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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/20/02

By Beth
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Ian and Lucy have a hard time believing Livvie's claim that she wants to mend fences with Tess. Livvie continues to lie about her intentions, saying that she came to Jack's house to apologize to her lookalike for being so cruel. She reminds them that they still haven't explained why they're here. Lucy and Ian start talking at the same time, each with a different reason for being at Jack's. Livvie takes this as proof that they didn't get their stories straight before coming. Lucy insists that she needs to talk to Jack. Livvie says that she hopes he didn't go after Caleb; he's so protective. Lucy emphasizes that he's protective of Tess, but Livvie insists that he's also incredibly protective of her, especially in the wake of Caleb's return. Suddenly, Rafe and Jack burst in. Rafe is talking on his cell phone to air traffic control again. He's not impressed with their technology, which isn't helping him so far. He just wants to find Alison. Hearing his end of the conversation, everyone wants to know what's wrong. Rafe informs Jack that they can't find the plane. Jack then fills the others in on the situation. Livvie expresses false sympathy, while smirking behind their backs. Overcome with emotion, Rafe tells his friends--and Livvie--that the plane may have gone down. They don't really know anything, other than the fact that the plane disappeared from the radar. Rafe has no idea how Caleb ended up on the plane. Jack asks Ian where Tess is, but Ian was hoping that Jack knew. Jack tells off his friend for losing her when he was supposed to be watching her. Livvie takes the opportunity to put her spin on the situation. She suggests that Caleb has both Alison and Tess. Rafe is on the phone again, trying to find out the exact coordinates where the plane went off the radar.

After learning that Stephen Clay is out of town, Marissa is ready to tell the rest of the band about her decision to quit. Jamal is glad that "Caleb" won't be around when she breaks the news. He realizes that it's hard for Marissa to give this up. Marissa admits that he's right. However, he's more important to her than the band is. She trusts Jamal. Seeing Ricky at the rehearsal, Jamal apologizes for what happened between them. Ricky takes offense at his choice of words, because what happened was entirely Jamal's doing. He hit Ricky, knowing that Ricky couldn't hit back without being sent back to jail. He reminds Marissa that no strangers are allowed in rehearsal, meaning that Jamal has to leave. Marissa informs him that she's not here to practice. She's quitting the band. Ricky can't believe that Marissa is buying into the whole vampire story. After all the commotion, he wanted to find out what was going on, so he did some checking. He went to the library and looked through all the local papers, but there wasn't anything in them about vampires or a man named Caleb. Jamal explains that they kept it quiet until now, but Ricky doesn't buy it. He thinks that Marissa should watch out for herself, instead of letting Jamal have this much influence over her. She can't leave the band. Marissa tells him that the band isn't really that important to her, but Ricky doesn't believe her. Jamal says that staying alive is more important than the band. Ricky accuses him of being afraid that Marissa will become a star. He also thinks that he's jealous. The argument heats up, but Marissa breaks it up before they come to blows. She tells Jamal to give her a minute to talk to Ricky. She tries to explain why she's quitting, but Ricky wants her to think for herself, instead of doing what Jamal wants her to do. Marissa tells him that couples make decisions together. Ricky reminds her that she made him reconsider quitting the band, but she contends that it's not the same thing. Ricky disagrees; she's writing for one of the hottest bands in the country, and he can't believe that she would want to give up a chance like that. Marissa still tries to reason with him. Neither of them knew what they were getting into. She wants him to reconsider his involvement with the band. As they argue, Joshua comes in, talking on his phone. When he hangs up, Marissa tries to give him her news, but he stops her with news of his own. Stephen left town on the Barrington jet, and it has crashed.

Everyone is stunned by the news. Jamal wants to know who else was on the plane, but Joshua doesn't know. All he knows is that Stephen was meeting Elizabeth Barrington. Jamal is persistent. He wants to know whether Alison was on the plane, but again, Joshua has no idea. Reese is in shock that Stephen may be dead. Ricky tells her and Casper not to jump to any conclusions. Jamal tries to call Alison, but her cell phone isn't working. He decides to call Rafe, who informs him that Alison was on the plane. Rafe tells him not to worry, because he's not going to lose Alison; he's going to find her. Jamal wants to help, but Rafe tells him that he needs to make some calls. However, he'll have Jack call if they need Jamal's help.

