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By Beth
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Tess stuns Jack by telling him that she wants to make a baby with him. She knows that they come out of love, and she loves him very much. She gets down on the floor to care for her doll. Jack joins her, kissing the doll's head to demonstrate that he loves babies. He and Tess know that they love each other, and love is one of the most important things when it comes to making a baby. However, babies need more than just love. They need a family. Tess lies down, putting her head in Jack's lap. As far as she's concerned, they do have a family. Jack, Chris, Tess, and Livvie are a family. Jack tries another tactic, saying that a real baby is a huge, life-changing commitment. He asks whether she understands what being married means, and she does. She knows that Ian was married, and then he had Danny. She thinks that Jack is saying that they need to get married. Jack tries to explain why they can't do that right now, but Tess takes it the wrong way. She thinks she's not as smart as Jack. He assures her that she's very smart, but he has more experience when it comes to dating. He just wants to wait a while before they start talking about making a baby. Tess agrees that they can wait. She says that she's tired, and Jack tells her that her bed is ready. She wants to know why they won't be sleeping together. Jack explains that sometimes other things happen when people sleep together. Tess thinks he's talking about hugging, which she really enjoys. Jack holds her, thinking about how hard it is not to make love to her. He remembers Ian's startling revelation--that Tess has no DNA--and tries to figure out what that means. She seems real to him, and he really wants her to be real. 

Livvie tells Joshua that he scared her; she didn't think anyone was around. Joshua informs her that he doesn't care whether she's scared or not, because she's trespassing. Livvie tries to figure out why he looks familiar. She tells him that she wants to see Stephen, but Joshua informs her that he isn't available. Livvie says that she isn't a groupie; she and Stephen know each other. Joshua states that he knows exactly who she is. If she'll tell him what she wants, he'll make sure that Stephen gets her message. Livvie won't tell him anything; it's personal. She ignores his warning to leave. Joshua thinks about the conversation he had with Stephen earlier, including Stephen's warning to stay away from Livvie. He decides to ignore the order, and take care of Livvie himself. He tells her that she shouldn't leave after all. Joshua offers to keep Livvie company while she waits. She asks him what he does for the band, and he informs her that he's the manager. She realizes now where she's seen him before; he asked her to dance at the Halloween party, and for a second, she thought he was someone else. Joshua asks whether she was disappointed to learn that she was wrong, but she tells him that she wasn't. She mentions when Rafe jumped onto the stage, referring to him as "that guy," as if she doesn't know him. Joshua informs her that his little stunt increased their CD sales by eleven percent. Livvie can understand that; she really likes the idea of vampires. In fact, she was close to one once. Joshua accuses her of teasing him; next, she'll be telling him that she believes in angels. Livvie admits that everyone does, but she herself is more of a vampire kind of girl. That's why she can't get her mind off Stephen. He looks exactly like the vampire she used to know. Joshua pretends to be tired of hearing about vampires, but Livvie continues by telling him about her own doppelganger, who showed up in town the same time that Stephen did. She thinks that there might be a connection, so she plans to do some investigating and find out exactly what's going on. Behind her back, Joshua prepares to strangle her with his necktie, but he's interrupted by Ricky's arrival. Annoyed at the interruption, Joshua demands to know what Ricky is doing at the studio. Ricky says that he's here for the rehearsal, but Joshua informs him that it's tomorrow night, not tonight. Ricky apologizes; he can't keep it straight, with all the partying and practicing. Joshua advises him to get it together. This is a job, not a hobby. Offended, Ricky apologizes again, and Joshua tells him to leave. Ricky agrees, but then he sees Livvie emerge from around the corner. He tries to be friendly, but she informs him that she's waiting for Stephen. Then he tries to get her away from Joshua by inviting her out to eat, but she turns him down. Offended again, Ricky finally leaves. Livvie thanks Joshua for getting rid of him, and he expresses a desire to hear more about her theory about vampires. Apologizing for possibly being presumptuous, he asks her to continue their conversation over dinner. Livvie accepts the invitation, and they make plans to have Thanksgiving dinner together. After leaving the studio, Livvie justifies this to herself. Joshua will tell her everything she needs to know about Caleb, even if she has to sleep with him. She's done much worse things in her life. Inside the studio, Joshua has plans of his own. He talks to his absent boss, calling him "Caleb" for the first time. "You were wrong, Caleb. Livvie's a threat to all of us. The only way is to kill her." 

