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Alison tries to sleep in, but Rafe awakens her with kisses. She wants to stay in bed, but then she remembers her appointment for her wedding dress fitting. She's planning to go with her mother. Rafe bristles at the news, unhappy that Elizabeth will be going along. Alison reminds him that her mother apologized for everything, and even ripped up the contract. Besides, she's always wanted her mother to help choose her wedding gown. Rafe asks whether Stephen will also be there, but his question prompts Alison to chastise him; he told her that he would lay off. Rafe relents briefly, but he can't keep quiet. He knows what he knows. Whenever he looks at Stephen, he sees Caleb, the blood-sucking vampire. He realizes that he's the only one who still believes that, which is why he'll just let it go. Alison knows full well that he can't do that. What's he up to now? She wants the truth. Rafe tries to change the subject, pretending that he's never heard of Stephen or Caleb. It's almost Christmas, which means that their wedding is right around the corner. Therefore, his fiancée deserves his full attention. Alison reiterates how tired she is. Rafe suggests that she go back to sleep; he'll wake her up in twenty minutes. He lies down with her, talking softly and caressing her arm until she falls asleep. He eases himself out of bed and admits to his sleeping bride-to-be that he can't let it go, because he knows that he's right about this. Stephen Clay is really Caleb Morley. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks, but it's important for her to believe him. He asks her to let him into her mind, so that she can see what he sees. A bright white light shines on him, and as he enters her dream, he slowly disappears from the bedroom.

As Jack puts together a picnic basket, Tess comes into the living room and shows off her "new" outfit. She's wearing Livvie's clothes, and Jack doesn't like it one bit. Tess doesn't understand his reaction. She and Livvie look the same, so maybe they are the same. Jack insists that they're nothing alike. Tess assumes that he's mad at her, and she wants to know what she did wrong. Jack apologizes; he just doesn't want her to compare herself to Livvie, because they're nothing alike. Tess asks why he stopped loving Livvie. Jack takes her hand, and they sit down to talk about it. He explains that whereas Livvie used to be a sweet, gentle, and caring person, she changed. He thought that she loved him, but he was wrong. Other than herself, Caleb is the only person she's ever loved. Tess thinks this is funny. Livvie loved a vampire? Jack confirms that she did, and that's why they're nothing alike. Livvie is drawn to darkness, but Tess is drawn to light. Tess heals people, but Livvie destroys them. They do look alike, but that doesn't mean that they're alike in any other way. Tess is the girl of his dreams; Livvie is not. Tess tells Jack that he's wrong; she is like Livvie. She's afraid that if she says any more, he'll leave her. Jack's assurances don't help much. Tess insists that she really is like Livvie. What if she turns bad? Will Jack start hating her? After some gentle persuasion from Jack, she finally opens up to him. She says that she sees things in Livvie's mind. She's not dreaming, because her eyes are open. She actually knows Livvie's thoughts. Not wanting to believe there's any connection between them, Jack tries to explain this; she can't possibly see what Livvie's thinking. She's probably just heard too much about her, but that doesn't mean they're anything alike. Tess tells him that she's afraid, but Jack again assures her that he loves her. If she were anything like Livvie, he couldn't love her nearly this much. As he holds her against him, she has another vision of Livvie in the white room. She pulls away, obviously frightened. "I saw," she tells him. Jack asks what she saw, but she decides not to tell him. She didn't see anything after all; she just wants him to hold her. Tess wipes away her tears.

Knowing that Livvie is hiding in the closet, Stephen kisses Elizabeth and promises even better things to come. Realizing that they are moments away from making love, Livvie worries about what she's going to do now. Elizabeth is anxious to get into bed with Stephen, but the ringing phone interrupts them. The wedding dress designer moved up the appointment, so she has to leave now. Assuring her that it's all right, Stephen offers to drop her off at Alison's. They walk out, and Livvie breathes a sigh of relief.

In her dream, Alison wonders why Rafe is there with her. He says that he needs to show her something. Stephen is sitting in a chair with his guitar. Rafe tells Alison to look at the man and tell him who he is. Alison walks toward the seated man, then says that she sees Stephen, a man who took very good care of her and her mother. Rafe tells her to look closer. Stepping closer to the man, she tells him that he's in her dream. He greets her, very glad to see her. Suddenly, he bares his fangs. While Alison dreams, her mother knocks on the bedroom door, then lets herself in. She goes to the bed, but Alison is gasping, desperate for air. Panicking, Elizabeth tries desperately to awaken Alison.

Livvie decides to stay where she is until she's certain that the coast is clear. As she waits, she has flashbacks of her time as Caleb's bride. Suddenly, the closet doors open, and Stephen is looking at her. "Funny meeting you here," he remarks. He drags her out of the closet, while Livvie begs "Caleb" to stop. He gives her points for being consistent, but he's not Caleb. She's the first stalker who's ever made it as far as his girlfriend's closet. Livvie tries to explain, but Stephen makes jokes. Livvie decides to go on the offensive. She demands to know what he thought he was doing. He knew that she was watching from the closet, yet he was ready to take Elizabeth to bed right in front of her! "Well, I only said I wasn't a vampire. I never said I was an angel," he points out. Livvie accuses him of doing this just to hurt her; he did it because he knew that it would kill her to see him with another woman. Stephen accuses her of being jealous, just because he looks like some guy she used to know. Livvie doesn't want to talk about this with him, but he insists. Since she went to all the trouble to sneak into the room, he's going to be straight with her. He tells her that it's all right to be jealous, but the fact is that he isn't Caleb. Livvie starts to doubt herself. Touching his face, she softly asks how it's possible for him not to be Caleb. Stephen wants to prove that he's not the other man. What does she want him to do? Livvie wants him to look her in the eyes and tell her that he's not Caleb. Stephen complies. Looking into her eyes, he tells her that he wishes he were Caleb, but he's just Stephen Clay. Stunned, Livvie doesn't know what to think. She was so sure. Embarrassed, she picks up her coat and apologizes for bothering him. "That's all right. Everybody makes mistakes, Olivia," he says as he closes the door behind her. Livvie stops. No one but Caleb ever uses her full name.

Alison can't believe this is happening. It can't be real; it's just a dream. Stephen tells her to think again. Alison runs to the door and bangs on it, shouting for Rafe to help her. When she turns around, she unintentionally runs straight into Stephen's arms. She admits that Rafe was right; Stephen really is Caleb. She again asks for Rafe's help, but his feet won't move; something's wrong, and he can't get to her. He urges her to wake up; it's just a dream. Pushing Alison back against the door, Stephen voices his disagreement. Didn't it ever occur to Rafe that while he was sneaking into Alison's dreams, Stephen could follow? He pulls back her hair to expose her neck. "No!" Rafe yells. Alison is nearly paralyzed with fear. Her mouth begs for Rafe's help, but no sounds come out. While Rafe watches helplessly, Stephen sinks his fangs into Alison's neck. Blood pours from the wounds. Alison falls back against her attacker, unconscious. In the bedroom, a terrified Elizabeth holds her daughter.

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