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Lucy obsesses over the placement of some of her holiday decorations, despite Ian's insistence that everything is perfect. Serena comes into the room with Christina, who's wearing a pilgrim's hat. The girls are wondering whether it's time to eat yet, and Lucy says that it will be soon. Ian comments on the fake turkey, which Lucy points out is tofu turkey; she doesn't consider it to be fake. Serena clarifies that it's in honor of Sigmund, the duck that Lucy saved from becoming Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago. It's just one of their many traditions. Serena takes Christina back upstairs while they wait for dinnertime. Ian upsets Lucy by moving a knife. Lucy proceeds to move it back, because Kevin likes it there. They argue about where the knife should--and shouldn't--be. Where Lucy wants to put it is dangerous, with the little ones running around. Lucy argues that she'll make it clear to the kids that they have to stay away from it, but Ian points out how unreasonable that is. Lucy realizes that he may be right, but the fact is that Kevin likes the knife where she put it. Ian reminds her that Kevin isn't here, but the kids are. Lucy finally gets to the point. Here they are in Kevin's home, using his things, and acting as if everything is perfectly normal. This is wrong; nothing is normal. Kevin's not around, and that's really hard for Lucy to deal with. She wants her husband to feel comfortable whenever he does come home from the mental hospital.

Ian takes this as an accusation that he doesn't respect the sanctity of Kevin's home, but Lucy is flustered; she didn't say that, and she doesn't want Ian to think that. He's helping her, and making things easier for her and the girls. It's just so hard for her now that Kevin isn't home, and Ian is making it worse. Her mind keeps replaying his declaration of love, and that memory is getting mixed up with all the memories from the house. How can she act as if everything's normal after hearing him say that he loves her? "Mom? What's going on?" Serena asks, having overheard. Both adults hesitate, trying to find the right way to answer her question. Ian is the first to come up with something. He tells Serena that since Lucy is sad about Kevin, he wanted her to know that there are people all around who love her. Choking up, Serena goes to her mother and hugs her. She misses Kevin, and she's sorry for not telling Lucy that she loves her at least twice a day. She promises to do better. Lucy tells Serena that she's a fantastic daughter and doesn't need to do any better. Ian asks about Danny, and Serena says that he's asleep. Serena is supposed to get another cracker for Christina, but there aren't any more, so she takes her some nuts. Lucy promises to call the girls as soon as dinner is ready.

Lucy and Ian agree that Serena shouldn't have to deal with their relationship problem. Lucy doesn't even understand why Ian puts up with her. She's moody and stubborn, she's making him eat tofu turkey, and she's sending him mixed messages. She also yells at him about the knife, even though he's just trying to protect everyone. Ian tells her that she's loving and loyal, and she has a big heart. He adds that she's a lucky woman, because she has him as a friend. He suggests putting the troubles behind them and making this a wonderful day. Lucy is aware it won't get any easier for them. She's not even sure what she wants anymore. Their faces become closer, their lips almost kissing, when a loud noise stops them. Serena calls out to say that it wasn't any of the kids; it came from upstairs.

Their arms full of grocery bags, Marissa and Jamal arrive at Jack's for Thanksgiving. Jack brags about the turkey that Tess cooked, but Tess says that Jack made it; she just helped. Marissa says that's better than she could do, because her cooking is deadly. That's why she bought all the side dishes. They have mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, cranberries, and sweet potato pie. She and Tess go to the kitchen to warm everything up. Jamal looks around, remarking on how cozy the house looks now that Tess is living there. He misinterprets Jack's response as not being particularly happy about the living arrangements, but Jack corrects him. Tess is great, and she's learning fast. The problem is that she wants to sleep with him. Jamal doesn't see that as a problem, but Jack tells him that it's complicated; Tess might not be human. They go out on the porch to talk privately, and Jack shows Jamal the DNA test results. Jamal doesn't know what to make of it, but Jack still believes that Tess must be real. How could she be anything else? Jamal likens her sudden appearance to Caleb's twin showing up at the same time, but Jack refuses to believe that they could be connected. He finally concedes the possibility that Tess may be connected to Stephen Clay, but in any case, they don't even know for certain who he really is. Yes, Jack tried to stake him, but what if he was wrong? Livvie had him so paranoid that he wasn't thinking straight. The fact is that he loves Tess. She's sweet and innocent, and she needs him to take care of her. If people start thinking that she's connected to a vampire, or if they find out that she doesn't have DNA, they're going to treat her like a freak. Jack is determined to keep this a secret, because he won't let people destroy the purest soul he knows.

