PC Update Thursday 11/21/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 11/21/02

By Beth
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Livvie is still quite pleased with herself for convincing the others that Tess was on the Barrington jet when it crashed. Knowing how upset Jack will be, she plans to comfort him when he returns home. She begins to hear Tess calling to her, but she tells herself that it's all in her head. She starts a fire for Jack's homecoming--and the beginning of their new life together. After making a sandwich and getting a bottle of water, Livvie feels at home, as if she never left. However, Tess continues to haunt her. She tells her absent lookalike to keep quiet. As far as she's concerned, Tess isn't even real. She's just something that Caleb created to drive her crazy. Livvie has taken care of the problem, and no one will ever find Tess again. "You're killing me. You're killing me," Tess says in Livvie's head. Livvie can't figure out how she's doing it. She shouldn't be able to hear Tess from inside the house. Tess continues to plead with her, infuriating Livvie. In an attempt to erase every trace of Tess, she throws the old rag doll into the fire. Livvie uses a poker to position the doll in the flames. She realizes that she's very cold. She's also hungry and thirsty. She eats part of her sandwich, then drinks some water, but it doesn't help. She can't get enough, and she can't get warm. Pulling a blanket around herself, Livvie tries desperately to warm up, but her hands and feet are like ice. She's very weak. What's happening to her? Needing air, she opens the door and walks out onto the porch, where she collapses.

Inside the shed, Tess weakly pounds her fist on the lid of the trunk, and cries for Jack.

At the same time, a weakened Livvie beats her fist on the porch, crying for Jack.

Rafe desperately wants to hurry and take the helicopter out to look for Alison. Lucy tries to slow him down until she can get a status report. She has Rafe, Jack, and Ian stay behind while she checks on the helicopter. Rafe is now completely convinced that Stephen Clay is really Caleb, believing that he went after Alison and Tess just to get to him and Jack. If Jack ever goes after Caleb again, Rafe won't stop him. In fact, if Jack doesn't kill the vampire, Rafe will. Ian points out that they have to find him before they can kill him. The plane could be anywhere. Rafe has to believe that Alison is alive. Jack is angry that Tess is also with them, because she shouldn't have been on the plane. Lucy returns with some news. The good news is that the helicopter is ready and waiting for them on the helipad. The bad news is that the storm is much worse than before, and they've been officially grounded.

Jack makes a call to check on Tess, but there's still no trace of her. Ian tries to explain how he happened to lose her; he thought that she had gone to bed. Jack is still angry with Ian about his carelessness. Just a few feet away, Rafe is anxious to get moving. If they wait for the storm to let up, it might be too late. Lucy understands his worry, but she has no doubt that they're going to find Alison. If Caleb wanted her dead, he would have made his move. Rafe's fear is that this was Caleb's plan all along. He can't lose Alison; she's his life, and the reason he's even alive. Lucy knows exactly what her cousin means by that. Ian tells them that he's going to take the helicopter up after all. Lucy is appalled that he would go out in this weather, but Ian brushes it off as a little snowstorm; it makes it interesting. Rafe and Jack are more than ready to go along with this, but Lucy intervenes again. She can't let them go up in a helicopter just to die. It's too dangerous. "Dangerous is being stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a hungry vampire," Rafe replies. Ian agrees; they have to take their chances. Lucy can't believe her ears. She expected Ian to be the voice of reason. She takes him aside to try to talk some sense into him. She knows that he feels guilty about Tess, but she also thinks that Eve's fate is also weighing on his mind. She tells him that Eve's death was an accident, and he couldn't have helped her. Ian points out that he may be able to help Tess and Alison. Lucy tells him not stop trying to be a superhero. Rafe interrupts to say that if Ian is willing to fly, they're going. Lucy continues trying to persuade Ian not to take such a risk. She reminds him that Danny needs him. So do his patients. Rafe and Jack look at a map, trying to determine where the downed plane might be. Rafe tries to mentally connect with Alison, hoping to learn her whereabouts.

