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Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/4/02

By Beth
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Elizabeth thanks Stephen for his help with Alison. This is all so hard for her to believe; she just gave up millions of dollars, and she doesn't even care. Since meeting Stephen, everything in her life has changed so much. She just wishes that she could figure out why she gets so sick sometimes. It's hard to explain, but it's as if she's hungry for something. Stephen reminds her that he's flying in a specialist for her. In the meantime, she needs to keep drinking the water he gave her. She removes the bottle from her purse and takes a drink. She asks whether Stephen will be long, because she was hoping to spend the day with him. Stephen snaps at her; he already told her that he would be working. Elizabeth apologizes. Regretting his harshness, Stephen does the same. He stresses the importance of the music. Elizabeth realizes how important it is, but it's very hard for her to keep her hands off him. Stephen tells her that the sooner he gets started working, the sooner he'll be finished. Agreeing, she tells him to go ahead and get to work. As she leaves the studio, Livvie comes out from around the corner and follows her.

Ricky is at the Recovery Room, wearing sunglasses and complaining about a headache. He takes his order--a cup of coffee--and leaves for the studio. Just after he leaves, Jamal drags Marissa into the restaurant, insisting that she get something to eat. Her promise to get something later isn't good enough for him. She informs him that she has to be somewhere, but he doesn't care about that. He wants her to spend some quality time with him. He asks whether she's still mad at him for making her quit the band, and she says that she's not. Jamal knows that it's a lot to ask, but Stephen looks exactly like Caleb. He knows that she doesn't understand, but that's because she wasn't in town when Caleb wreaked havoc on everyone. Marissa doesn't want to fight about it, but she really does have to go somewhere. Jamal relents. He knows how talented she is, and she can take her writing to anyone but Stephen Clay. It's really important that she understand that. Marissa kisses him, promises to call tonight, and leaves. Outside, she tries to think of a way around her problem. Noticing how late it is, she rushes over to the studio, worried about how Stephen will react to her tardiness. Meanwhile, Jamal sees a wallet on the floor. He picks it up to see whose it is; it's Ricky's. "Oh, my gosh. This guy would lose his head if it wasn't attached to his neck," he chuckles.

Lucy tries unsuccessfully to reach Ian by phone. She leaves him a message asking him to call her as soon as possible. Preoccupied with the problem at hand, she's startled by Kevin's greeting. Kevin admits that it must be hard to get used to having him around again, but it certainly feels good to be home. When he asks about the girls, Lucy says that Serena went to school. As for Christina, she was picked up for a prearranged play-date. Lucy did tell the girls that he's back, and they were very excited to hear the news. Kevin says that he's also excited. He's grateful to Lucy for not giving up on him. Lucy asks what he wants to do today. He replies that he'd like the two of them to walk down by the water, sit on the bridge, and just talk. That sounds good to Lucy. She goes to get a jacket while he grabs some coffee. On her way upstairs, Lucy tries another of Ian's numbers. Letting himself inside the lighthouse, Ian calls out to Lucy. He's surprised to be greeted by Kevin instead. He demands to know what Kevin has done with Lucy. Just in time, Lucy returns to the living room. Assuring Ian that she's fine, she tells him that Kevin has been released. Isn't that wonderful? Ian is skeptical, but Lucy says that she spoke with Dr. Fox, and it's true. Kevin understands Ian's suspicions. In fact, if Ian were to punch him right now, he wouldn't blame him. However, he hopes that won't happen. He's worked very hard to be able to come home, and he's going to work even harder, and do whatever it takes to get his life back--especially his wife. Ian looks at Lucy and asks whether she's really buying this. Lucy asks him to give Kevin a chance, but Ian thinks it's a risky proposition, considering what happened the last time. She insists that Kevin is different now. Kevin promises not to use his sickness as an excuse for his behavior. Instead, he's going to take responsibility for his actions. He hopes that Ian will forgive him someday. In any case, Kevin is grateful to him for protecting his family. As for the assault charges, he's seeing Mac today, and he's prepared to face the consequences of his actions. He can do that, as long as Lucy is there beside him. Lucy assures him that she will be. Realizing that Lucy and Ian had something planned, Kevin tells them not to change that on his account. Ian points out that things have changed. Lucy tells Kevin that she does want to get together with him on the bridge later. It's obvious that she wants to talk to Ian alone, so Kevin complies by going upstairs. On his way, he turns around. "It's just so good to be home," he announces. Lucy apologizes to Ian for the way things turned out. She loves Kevin, and he seems like his old self now. She apologizes again, but Ian tells her not to. He walks out of the lighthouse, leaving Lucy with tears streaming down her face. Upstairs, Kevin paces the studio floor and mocks Ian. Angry, he knocks an easel backward. He knows exactly how Ian wants to take care of his wife!