Elizabeth is all vamped up with dark eye makeup, blood-red lipstick, and a black dress. She also looks very pale. As she kisses Stephen ravenously, Rafe watches curiously, and Alison seems embarrassed by her mother's actions. Stephen is surprised to see her at the hospital, but Elizabeth tells him that her bed was just too lonely without him. Stephen cautions that she's doing too much, too soon. She really should be resting. Rafe agrees with him. He's never seen her look like this. Alison remarks that she's never seen her act this way either. Rafe comments on how pale Elizabeth looks, asking Stephen to agree with him. Stephen admits that she looks a little pale, but Rafe thinks it's worse than that; it's as if the blood has been drained out of her face. Stephen is amused; so Rafe is both a doctor and a vampire slayer. Ian comes in to check on Alison, and Rafe informs him that Elizabeth isn't feeling well. She protests, but Rafe asks Ian to check her out. Again, he tries to get Stephen to back him up. Stephen falters, but Rafe is persistent. Alison chimes in that her mother does look a little pale. Ian agrees to look her over, but first he takes Rafe outside to talk. Stephen gives Elizabeth a drink from his blue bottle, which she takes gratefully. Alison thanks Stephen for taking such good care of her mother. Ian wants to know why checking out Elizabeth is so important. Rafe informs him that he thinks she's already been turned into a vampire. She's really showing the signs of someone who's just been bitten. He doesn't have any proof of this, and he's not getting his usual vibes, but if Ian tries to draw blood, that should do it. Vampires will do anything to prevent their blood from being taken. If Elizabeth doesn't let him draw her blood, it will prove that Caleb's back. Ian adds that it will also prove that Alison's mother is a vampire. Ian checks over Elizabeth, who claims to be feeling much better. She apologizes for the way she was acting, blaming it on the fever. Ian says that her temperature is fine now, and Elizabeth attributes this to the water she drank. She hopes that she didn't embarrass Stephen too much, but Alison is doubtful that he's embarrassed. Ian remarks that he can't look at the man without seeing Caleb, and Alison agrees with him. However, he's really just a nice man. Ian doesn't know what to think. He tells Elizabeth that he has one more thing to do: take a blood sample from her. While Ian examines Elizabeth, Rafe waits in the lobby with her new boyfriend, who can keep up the whole Stephen Clay act for as long as he wants, but Rafe knows the truth. He knows that he's really Caleb, and sooner or later, Caleb will make a mistake to prove Rafe right. Stephen asks how a vampire who took a stake through the heart could possibly be back on earth. Better yet, if being staked didn't kill him, what makes Rafe think that anything can? Rafe says that he's spent his entire existence making sure that creatures of the night are destroyed. They all have a weakness. Stephen tells him that since he's not a vampire, Rafe has nothing to worry about. Colleen comes to tell Rafe that Ian is finished examining Elizabeth. He and Stephen go back to Alison's room. Ian wraps up his exam, putting the vial of blood into its slot. Alison and her mother are talking about the wedding. Stephen and Rafe return, and Ian reports that Elizabeth is fine. She's slightly anemic, but that's probably from the shock of the accident. Rafe can't believe that he didn't have any trouble getting the blood sample. "Sometimes a duck is just a duck," Ian remarks. Stephen's return has made Elizabeth's demeanor change again; she wants him back in her bed right now. Stephen thanks Rafe for suggesting that Ian check her out so thoroughly, extending his hand to Rafe, who doesn't reciprocate the gesture. Stephen and Elizabeth leave together. Alison chastises Rafe for the way he treated Stephen. Outside the door to Alison's room, Stephen tells Elizabeth that it wasn't a good idea for her to come to the hospital. Insisting that she really needed him, she begs him not to be mad at her. "Oh, I'm not angry, sweetheart. Not with you." Stephen's eyes glow red as he looks at Rafe through the glass.