Inside, Marissa chatters about holidays with her family. As she talks about her own identical twin, Tess goes off into her own world. In her mind, she sees Livvie going through a very white room. Knowing that someting is wrong, Marissa brings her a glass of water, but Tess doesn't want it. Afraid that she'll faint, Marissa tries to get her to sit down. Tess still sees Livvie in her mind. Livvie is going through white curtains, looking for Caleb. Tess becomes very upset, not wanting Livvie to do that. She drops to the floor and cries. Marissa runs to tell Jack to get inside right now. He and Jamal rush inside in, and Tess is still on the floor, humming her favorite tune: "Crooked Avenue." Jack tries to calm her down. He demands to know what Marissa did to her, because she only gets like this when she's scared. Marissa swears she didn't do anything. They were just talking, and Tess blanked out. It was freaky! "She's not a freak!" Jack yells, overreacting. Marissa tries to explain that she didn't say that, but Jack orders his friends to take their food and get out, so that he can be alone with Tess. Jamal and Marissa leave, without their food. Marissa asks Jamal what just happened. He doesn't know, but Jack is in some deep trouble.

Jack comforts Tess, telling her that she's fine. "No, Jack, I'm not. I'm Livvie." Jack assures her that she's Tess, not Livvie, and he loves her very much. It doesn't matter where she came from, because as far as he's concerned, she's real.

While Rafe stands happily by, Alison signs her hospital release forms. Colleen is tickled to know that Alison is all right; she loves happy endings. She and Alison wish each other a happy Thanksgiving. Rafe tells his bride-to be that they have a lot to be thankful for, and he wishes they had some time for just the two of them. Alison understands, but they really can't be alone right now. They're expected at Lucy's for dinner, and it will be her first Thanksgiving in years that she can spend with her mother. She's worried about it, since Amanda will also be there. Alison doesn't want to spend the entire day playing mediator between her mother and grandmother. Rafe tells her not to worry about that. He has a feeling it won't be a problem; if Elizabeth and Amanda have a single brain cell between them, they'll be on their best behavior, for her sake. Alison hopes that applies to him as well. She really wants to get through one day without talking about vampires. Rafe teases her at first about how difficult that will be, but he does agree. Thanking him, Alison suggests that they count their blessings, and she has the perfect place in mind.

Alison takes Rafe to the hospital chapel. She asks him to tell God how grateful she is for everything, since he has a special connection to heaven, but Rafe reminds her that he doesn't have that kind of clout anymore. He assures her that God will listen to what she has to say. Looking heavenward, she thanks God for sending Rafe back to her. She's also thankful to have her mother back. After saying a little prayer for her father and her unknown sibling, she tells Rafe that it's his turn now. Rafe is thankful that Alison is healthy and safe. He asks God to ease up on the close calls with her, but Alison stops him. Rafe points out that he's just being honest. Returning to his prayer, he expresses how grateful he is for Alison's love.

Afterward, Alison says a silent prayer. She knows that Rafe has a calling to destroy evil, so she prays that he'll have strength. For herself, she asks for the patience to always stand by Rafe. She prays that he will always be safe, and that he won't fail. She prays for God to protect her Rafe.

Lighting some candles, Rafe has a silent prayer of his own. It's very similar to Alison's prayer, again demonstrating how closely they are connected. He asks for the strength to find the truth. He knows that Alison hates what he does, but he asks God to help her understand. This is the only way Rafe knows how to keep her safe. He's afraid of failing. He prays that God will protect his angel. Alison and Rafe sit down again, and as they reach for each other's hand, a bright white light from heaven shines on them.