PC Update Monday 12/2/02

Port Charles Update Monday 12/2/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Christina insists that her daddy kissed her goodnight last night, but Lucy reminds her that Kevin is still away. Therefore, he couldn't have kissed her. It must have been a happy dream brought on by wishful thinking. Since Christina is so insistent, Ian decides to take her upstairs to look around. He quietly assures Lucy that he doesn't expect to find anything; this is for Christina's sake. When they return to the living room, Ian reports that there was no sign of Kevin. Christina backs him up, saying that her daddy is gone again. Lucy was worried because they were upstairs for so long. Ian puts Christina down, then sits down on the floor. He explains that after they looked all around upstairs, they had a little chat about how dreams can seem real to someone who wants something very much. "Is that what happened to me, Mommy?" Christina asks sweetly. Taking a seat on the floor, Lucy tells her daughter that Ian is right; that's exactly what happened. Ian tells Christina that sometimes mommies and daddies have to go away for a little while, but all she has to do is get under the covers and close her eyes, and she'll get to see her daddy. Throwing her arms around Ian, she tells him that she loves him. Lucy sends her back upstairs to await being tucked in. She tells Ian that her little girl really does love him a lot. "What about her mother?" Ian asks. Lucy admits only that she's overwhelmed. She suggests that they have their talk now instead of waiting for breakfast, but Ian has to go to work. He asks whether he's going to like this talk. Lucy hopes that he will. 

Rafe and Alison arrive at the Recovery Room for their meeting with Caroline Ford, the mother of Alison's sister. Alison is disappointed to learn that her sister won't be joining them. Caroline explains that it was her idea to keep Shannon, her daughter, out of their initial meeting. She shows a photo to Alison, who notices a resemblance with the younger woman. Caroline assures Alison that Shannon is looking forward to meeting her. Ever protective, Rafe asks Caroline how she found out about this. Caroline says that Elizabeth located her through some mutual friends in Toronto. She asks Alison whether her mother will be coming, and Alison replies that she's on her way. Alison has no idea that her mother is just outside the Recovery Room. Elizabeth has started to get that strange feeling again, and she calls Stephen for help, but gets his voicemail. Rafe cautions Alison that they need to be sure that this is all true. Alison agrees with him, then tries to call her mother to find out what's keeping her. Alone with Caroline, Rafe tries to find out whether the woman is on the level. He informs her that all the family money is gone. Caroline assures him that she and her husband are quite comfortable; she's here for her daughter's sake. Alison returns with the news that she was unable to reach her mother. She asks whether it might be possible to get Shannon on the phone. "What are you doing here?" a newly arrived Elizabeth demands. Alison starts to introduce her to the other woman, but Elizabeth informs her that she's not who she claims to be. In fact, she told the woman not to come to Port Charles. Caroline tries to cover her deception, but Elizabeth announces that the girl in the photo isn't really Alison's sister. This whole thing is a lie. Angry, Caroline demands that Elizabeth pay for her trip. Elizabeth promises her the money, then tells her to get out. Alison can't believe this. Why would her mother set this up? She suddenly realizes that it's all about the money Elizabeth will get if she finds Alison's sibling. Rafe wants to get out of there, but Alison has a question for her mother. Was their special moment after the plane crash a lie? Elizabeth tells her that she set this up before the crash; unfortunately, she was unable to stop it. Rafe points out that this stunt almost killed Alison. Elizabeth begs her daughter to listen to what she has to say. The plane crash changed everything. It took almost losing Alison to know what it means to be her mother. Alison doesn't want to hear it; she waited her entire life to hear her mother tell her that she loves her, but now Elizabeth has ruined everything between them. Elizabeth says that she's not well right now, and when Rafe agrees, she says that she means it; she's sick. "Yeah, I know you are," Rafe replies. He starts to accompany Alison out of the pub, but she just wants to be alone to get some air. Rafe tells Elizabeth that this ends now. He wants her to leave town; her daughter is better off without her. Elizabeth admits that she messed up, but she's hoping that Rafe will talk to Alison for her. Seeing a glass of water on the table, Rafe offers to get it for her. He knocks it on the floor, then cuts his finger on the broken glass. Satisfied, he makes sure that Elizabeth sees the blood. She sees it, and it makes her very nervous. 

