PC Update Monday 11/25/02

Port Charles Update Monday 11/25/02

By Beth
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Jack comforts Tess, who is heartbroken over what happened to her doll. Furious, Jack asks Livvie why she did it. She tries to deny it, asking why he always assumes the worst. Since he doesn't get a straight answer from Livvie, Jack asks Tess what happened. Livvie tells him to stop badgering her, but he in turn tells Livvie to shut up; she can't talk her way out of this one. Livvie finally admits that she did a terrible thing. She approaches Tess, getting down to floor level with her. She explains that she was afraid. She thought that Tess was going to hurt her by taking everything away from her. That's why she decided to hurt Tess first. She understands now that she shouldn't have done that. Sometimes she does bad things, but she doesn't know why. Livvie says that she wasn't always like this. In fact, she thinks that Tess would have liked her if they'd met before Caleb came along. With tears still running down her face, Tess nods her understanding. Helping Tess up, Jack tells Livvie that she can't blame this on some dead vampire. Livvie insists that Caleb is back, but Jack points out that they don't have any proof that Stephen Clay is really Caleb. He's not buying Livvie's little act; he knows that what happened to the doll isn't the only thing that happened. He knows that she had something to do with why Tess was missing. He wants to know exactly what Livvie did to her. Tess surprises both Jack and Livvie by announcing that Livvie saved her.

Taking the lead, Livvie claims that when she went out for a walk, she found Tess wandering by the docks. She thought about leaving her there--which Jack has no trouble believing. Livvie says that Tess was cold, hungry, and lost. When she saw how much Tess needed her, she realized that she couldn't just abandon her. Incredulous, Jack asks Tess whether this is true, and she backs up Livvie's story. Feeling her look-alike's hunger pangs, Livvie tells him to get some food for Tess.

With Jack gone, Livvie thanks Tess, and asks why she covered for her. Tess has a simple explanation. She thought that Livvie was sorry for what she did, and she didn't want to hurt her by telling Jack about it. Livvie is grateful. She realizes that they really are connected; they can feel each other's pain. Tess knows that Caleb hurt Livvie, because she can feel it. Livvie shows her Stephen Clay's photo on the front page of the Port Charles Herald, but Tess shakes her head and says that he's Stephen. "He gave me my baby so I wouldn't be lonely," she explains. Confused, Livvie asks when they met, but Tess doesn't answer. Livvie asks another question. When Stephen talks, does Tess feel as if she could follow him anywhere? Smiling, Tess nods. Jack returns with a plate of fruit for Tess. As he walks Livvie out, she asks how long Tess has had her doll. Jack has the impression that she's always had it. Why? Livvie brushes it off as unimportant, and promises to stay out of Jack's way. On the porch, she tries to figure out how Stephen could have given her the doll if they just met.

Jack asks Tess to tell him what really happened. She says that Livvie hurt her badly but that she forgives her. Jack tells her that she has a very generous heart, which is great. It means that she can forgive people, and not hold grudges. He's sorry for not being there to protect her; he would do anything for her. "Good, because I want another baby," Tess says, smiling. Jack promises to take her shopping first thing in the morning, but that's not what she has in mind. She doesn't want one from the store. Placing his hand on her abdomen, she informs him that she wants a real baby.

In the hospital bed, Rafe cuddles Alison, who's holding the big stuffed dog he gave her. Alison's ordeal has convinced Rafe that he'll never leave her alone again, but she assures him that she's all right, and that something good actually came from this. She finally has a real relationship with her mother. There won't be any more lies or games from Elizabeth. Instead, what Alison felt was an overwhelming sense of love. Her mother was really there for her, and so was Stephen Clay. Alison feels that she owes Stephen for what he did. He stopped her from bleeding to death, and when he was afraid she had a concussion, he distracted her and kept her awake with his stories. Rafe doesn't feel at all comfortable with this, and when Alison expresses a desire to extend some type of invitation to Stephen, he loses his temper. He doesn't want her anywhere near Stephen Clay. Alison reminds him that he had a extensive background check run on Stephen, but Rafe knows that they can be faked. Regardless, Alison believes that Stephen is who he says he is. Rafe can't believe that he got to her. "Just because he's being nice doesn't mean he's not a bloodsucking killer."

