth about what's likely to happen. Victor tells him that the district attorney believes that the woman will prevail. If so, Kevin will probably go to prison for a very long time. Mac may have to arrest Kevin, but Victor has been trying to talk to the woman. Kevin tells him not to make excuses for what he did. He hurt an innocent woman, and now he has to pay for it. Victor sees the whole thing as unfair. He knows that Kevin never meant to hurt anyone; he was sick. There must be a way to resolve this. He wants Kevin to promise not to give up, and Kevin agrees.

As "The Gift" plays on the stereo, Stephen autographs a photo. He turns off the music and leaves. Almost immediately, Livvie uses a credit card to break in. She won't let Caleb hide from her. Seeing the photo, she picks it up and reads what Stephen wrote. "To Livvie, my biggest fan. Love, Stephen Clay." Livvie looks through the suite, hoping to find a clue to his real identity. She checks the refrigerator for blood, but there's nothing but beer inside. Then she goes to the bedroom to look. Going through a drawer, she finds a notebook, guitar picks, sleeping pills, and condoms. Livvie sits down on the bed. She thinks about being in the white room with all the sheer curtains, in the home that Caleb made for the two of them. She lies back, reveling in the memories of how she became Caleb's bride in a pact of blood. "He loved me. Wherever he is, he did love me," Livvie says softly.

Elizabeth uses a damp towel on Alison's face and head, begging her to keep breathing. In the dream, Rafe is grief-stricken. He accuses Stephen of murder, but Stephen refuses to take the blame. He didn't want this; Rafe did. Alison didn't want to know the truth, but Rafe just wouldn't leave it alone. He forced her way into her dream and turned it into a nightmare. "So while you're crying over her limp, dead body, imagine Alison coming back to you as a vampire and you having to drive a stake through her heart." Stephen can't be blamed for this one, because it was all Rafe's doing. Rafe admits that he's right; it really is his fault. He begs Alison to wake up, praying that it's not real.

As Lucy starts to board the elevator, Ian comes through the open doors. Their encounter is quite awkward. Ian is polite but guarded, telling Lucy that he has work to do. He goes over to the nurses' station to look through some patient charts. Not liking the way things stand, Lucy approaches him and asks how he's doing. When Ian's reply is less than informative, she asks about Danny, adding that she misses the little boy. She really hates the awkwardness, and she wishes there were something that she could do. Ian tells her to stop; there's no way to make things right between them. Her husband is back, and he's her priority. Ian is ready for the conversation to be over, but Lucy isn't. She cares about him, and she doesn't want him to shut her out. Ian doesn't want to sound harsh, but he really doesn't want her to care about him. She has a family to put together, and he's not part of it. He knew that if she ever had to choose, she would choose her husband. He accepts that. He doesn't regret telling her how he feels, because she needed to hear it. He struggles with himself, then decides to let it all out. When he left the lighthouse, he just wanted to crawl into a bottle and stay there. Instead, he called a women he dated before meeting Eve. He basically just asked how she was and then hung up, because he's not good with women. The truth is that he's angry with Lucy. He was fine being alone and not loving anyone, but he fell in love with someone who couldn't return his feelings. Then, when Lucy took Kevin back, Ian left the lighthouse and called someone who would tell him that he's wonderful. It's truly pathetic. Lucy doesn't agree; she thinks that he's more wonderful than he will ever know. They talk about Kevin's homecoming. Ian says that if this is really what they want, then he's happy for them. Lucy thinks that Kevin really is getting better.

On the docks, a blonde prostitute plies her trade. Seeing a man approaching, she asks him whether he's looking for a date. "As a matter of fact, I am. A date that's long overdue," Kevin replies. As he steps toward her menacingly, the woman calls out in fear. She obviously recognizes him; he's the man who attacked her three months ago on Jasmine Island.

While Alison sleeps, Stephen appears by her bed. Suddenly, she opens her eyes, sees Stephen, and screams in terror. Hearing her daughter scream, Elizabeth runs back into the room. Alison asks for Rafe, who comes running right behind Elizabeth. He holds his fiancée close. Looking angrily at Stephen, he demands to know what he's doing there. Elizabeth says that she called him for help, because Alison was unconscious and she didn't know what to do. Still shaken, Alison tells everyone about her nightmare. She dreamed that Stephen was Caleb; he bit her, and Rafe couldn't help her. Rafe assures her that it was just a dream. To keep from upsetting Alison any further, Stephen decides to leave. Just outside the bedroom, he advises Elizabeth to do something about Rafe before he drives her daughter crazy. If she were his daughter, he wouldn't be too happy about her marrying someone like that. He walks away, leaving Elizabeth to think about this. Back inside the bedroom, Alison can't figure out why she had that particular dream. It was so real and awful. She can't get it out of her head now; maybe she never will. Filled with regret, Rafe apologizes. He admits that he entered her dream and made her see Caleb. Alison doesn't understand. Rafe explains that it's not the first time. He also did it when her father died, because he wanted to make her feel better. This time, something went terribly wrong. He's so very sorry. The horrified look on Alison's face speaks volumes.

Stephen returns to his suite, tosses his keys on the table, and takes off his coat. He immediately senses Livvie's presence. Going to the bedroom, he finds her waiting for him in his bed, naked.

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