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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/3/02

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At the studio, Stephen rehashes his kiss with Livvie. He calls Joshua, ordering him to get Marissa to the studio. Casper asks Stephen whether he got the message from Elizabeth. Confused at first, Stephen smacks himself in the face a few times, telling himself to get his head on straight. Elizabeth needs a dose from the blue bottle, and he's losing focus.

Lucy caresses Ian's face, telling him that she loves everything about him. Ian asks her to let him make them both happy tonight. They share a passionate kiss, which is obviously a prelude to something more. Lucy awakens, unsettled by her dream. Sensing that someone is beside her, she turns over, smiling. Seeing Kevin staring at her, she jumps back, frightened, but he grins at her. "Hi, Lucy." She thinks she must be dreaming, but Kevin assures her that he's really there. In fact, he's been there a couple days. Lucy gasps, realizing that Christina was right; he really did give their little girl a goodnight kiss. Kevin informs his wife that he also kissed her. He just couldn't resist. Lucy gets out of bed, while Kevin tries to reassure her. Contrary to what he told her before, it's really all right for her to call him "Doc." He knows that he did a lot of horrifying things before, but he's changed, and he has the release papers to prove it. He shows them to her. He never forgot what she told him about not showing up unless he's serious about his recovery. That's why he's been working so hard with Dr. Fox. He's made a lot of progress, and the doctor wants him to continue his therapy as an outpatient. Lucy is skeptical. She wants to know why he's sneaking around the house and spying on her. Why didn't he call and let her know that he was coming? Kevin explains that he called several times, but she didn't answer, and he couldn't bring himself to just leave a message. When he got to the lighthouse, it was late, and everyone was asleep. He looked in on his family, kissed Christina, and went to the studio. That's where he fell asleep. When he woke up the next day, it was Thanksgiving, and Lucy had a houseful of guests. It simply wasn't the right time to announce his presence. He realizes that she's afraid of him. Lucy insists that she isn't, but Kevin says that maybe he shouldn't have come back. If she wants him to go, all she has to do is say so. He won't do anything to make her uncomfortable. He just wants to know whether she still loves him. Lucy tells Kevin that she loves him; she always has and always will. There's never been any doubt about that. Kevin's assurances that everything will be fine are very convincing. Lucy comments that he sounds like himself again. Kevin says that he's not trying to fool anyone. He knows that he can't make the last few months disappear, but if they truly love each other, they'll come out of this stronger than ever. Lucy has dreamed about this moment for months, and it's finally true; Kevin is finally home. When Kevin says that she's his rock, tears fill his eyes, as well as Lucy's. Lucy swears that she would never give up on him. That would be like giving up on herself. They kiss, tentatively at first, until Lucy eventually breaks away. Lucy apologizes, but Kevin understands that he has to earn back her trust. In the meantime, he'll be sleeping in the studio.

At the hospital, Jack asks a nurse to page his brother. Tess wants to go home; she doesn't like the hospital, and she doesn't want any more tests. Jack promises her that it will be all right, because Chris is going to do the tests this time. Confused, Tess asks why Ian won't be doing them. Isn't he their friend? Jack tells her that he isn't here now, so Chris will do the tests instead. While he replays a conversation with Jamal in his mind, Tess wanders off. She returns with Ian; he can do the tests after all. Jack is anything but pleased. He confirms having received Ian's message about Tess. Ian realizes that Jack isn't happy about this, but it's the only way to find out who or what she is. He assures Jack that no one else has to know about it. He takes a very trusting Tess with him. When Chris shows up, Jack asks whether he can trust his brother. He needs to protect Tess, and he might need Chris to break the rules.

Elizabeth can't take her eyes off the blood on Rafe's finger. Rafe asks her to help him; he may have nicked a vein. Rafe studies Elizabeth's face. Unaware that she's a fledgling vampire, she seems confused; she's craving blood but doesn't know why. Insistent on helping Rafe clean his wound, she goes to the bar and returns with a first aid kit. As Stephen watches Elizabeth through the Recovery Room window, he's interrupted by Alison, who wants to talk about her mother. Alison tells him about her mother's deception, as well as her motive for deceiving her. Alison is obviously disappointed by this. At the crash site, she really thought that they were finally beginning to have a normal relationship. Stephen thought the same thing. He thinks it's still possible, if that's what Alison wants. He's not excusing Elizabeth's actions, but at least she eventually did the right thing. He advises Alison to give her mother another chance, because "blood is thicker than water." Stephen takes a drink from his blue bottle as he again watches his new convert through the window.

Ian returns with Tess, reporting that Chris was making a nuisance of himself in the lab. Chris claims that he was trying to help, but Ian says he doesn't need help. Jack informs Ian that Chris was there at his request. He didn't want any mistakes. Annoyed, Ian asks to speak to Jack alone. He knows what Jack's up to; Jack wants Chris to alter the test results to make it seem that Tess is human. He warns Jack that even if he manages to fool everyone else, Jack himself will always know the truth. Jack tells Ian to get out of his face. He wouldn't have to cover this up if Ian would just let it go. He's trying to protect Tess, and he won't let anyone use her as a guinea pig. He just wants a life with her. He and Tess love each other, and he wants Ian to just walk away and forget about what he knows. Ian promises not to stand in Jack's way; no one will find out the truth from him. He just wants to know why Jack doesn't trust him with the woman he loves, but he does trust Chris.

Rafe wants to know why Elizabeth is so affected by his cut, but she insists that she's fine. Stephen and Alison come in, and Elizabeth immediately rushes to her sire. Seeing how bad she looks, he takes her outside. Elizabeth tells him that there's something wrong with her; she needs to see a doctor. Stephen says he's flying in a specialist for her tomorrow, but for now, she needs to drink up. He hands her the blue bottle. Once she starts drinking, she immediately feels better. Suspicious, she asks what's really in the water. Stephen assures her that it's all organic--just vitamins and electrolytes. "It's given the band a whole new lease on life, better than drugs," he adds. He tells Elizabeth to keep the bottle. Whenever she feels sick or tired, she should take a drink, and it will make her feel better. Changing the subject, he tells her that Alison told him about what happened. It's a shame that all the progress she was making just went away. Elizabeth isn't concerned about that now. She's glad that Stephen is here. She's all over him, but he pushes her away. He informs her that it's time to do some damage control. She won't like it, but she has to do it for him.

While Jack and Ian talk, Chris shows Tess how to use his stethoscope. When he gets a call, he asks her to wait right there. As Tess listens to her heartbeat, she has a vision of Livvie in the white room. The next thing she sees is herself running through the woods, her legs and feet bare.

Alison talks to Rafe about their wedding. It would have been nice to have her mother there, but now she doesn't know what to do. Elizabeth and Stephen come back inside. After placing the blue bottle on another table, Elizabeth calls attention to the contract in which Alison agreed to hand over her inheritance if Elizabeth finds her sibling. She tears up the contract, saying that Stephen helped her understand that it would cause trouble. She doesn't want anything standing in the way of their relationship. She'll still help look for Alison's sibling, because it's the right thing to do, and because she loves her daughter. Alison's happiness means everything to her. Rafe asks how she'll get by without the money, and she replies that she'll manage. Money really isn't important. Stunned, Alison thanks her mother.

When Kevin gets to the studio, he calls Dr. Fox to say that he's doing very well. "Well, I did everything that you suggested I do, made all the moves you told me to make. I do believe she thinks I'm still her dear, old Doc, the man she thinks she married. Well, I don't think she needs to know yet that I'm such a vast improvement over that simpering fool."

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