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Port Charles Update Thursday 11/28/02

By Beth
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Lucy asks Ian what the noise could have been. When he offers to go take a look around, she tells him not to bother. She hears strange noises in the lighthouse all the time. She's just on edge because of the kiss she almost gave Ian. Before they can talk about it further, the doorbell rings. Lucy greets Amanda, Rafe, and Alison, who brought a pie. While Alison puts her pie on the table, Lucy takes Rafe aside. She wants to make a pact with her cousin not to talk about vampires. She's surprised to learn that it's not going to be a problem for him, because he already promised Alison to lay off the subject for the rest of the day. The doorbell rings again, and Lucy answers the door to Elizabeth. She's stunned to see that Alison's mother brought Stephen Clay with her. She hopes that Lucy doesn't mind. Stephen cordially hands Lucy a bottle of wine for the event. Although she's obviously flustered, Lucy graciously tells Stephen that he's certainly welcome in her home. Ian tells Elizabeth that she still looks pale. Is she feeling all right? Elizabeth, whose blood-red lipstick looks terrible on her very white face, admits that she might still be somewhat tired, but she wouldn't have missed this Thanksgiving with Alison for the world. Lucy and Rafe quietly try to figure out what Stephen is up to. Rafe thinks that he's just amusing himself, and there's not reason that they can't do the same. Serena comes through the room and sees Stephen. She can't believe it! She wants to go call her friends, so that they can come over and see him. Lucy tells her not to do that; Stephen is here for Thanksgiving, not a mob of fans. Stephen says that he doesn't mind. Although there was a time when he didn't care to be around people, things are different now. Everyone can change. Wouldn't Rafe agree? Rafe replies that some people can change. Ian tries to break the tension by announcing that it should be time to eat. Lucy sends Serena upstairs; the kids aren't eating with the adults. Elizabeth is all over Stephen, who tells her to tone it down and try focusing on her daughter instead of on him. The doorbell rings again, and Ian answers it. He's surprised to see Kate, who just stopped by to say that she and Brennan are leaving town for good. "You have no idea how it feels to spend the holidays with someone that you love," Kate gushes. Seeing Lucy, she realizes her faux pas, and apologizes. Lucy understands what she meant, and she's very happy for Kate and Brennan. Ian invites Kate to stay for the fake turkey, and Lucy again insists that it isn't fake. She finally relents and asks Kate to stay for her fake turkey. Kate accepts the offer, and they join the others at the table. Before digging in, Rafe asks Stephen to say grace. Is he up for thanking God for his blessings? Stephen's hesitation prompts Rafe to ask whether he has a problem with that. Stephen replies that he wouldn't exactly call himself a religious man, but he does have a lot to be thankful for. Therefore, he doesn't have a problem at all. As he asks the blessing, Rafe stares at him, and several of the others look around. Afterward, Stephen learns that the turkey is made of tofu, and he says that Lucy must have guessed that he's a vegetarian. He holds the carving knife out to Rafe, who agrees to do the carving. 

Livvie arrives at the studio for her dinner date with Joshua, fully prepared to do whatever is necessary in order to get information about Caleb. She's dressed all in black, with very heavy eye makeup. She knocks on the door to what seems to be Joshua's office, then goes inside. Joshua compliments her, and kisses her hand. He pours some champagne, surreptitiously drugging Livvie's glass before handing it to her. She proceeds to spill some of it, blaming it on being nervous around new people. While Joshua gets a napkin to take care of the spill, Livvie quickly adds something to his drink while his back is turned. They make a toast to new beginnings and happy endings. They have more champagne. They're both becoming very relaxed and silly from the influence of the drugged alcohol. Laughing, Livvie asks Joshua why he really invited her on this date. Joshua laughs as he remembers why he did it. He wanted to find out what she knows about Stephen, and then maybe kill her. They both find this hilarious. Now it's Livvie's turn; Joshua asks why she accepted the invitation. Livvie admits that her plan was to persuade him to admit that Stephen is really Caleb. She planned to do this by seducing him. Joshua laughs at this, but Livvie insists that she could get him to tell her everything she wants to know. She sits down in his lap and kisses him seductively. Joshua challenges her to start trying now. They're unaware that Reese has discovered them. 

After dinner, one of Serena's friends shows up looking for Stephen. Lucy finds out what's going on and forbids them to go anywhere near the man. Defeated, Serena takes her friend, Christina, and Danny away from the action. Elizabeth takes Lucy aside to thank her for being such a great friend to Alison. Lucy points out that Alison is an amazing young woman, and she's glad that Elizabeth is finally getting to know her. She asks whether it was really that easy to start dating Stephen, considering Malcolm's recent death. Elizabeth says that Malcolm never loved her. She should probably have left him long ago, but she didn't. Instead, she let at least one good man slip away. Meanwhile, Kate apologizes to Ian for her thoughtlessness. She also regrets telling him that he shouldn't spend time with Lucy. She was obviously wrong, because they just seem right together. Lucy joins them, and Kate says that it's time for her to leave. She tells Ian and Lucy that they're welcome to stay with her and Brennan in Manhattan anytime. They promise to stay in touch. Alone with Ian, Lucy realizes that the subject of their relationship isn't going to go away.

Stephen comes up behind Elizabeth, and his presence makes her need to be with him. She wants him right here, right now. She bites him! Pushing her away, Stephen orders her to never do that. He turns and sees Rafe looking at them suspiciously. Rafe apologizes for interrupting, but Stephen shrugs it off as having to do with their new relationship. Giving them some privacy, Rafe tells them to "carry on." Elizabeth tells Stephen that she didn't mean to hurt him; she was just so turned on. Now she's dizzy again. Stephen gives her a drink from his blue bottle. When Elizabeth asks what's in it, he claims that it's electrolytes, vitamins, and other good things. Elizabeth says that every time she drinks it, she feels good at first, but then she doesn't. What's happening to her? Stephen claims that she's still suffering the effects from the plane crash. He takes a call on his cell phone. After hanging up, he informs Elizabeth that he has to take care of an emergency. He'll drop her off at her hotel on the way. Alison asks Rafe what's wrong, and he says that her mother is acting strange. She noticed that, and probably everyone else did as well. She thinks that it's because Elizabeth finally has a guy who pays attention to her. That would be nice, since Alison's guy isn't paying any attention to her. "Hello?" Alison tries to get his attention. Rafe realizes that his mind hasn't been on his fiancée, and he apologizes. Alison's phone rings, and she takes the call. It's her father's mistress, who is in town with Alison's sister. 

After getting Reese's call, Stephen goes to the studio. Livvie is still on Joshua's lap, and when she sees Stephen, it terrifies her. "I was hoping it wasn't true," Stephen says from the doorway. As his eyes glow red, he bares his fangs. 

Lucy invites Ian to breakfast tomorrow, so that they can talk privately. Christina comes in, and asks Lucy to tuck her into bed. She asks whether her daddy will kiss her goodnight, but Lucy reminds her that he's still away. "But he kissed me goodnight last night," the tiny girl replies. Lucy tells her that it was a dream, but Christina knows better. "But he was here, Mommy. I saw him, I promise. He kissed me goodnight."