Stephen's eyes glow red as he bares his fangs. Terrified, Livvie pulls away from Joshua, who is unaware of his employer's presence. Begging for her life, Livvie falls to the floor. His countenance back to normal, Stephen approaches her, crouching down at her level to assure her that it's all right. Why does she think that he would hurt her? He tries to calm Livvie down, but she insists that she saw his eyes and his fangs. Feigning innocence, Stephen asks Joshua whether he has fangs. "Not that I'm aware of," Joshua replies. Despite Livvie's insistence, Stephen points out that she seemed quite distracted when he arrived. He doesn't know her very well, but Joshua is usually more discreet. Joshua blames it on the alcohol, but Livvie is adamant that she is neither drunk nor on drugs. She calls him "Caleb," prompting Stephen to sigh; it seems that he'll always be Caleb in her eyes. He says that he has to talk to Joshua alone. When Livvie reminds him that she knows all his tricks, Stephen suggests that she seek some professional help. He and Joshua step outside the room, leaving Livvie alone. Joshua attempts to explain, but it's useless. Lifting him up by the neck, Stephen orders him to never lay a hand on her again. He throws Joshua onto the floor. As the manager struggles for air, Stephen asks whether he's made himself clear. Joshua's defense is that he was trying to protect his boss. He doesn't know what happened; maybe Livvie drugged him. "Of course she drugged you," Stephen replies. "Don't you understand? She is one of us, Joshua. Don't ever underestimate her. The last time I fell for her charms, she drove a stake through my heart." Joshua insists that he was trying to stop Livvie before she could get another chance at Stephen, but the vampire reminds him that he's the one who's running the show. Does he have to snap Joshua's neck and drain every drop of blood from his body, just to make his point? He realizes that the manager is only trying to look out for him. He loves being Stephen Clay. Being a rock star is the next best thing to being a vampire, and he has it all. Joshua should just relax. Stephen walks toward the office, where Livvie has been trying to eavesdrop. She hears him coming and moves away from the door before he catches her. Stephen wants to know why she came to the studio. Livvie replies that it was to unmask him; she wants to find out why he's in town, and what he wants from her. She'll do whatever it takes, including sleeping with Joshua. When she accuses him of sending Tess to take over her life, Stephen has an appropriate reply. "Dracula's not good enough for you? Now I'm Dr. Frankenstein as well?" He accuses Livvie of being off her rocker. Livvie tells him that she knows he's Caleb, and she knows how to prove it. She kisses him passionately. Afterward, she awaits Stephen's response. He's sorry; the kiss wasn't bad, but groupies carry too much baggage. This angers Livvie. She wants to know why he's doing this to her, after she already apologized for hurting him. "I thought vampires couldn't be hurt," Stephen remarks. Livvie says that Caleb loved her, but she betrayed him. Stephen expresses sympathy for both Caleb and Livvie. However, he has a lot of work to do, so he wants her to leave. She walks out, telling herself that she knows she's right about this. Running his finger over his lips, Stephen utters the name "Olivia." 

As Lucy gets ready for bed, she gets a call from Ian, who just wants to hear her voice. After confirming their plans for the morning, they hang up. Lucy struggles with her feelings, asking herself what she's doing. She's leading Ian on, and making him think that they can be together, but they can't. She loves her husband. Ian deserves so much better than this kind of treatment. Tomorrow; she's going to tell him that there's no chance between them. She can't possibly be in love with two men. As she tries to convince herself of her last statement, she gets into bed. In her sleep, Lucy tries to convince herself that she loves her husband. She dreams that Ian is in her bedroom. In her dream, she tells Ian that she loves both him and Kevin. She adds that she loves everything about Ian. Hearing that, Ian asks her to let him make them both happy tonight. They kiss, obviously ready to take the next step. Awakening, Lucy is unsettled by her dream. Sensing that someone is lying beside her, she turns over, smiling. She is stunned to see Kevin staring at her. Frightened, she backs away, just as a grin comes over Kevin's face.

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