Elizabeth utters Stephen's name in ecstasy as he drinks her blood. After carrying her to the bed and gently laying her down, he makes a phone call. He has a "situation." There's been a sudden change of plans.

Alison accuses Rafe of actually wanting Stephen to be Caleb. She believes that he wants a fight, whether it's real or not. Rafe doesn't understand why she would think that. Alison explains that he feels alive when he's hunting evil. It's what he was born to do. Rafe contradicts her; he was born to love her. Slaying is just a job. Alison warns that it's starting to consume him. She thought that they both wanted a nice, normal life, but now she realizes that she may be the only one who wants that. Rafe promises that a future with her is the most important thing to him. Alison wants to know why he's looking for trouble, if what he said is really true. He should enjoy life, and focus on their relationship and their wedding. She still wants to find her sister. Won't Rafe consider the possibility that Stephen is just a normal man?

When Joshua arrives and sees Elizabeth lying on the bed, he asks Stephen what happened. Stephen says that she wanted to leave him, and he couldn't allow that. When Joshua accusingly asks why he felt the need to turn her, Stephen puts it down to instinct. Joshua is annoyed; he thought they had a plan. Stephen assures him that everything is under control, but Joshua disagrees; new recruits always require a lot of attention. Stephen insists that she'll never even know that she's a vampire. Reaching into Joshua's bag, he removes a blue bottle filled with what Joshua refers to as "wonder juice." Stephen takes a drink from the bottle, then points out that it's worked for him so far. It will work for Elizabeth as well. Joshua asks whether there are any more new recruits he should know about. Stephen knows that he's disappointed, but Joshua says that it's more complicated than that. Stephen yells that he gets the point. He goes to the bed and caresses Elizabeth's foot. He says simply that he needed a companion. Joshua asks why it had to be the future mother-in-law of a vampire slayer; it's too risky. Stephen doesn't think it's that big a risk. Alison believes he's a rock star with a heart of gold. Meanwhile, Rafe's continued babbling makes his sound crazy. Joshua has a question. Why can't Stephen get even with his enemies the old-fashioned way and just kill them? Stephen accuses him of lacking imagination. He's tired of living in the shadows. He wants to live in "their" world. He wants to be loved, beginning with Olivia. She betrayed him once, but he won't let that happen again. Joshua wants to get rid of her, but Stephen orders him not to touch her. With that, the conversation is over, and Stephen tells Joshua to leave. Elizabeth stirs, and Stephen goes to her. He gives her a drink from the blue bottle, explaining that she fainted. She vaguely remembers breaking up with him, but that can't be true. Stephen asks her what she wants. Whatever it is, he'll give it to her. Elizabeth replies that he's all she wants. With a promise that she can have him forever, he kisses her passionately. Telling her to rest now, he covers her, then takes the bottle. It's time to make another appearance.

Livvie goes to the studio to look for Caleb. Calling out, she asks whether he's hanging from the rafters or just curled up in his coffin. She's startled when a hand touches her shoulder. She turns around and comes face to face with Joshua.

Rafe promises to try to keep an open mind if Alison will do the same. "Done," Alison agrees. She doesn't want to fight with him. Rafe says that he's heard stories about making up after a fight. It's never happened to him before, so he tests it out with some kisses. "How's my favorite patient doing?" Stephen asks from the doorway. Alison asks about her mother, but he says that she was exhausted, so she's resting now. He presents a bouquet of red roses, claiming that they're from Elizabeth. Then he gives Alison a box, which she opens and finds a red scarf inside. She hugs Stephen, while Rafe tries his best to stay calm. Seeing Elizabeth in the doorway, Alison greets her mother, who's all vamped up with heavy makeup and a sultry attitude. Stephen jerks around in surprise. What's she doing out of bed? He approaches her and tells her that she should be resting. "I thought I'd find you here. I couldn't stay away." Elizabeth grabs him and kisses him ravenously.