Joshua wants to issue a press release, and then postpone all recordings and appearances of The Stephen Clay Experience until they get word about the band's leader. Ricky doesn't like that idea. Putting the band on hold would be like giving up on Stephen and the others. He suggests that they continue with their rehearsals and even the recordings, as if Stephen were here. When he returns, they'll be ready for him. Reese and Casper think that's a great idea. It will prove that nothing can get to Stephen Clay. They leave, with Casper congratulating Ricky on his idea. Marissa tries to reassure Jamal that Alison will be all right; Rafe will find her. Jamal hopes that she's right, but he's really worried.

Livvie continues her story about Caleb's kidnapping of both Alison and Tess. Jack insists that Tess has nothing to do with Caleb, but Livvie asks why he was talking about her on TV. Rafe says that Caleb thinks they tried to kill him. Before elaborating, he gets on the phone again. Livvie continues trying to link Tess to Caleb, until Jack finally orders her to shut up. He then turns to Ian again, demanding to know what was more important than keeping Tess safe. Rafe gets off the phone and announces that he's not going to wait around anymore. He asks whether Lucy has access to a helicopter. Lucy says that she can rent one, but she wants to know why. Rafe informs her that he's going to find Alison himself. Lucy calls to reserve a helicopter, but she can't find a pilot who's willing to fly in this storm. Ian offers to do it. Rafe takes him up on his offer, but Lucy has strong reservations about this. Ian says he learned to fly in Africa. That's good enough for Rafe, who starts to leave. Lucy stops her cousin, then asks Ian whether he's ever flown in this kind of weather before. Ian replies that he's seen worse. Rafe is ready to go, and he and Jack head out the door. Lucy makes sure that Ian really wants to do this, then tells him that they'll be departing from the hospital helipad. Ian will get Colleen to watch Danny a little longer. Then he'll get medical supplies from the hospital before taking off. He and Lucy head out, leaving Livvie alone in Jack's house. Very pleased with the recent turn of events, she makes a mental checklist. Alison, Caleb, and Tess have all been taken care of. As far as Livvie's concerned, there is justice in this world after all.

Elizabeth awakens, immediately asking about Alison. Stephen says that she's nearby. He tells Elizabeth that he pulled Alison out of the wreckage first. She had been pinned under some heavy debris. Elizabeth rushes to her daughter, begging her to be alive. She lifts her up and holds her, blaming herself what happened. Suddenly, Alison opens her eyes and begins moaning. Crying, she says that her entire body is sore. She's obviously in a great deal of pain. The pain in her arm is excruciating. Elizabeth holds her, promising that it will be all right. She expresses sincere remorse for abandoning her as a baby. Alison is the only good thing that has ever come from her; she's the woman that Elizabeth wishes she could have been. Elizabeth is so sorry for failing her daughter. She's wondered many times whether she even had a heart, but now she knows that Alison is her heart. Alison tells her mother that she's always loved her. She starts to lose consciousness again, and Elizabeth tries desperately to keep her awake. Stephen approaches them, and she asks his opinion as to whether Alison might have a concussion, because she's very cold. Stephen takes off his jacket and puts it over Alison. He assures Elizabeth that they'll all get out of this. Elizabeth regrets that it took a plane crash to make her realize how much she loves her daughter. Stephen points out that they both get a second chance, which is all that matters now. Elizabeth is scared. She asks whether the pilot can get help, but Stephen informs her that he didn't survive the crash. However, Stephen managed to pull the radio from the wreckage. It's damaged, but he thinks he can get it going. He won't let anything happen to either of the Barrington women. Elizabeth remembers that she packed a heavier coat, which she'd like to put over her daughter. While she goes to find her suitcase, Stephen will watch Alison and try to get the radio going. He stands over Alison, who opens her eyes and asks for her mother. Stephen informs her that she went to find something to keep her warm. His next statement terrifies Alison. "Well, looks like it's just you and me."