Equipped with flashlights, flares, blankets, and medical supplies, the men are ready to go. Lucy makes one final attempt to change Ian's mind, to no avail. Defeated, she goes to get another weather update. Ian tries to clear the air with Jack. He feels guilty about losing Tess, but his guilt won't help anyone. He's going to do what he can to find her. Lucy comes back with the news that the weather is still very bad. Rafe tells her to stop; there's nothing she can do to keep him from finding Alison. Lucy knows that, but she wants her cousin to try to use his powers to locate her. Frustrated, Rafe explains that he's been trying to do that ever since he found out that Alison was missing. Unfortunately, it's not working. Lucy advises him to try again, but this time he should slow down and really focus. Rafe believes that his powers are gone, but Lucy isn't convinced of that. She knows that he still has faith in his love for Alison, and Lucy has faith in her cousin. If Rafe focuses on that love, he just might find his soul mate. It couldn't hurt, and it might work. Rafe decides to give it another try. He prays first, acknowledging the source of his powers and asking for help finding his true love. A vision comes to him. It is Alison, lying wounded on the ground. Triumphant, Rafe announces that he knows where she is. Jack doesn't understand how that's possible, but Lucy understands. Rafe tells them that they can drive to her. They all head out.

Stephen tells Alison that they need to have a little chat about who he really is. Alison begs him to stay away from her. Stephen asks about her arm, but she threatens him with what Rafe will do if he touches her. "You know, he really should consider some anger management courses," Stephen replies. He's not going to hurt Alison. He's trying to keep all of them safe until help arrives. Alison doesn't believe him; he fooled everyone before, and he's trying to do it again. Stephen swears that he's not a demon. However, he does want something from her. He wants the two of them to be friends. Alison asks him to just leave her alone, but he says that they need each other, if they're going to survive. He's not used to this kind of thing either; he normally pays people to bail him out of bad situations. Alison tells him that he survived being killed, but he asks her to please stop accusing him of being Caleb. He stops, noticing all the blood on her arm. Alison assumes that he wants her blood, but he says that he's actually been known to faint at the sight of it. In spite of that, he wants to take a look at her arm. Alison pleads with him to leave her alone. Stephen points out that he's all she has right now. If she wants to make it home to see her "homicidal boyfriend," she's going to have to trust him. Alison warns him that she's watching every move he makes. After taking off his belt, Stephen wraps it around her arm to stanch the loss of blood. Elizabeth returns, announcing that she was unable to find any of the suitcases. She's worried about her daughter, who is shivering. Alison doesn't know what they're going to do; no one knows where they are. Stephen tries to reassure her that he won't let anything happen to her or her mother. It's a promise, and he never goes back on a promise.

While looking for the luggage, Elizabeth managed to find some water, and she wants Alison to drink some of it. Stephen helps Alison sit up so that she can take a sip. Alison seems about to lose consciousness again, prompting Stephen to try to keep her awake. He tells about his past as a struggling musician who had to practice in people's garages. He made a lot of mistakes back then. In fact, the name of his first band was the Pickled Peppers. This really gets Alison's attention. Why would he do that? Stephen explains that he really doesn't know what he was thinking, but he was only fourteen, and he thought it was kind of a cool gimmick. The problem was that nobody could pronounce the name. Alison laughs, realizing what people called the band, but laughing hurts. At Elizabeth's urging, Stephen keeps talking to the wounded young woman. He's been keeping these stories a secret all his life, and now he's just throwing them out to her. The tabloids would pay top dollar for this! He keeps her from passing out by talking about the first gig the band ever did. Then he tells her about the last video director they had, and how they were actually wearing processed meat costumes in the video. It was ridiculous! Alison gets a kick out of his stories. When Stephen says that music is the only thing he's good at, she contradicts him. He's been very good at taking care of her and keeping her mind on other things. Alison thinks that they misjudged him. He looks like Caleb, but he's not Caleb. Stephen appreciates that. He wouldn't want to be a vampire; he wants to live fast and die young. Besides, he wouldn't want to be someone who scares Alison as much as Caleb obviously does.

Suddenly, Rafe's voice calls to Alison. He comes to her side. Alison knew that he'd find her. Rafe calls to Ian and Lucy. Ian tends to Alison's wounds, while Lucy gives Elizabeth a blanket. Jack asks about Tess, but Elizabeth has no idea who she is; she and Alison were the only women on the plane. Ian stops the bleeding, which was the most important thing. He's going to get her some proper bandages and then take Alison to the hospital. Stephen cautions her of the need to stay warm. Rafe draws his gun. "I swore if I ever saw you again, I'd blow you away." Alison uses all her strength to sit up and beg Rafe not to hurt Stephen.