PC Update Friday 11/22/02

Port Charles Update Friday 11/22/02

By Beth
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Using all her strength to sit up, Alison tries to stop a determined Rafe from shooting Stephen Clay. Ian rushes over and tells the slayer to take it easy. Alison tells Rafe that Stephen isn't Caleb after all, but he doesn't believe that. She insists that Stephen took care of her. They should thank him, not persecute him. Stephen, who doesn't have a scratch or even any dirt on him, humbly says that they took care of each other. In any case, Rafe wants him to keep his distance. Ian asks Stephen to take a walk while he checks out Alison's injuries. Alison tells Stephen that she's grateful for his help, and he reciprocates the sentiment. Honoring Ian's request, he walks away. After checking Alison over, Ian reports that her arm is merely sprained, not broken. However, she has lost quite a bit of blood. The rescue team is coming to take her to the hospital. Alison thanks Ian for his help. She starts to tell Rafe what happened, but she suddenly remembers that the pilot died in the crash. Rafe asks her how Stephen came to be on the plane, and she explains that it was her mother's doing. She fully understands now why Stephen is so upset; he really believes that Rafe and Jack tried to kill him. Rafe points out that he actually tried to stop Jack. Alison wants to make him understand. She tells him that she's fine; there aren't any bite marks on her. Stephen had the perfect opportunity to hurt her, but he didn't. He's not a vampire. He's a brilliant artist who is kind, funny, and nice. She saw his face when the plane was going down, and he was just as scared as she was. She understands how hard it is for Rafe to accept this, but it's true. The fact that he and Tess are dead ringers for Caleb and Livvie is just an awful coincidence.

After leaving Alison in Ian and Rafe's care, Stephen runs into Jack, who demands to know where Tess is. Stephen warns him not to get in his face right now. He survived a plane crash, and he's cold and hungry. He has no time for Jack's whining and complaining. Ian intervenes to try to keep the peace, while Lucy and Elizabeth watch from a distance. Ian meets the rescue team and takes them to Alison, and Stephen leaves with Elizabeth. Lucy approaches Jack to see what he found out, but he doesn't know any more than he already did. If Stephen didn't have Tess, where is she?

A weak, scared Tess taps on the lid of the trunk that imprisons her. Lying on the porch, Livvie is equally weak and scared. She can't figure out why this is happening to her. Suddenly she realizes that it's because of Tess. She pulls herself up, and goes back inside. "We're both dying." She goes out to the shed, where Tess can be heard wheezing inside the trunk. Livvie unlocks the trunk and throws back the lid. She asks Tess how this can be happening. She feels everything that Tess feels! Tess tells her that she doesn't know how it's happening. All she knows is that Livvie is very bad. Livvie reaches down to help her up, but Tess screams in terror. Livvie backs off and tells her to do it herself. Tess sits up. Livvie tries to figure out what their connection could possibly be. Are they sisters, or even twins? Or are they something even closer?

Livvie offers Tess some bottled water and an energy bar, but Tess doesn't trust her. Livvie insists; if Tess is hungry or thirsty, Livvie will feel it. She knows that Tess isn't cold anymore, because she herself isn't cold. She'll never hurt Tess again. Tess grabs the food and starts eating. Livvie is still trying to figure it all out. When she couldn't breathe, she knew that Tess was struggling for air. She could feel her lookalike's life slipping away. She's so sorry for this. "Then why?" Tess asks, tears streaming down her face. Livvie explains that she was afraid. She thought that Tess was planning to hurt her. Now she realizes that she should be taking care of Tess and protecting her, the way she would protect herself. Tess mentions protecting her soul, and Livvie agrees with this assessment. Livvie knows that she doesn't deserve it, but she hopes that Tess will forgive her someday.

Jack comes home and sees the doll burning in the fireplace. He takes a poker and fishes it out. When he turns around, Livvie and Tess come around the corner. Tess runs to his arms, so happy to be with her beloved Jack again. He accuses Livvie of being behind her disappearance, but she tells him not to jump to conclusions. She claims that when she went for a walk, she found Tess on her way home. Tess doesn't know what to say about that. Suddenly, she sees her doll. She cries, her heart breaking as she cradles it against her. Jack offers to get her another one, but this just upsets her more. It's her baby! Giving her lookalike an accusing look, she says, "It was Livvie."

Alison is in a hospital bed, with Ian and Lucy in attendance. Rafe comes in with a big stuffed dog he bought at the gift shop. Alison can't believe how soft it is. She loves it! When Rafe asks about her mother, she says that Elizabeth went to change, but Stephen will be bringing her to the hospital later. While Ian looks over Alison again, Rafe fills Lucy in on Alison's belief that Stephen is a good guy after all. Both cousins find it hard to believe, but Lucy thinks that it bears investigating. Rafe says that he would do anything to help Alison. He admits that Lucy was right; he had some help from above, and that's how he found her. He hugs his cousin in gratitude for her belief in him. Ian says that Alison will be staying overnight, but she can go home tomorrow.

After leaving Alison's room, Ian sits going through his phone messages. Lucy finds him, and asks whether there's anything important in his messages. He wonders whether anything could be more important than sleep. Taking his hand, Lucy smiles.

Alone with Alison, Rafe sits down on the bed. He's so happy that she's safe; he couldn't bear to lose her. Alison promises that he will have her forever. Rafe holds her, eventually lying down with her in the bed, where he kisses her tenderly. Alison says that this was probably the most profound day of her entire life. For the first time ever, she feels that she has a real mother. She actually felt her mother's love. Now she believes that they have a chance at a relationship.

As Elizabeth looks at a photo of Alison, a knock at the door signals Stephen's arrival. When he answers the door, he kisses her passionately. Stephen comes inside, ready to take her to see Alison. He marvels at what he witnessed earlier between Elizabeth and her daughter. He feels privileged to have been there to see it. Elizabeth tells him that he's making it harder for her to say what's on her mind. She won't be able to see him anymore. She hates to do this, because she really want to see him. In fact, she wants it too much. She can't, though. She needs to focus all her time on her relationship with Alison. Stephen is terribly disappointed. He thought that they had the beginnings of something special. However, he respects what she's doing. Can he give her a goodbye kiss? He kisses her lips, then brushes his own lips over her face and through her hair. "Sweet Elizabeth, how I wish it didn't have to be like this." Baring his fangs, he bites her neck. Elizabeth's face is rigid in terror.