Back in her hotel room, Elizabeth tosses her keys on the table, then takes a drink from the blue bottle. Answering a knock at the door, she finds Livvie there. Livvie introduces herself as a friend of Alison's. She plays up to Elizabeth in an attempt to get on her good side. She admits that she and Alison had a little "falling-out," and asks Elizabeth to help them get back on good terms. Elizabeth bluntly informs Livvie that she would never help her. Calling her a devious, manipulative little tramp, she demands to know the real reason for her visit. A belligerent look on her face, Livvie admits that she came to talk about Stephen Clay. After thanking her for her honesty, Elizabeth tells her to get out. She knows all about Livvie's little roadside encounter with Stephen. She also knows about the "vampire crap." As far as she's concerned, Livvie's as crazy as everyone says she is. Elizabeth asks what she wants, then takes back the question. She already knows that Livvie wants Stephen. She's no different than the thousands of other groupies who throw their panties onto the stage. "What, is that how you met?" Livvie asks. "If Stephen Clay can have any woman he wants, why on earth would he choose you?" she continues. This really angers Elizabeth, who accuses Livvie of only wanting men who belong to other women. Stephen wants her because she is a woman who will meet his needs. She's not some pathetic little whore who chases other people's men around town. Again, she tells Livvie to get out. She leaves the room, and Livvie ducks into the closet.

Ricky greets Marissa at the studio. He knew that she wouldn't quit! Marissa tells him to shut up. She just has to figure out how to break the news to Jamal. Ricky warns her that Stephen isn't in a good mood this morning. At that, Stephen emerges from his office. Behind him, Casper and Reese watch from the doorway. Marissa apologizes for being late. She hands him the lyrics he asked for. He looks them over, then tosses them back in her face. "They stink," he declares. Reese and Casper Reese quietly back up and close the office door; they want no part of this. Marissa is offended by Stephen's assessment of her work. Stephen says that her lyrics aren't even close to what he asked for. He wanted a song about a man who can't stay away from a woman who is poison to him--a woman who can't decide whether to devote her life to him or to destroy him. What Marissa gave him could just as easily be found on a greeting card. Marissa promises to try again, but Stephen points out that she's too distracted; she has to live and breathe the music. If she can't, she's out of the band. "I thought you already were," Jamal announces from the door. Stephen wants to know who he is and what he's talking about. When Jamal says he hopes that Marissa was just waiting to tell Stephen in person, Stephen asks her whether she wants to quit the band. "No, I don't," she replies. Jamal can't believe this. They talked about this extensively, and she agreed to quit. Marissa takes him aside to talk about it. Jamal hands Ricky his wallet as he passes. Marissa tells Jamal that writing for the band is very important to her. She didn't want to worry him, so she's been trying to figure out a way to make it work. She wants to make this right. Jamal informs her that she can't make it right. Marissa assures him that she loves him. However, it's not fair for him to ask her to give this up. She shouldn't have to choose. Jamal decides to make it easy for her. He walks out. Stephen decides to just give up until tomorrow morning, because it's obvious that no music is going to be made today. He immediately approaches Marissa to apologize; he's had a lousy day, and he took it out on her. The lyrics really weren't that bad. When Marissa assures him that she can do better, he asks whether she's sure that she wants to. She's sure.

Elizabeth returns, taking a drink from her bottle. She decides to go out to get something to eat. As soon as she leaves, Livvie comes out from her hiding place and starts looking around. She's hoping to find proof that Stephen is really Caleb. Almost immediately, she hears his voice outside, talking to Elizabeth. She rushes back inside the closet just before the others enter the room. Stephen says that he's been taking things out on everyone today. He sniffs, his vampire senses detecting Livvie's scent. He dismisses it, asking about Elizabeth's day. She tells him that it was fine until Livvie showed up. Stephen's "psycho stalker" came on the pretense of wanting to talk about Alison, but she really wanted to know all about him. As Elizabeth talks, Stephen notices the open closet doors. Elizabeth says that Livvie is obsessed with him; the girl even had the gall to question what Stephen sees in her. Stating that it should be obvious, he kisses Elizabeth, holding her close. At the same time, he looks toward the closet, where a very frightened Livvie is hiding.

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