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Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/19/02

By Beth
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Livvie drags the old trunk into the shed outside Jack's house. Inside the trunk, Tess cries and begs to be let out. Livvie says that the world isn't big enough for both of them.

Ian goes to Jack's house to look for Tess, but there's no answer. As he knocks on the door, Lucy joins him on the porch, looking for Jack. They're both uncomfortable with this chance meeting, but they try to deal with it. When Ian discovers that the door is unlocked, they let themselves in. Once inside, they continue to call out for Tess and Jack, but they seem to be alone in the house. Lucy has a bad feeling about it. They search the house, but there's no sign of anyone else. They conclude that Tess and Jack probably went somewhere together. Since it's late, they'll probably be back any minute. After some awkwardness about who will actually wait for them, they decide to wait together. They realize that Tess may have heard their discussion at Ian's and decided to give them some privacy. Lucy hesitates before telling Ian what's on her mind. Even though she seemed okay with what they talked about, she's not okay at all. Her best friend just declared his love for her, and she has no idea how to handle it. Ian insists that he didn't know how awkward his admission would make things between them, but Lucy doesn't believe him. He must have known, deep down. Ian stands firm. He didn't know that she would react the way she did. All he knew was that there was tension between them, as well as some unspoken words. Lucy admits that he's right, but he should know how she feels about Kevin. What did he think would happen between them? Ian doesn't really know, but he did think that she might tell him that she returned his feelings. Lucy reminds him that they're supposed to be best friends, and that's all.

Ian wants to know why things changed. Despite what she said, Lucy seems to want to be anywhere but here with him. What happened to their friendship? Lucy says that it's still there, but it has changed. It had to change. Ian doesn't accept that. He was wrong to think that she returned his feelings, but that doesn't mean that their relationship has to change. He can't lose her friendship; it's all he has. Lucy thinks that they'll just have to learn to deal with being together. As they come to this agreement, Livvie flies through the house, startling them. Seeing the others, Livvie is frightened. Lucy and Ian gang up on her, wanting to know exactly what she's doing at Jack's house. Livvie tries to turn the question around on them. What are they doing here? Lucy points out that, unlike Livvie, they're not covered in dirt and looking guilty. Livvie is also all sweaty and shaking. What's going on? Livvie claims that it's all about Caleb's return. She was scared, and she tripped on her way to Jack's. That's how she got dirty. She admits that Caleb hasn't actually tried to come after her yet, but that doesn't mean she's not scared. Her whole life has changed since the first time he came back. She thought that she could at least try to make good with the things she can change, so she decided to start with Tess. She claims that she wanted to make peace with her. Little do Ian and Lucy know that Tess is in the shed, locked inside an old trunk.

Jack complains about being stuck in jail while Caleb is free to do whatever he wants. Rafe reminds him that they're powerless until they can prove that he's really a vampire. In the meantime, everyone thinks they're crazy for believing that about Stephen Clay. Jack understands, but he doesn't like it. Doree stops by the holding cell to let them make their allotted phone call. She tells Jack to go ahead. Jack plans to call Chris, but Rafe asks to go first. He thinks that Alison must be freaking out. Jack agrees, and Doree reminds Rafe to limit the call to two minutes. The pay phone is just across from their cell.

Alison demands to know why Stephen Clay is on the plane. It's her family's jet, and he's trespassing. Stephen explains that he was invited by her mother. Alison confronts Elizabeth, who says that she thought it would be a good opportunity for all of them to get to know each other better. Alison states that she knows everyone quite well, and that's why the plane will be turning around. Determined, she gets up to talk to the pilot, and Elizabeth follows, equally determined to keep going. In their absence, Alison's phone rings. Stephen decides to answer it. "Alison's cell phone. Hello? Hello?"

Hearing his enemy's voice, Rafe becomes even more furious. He demands to know why Caleb has Alison's phone. Imitating the Verizon Wireless commercials, Stephen pretends to have a bad connection. "Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?" Rafe threatens to kill him if he lays one finger on Alison. Stephen hangs up. Enraged, Rafe again screams out his threat before slamming down the receiver.

Elizabeth returns to her seat with the news that the pilot can't turn around now. He can't land the plane until they get past the strong winds they're heading into. Alison informs them that they will be landing at the next available airport, and it won't be a minute too soon. She notices a missed call on her cell phone, and Stephen admits that he answered it. He thinks that it may have been Rafe. Alison becomes even more angry, but Stephen feigns innocence. He thought he was being helpful. When Alison threatens Stephen with what Rafe will do to him, Stephen admits that he had him arrested for attempted murder. Rafe can't do anything to him from his jail cell. Alison starts to tell him off, but he insists that Rafe and Jack deserved it. Jack showed up at his press conference and tried to drive a stake through his heart, and Rafe tried to shoot him. Elizabeth is appalled. Alison states that if Rafe had wanted to kill Stephen, he would have succeeded; he doesn't miss. Unimpressed, Stephen tries to reason with her. He asks her to imagine being wrongly accused of something, and unable to prove her innocence. Elizabeth tells him that it's already happened to her daughter, when she was on trial for a murder that didn't even happen. Stephen concedes that he resembles a man named Caleb, but he doesn't know how to prove that they aren't the same person. He asks Alison what he can do to prove his innocence. Alison tells him to drop the charges against Rafe and Jack. Stephen agrees, but he wants her to do everything in her power to keep Rafe away from him. He just wants to be left alone. When Alison doesn't state her agreement, Elizabeth does it for her. Stephen gets out his phone and calls the Port Charles police department.

Jack is anxious to find out about Rafe's phone call, but Rafe doesn't know what to think. All he knows is that Caleb has Alison. They have to find out where they are. Jack says that he managed to reach Chris, who's on his way to bail them out. Doree comes to release them, but she says that Chris hasn't shown up yet. Instead, Stephen Clay has just called and dropped all charges. She returns their belongings, and Rafe grabs his cell phone, hoping to hear a message from Alison. He's taken aback to hear that she's on the Barrington jet, on her way to meet her unknown sibling. That means that she's trapped on the plane with that "monster."

After Stephen makes the call, Elizabeth chastises her daughter for her ingratitude, then thanks Stephen herself. Loud noises interrupt their conversation, and Stephen says that it's just a little turbulence. The pilot's voice informs them that he's going to try to turn the plane around. The women are frightened, but Stephen tries to reassure them. The turbulence becomes much worse.

Rafe calls air traffic control to check on the Barrington jet. He learns that they had it on the radar, but they lost it.

The jet has crashed. Stephen carries an unconscious Elizabeth out of the wreckage. Nearby, also unconscious, Alison lies bleeding. Stephen lays Elizabeth down, then checks Alison's pulse. A grim look comes over his face. He returns to Elizabeth.