PC Update Monday 11/18/02

Port Charles Update Monday 11/18/02

By Beth
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While admiring her engagement ring, Alison assures herself that she and Rafe will have a happy, normal life together. Not even Caleb will be able to take that away from them. A knock at the door interrupts her musings, and she assumes that Rafe must have forgotten his key again. When she opens the door and sees her mother instead, she closes the door again. Elizabeth calls to her through the door. She knows that Alison is upset about what happened at the restaurant last night, but they need to talk. Alison wants her mother to just go away, but Elizabeth persists. She tells Alison that she may have found her sister. Filled with hope, Alison allows her mother inside her home. Elizabeth explains that Malcolm had a lover in Canada, where he used to do quite a bit of business. The woman bore a daughter, and since the timing seems to be right, Malcolm may be the child's father. After locating the woman, Elizabeth spoke to her on the phone, and she really believes that this may be the answer that Alison is looking for. When Alison accuses her of wanting the money she'll get if it's true, Elizabeth admits that the money is important to her. However, she also wants this for Alison's sake, because she knows how much it means to her. Given her past, she understands Alison's reluctance to trust her.

Changing the subject, Elizabeth apologizes for losing her temper at the restaurant. She really wants Alison to give Stephen a chance; he's such an amazing man. Alison points out that Elizabeth doesn't even know him. Elizabeth counters that neither does Alison. What's important is that he makes her happy. He makes her feel more special and more wanted than she's ever felt before in her entire life. That's why he can't possibly be the monster that Alison and Rafe claim he is. As Alison begs her to change the subject again, Elizabeth notices her ring. It's the first time she's seen Alison wearing it. Alison tells her that Rafe just gave it to her today. Elizabeth admits that she saw it before she even knew who was going to be wearing it. Rafe showed it to her the night they met, outside the Recovery Room. He was excited and nervous at the same time, so afraid that his beloved wouldn't like it, but Elizabeth assured him that she would love it. Alison says that she does love her ring, and the man who gave it to her. Elizabeth remembers how young love feels. She felt it when she first married Malcolm. Alison says that she's sorry that it didn't work out, and Elizabeth points out that it happens all the time. People always think that they'll live happily ever after. Realizing her faux pas, she assures Alison that she and Rafe are going to make it. Alison answers her ringing phone. Adopting a very serious tone, she informs the caller that she is indeed Malcolm Barrington's daughter. She asks for the caller's address, which she jots down on the palm of her hand, using her mother's pen. She promises to see the caller tonight. After hanging up, she informs Elizabeth that it was the woman from Canada, who verified that Malcolm is her daughter's father. She's going to go meet her tonight. Elizabeth wants to go along; she wants to see what drew her husband to the other woman. Alison decides to take the Barrington jet, if possible. She tries to call Rafe, but gets his voicemail. She asks him to call her back right away.

After picking up Marissa and carrying her out of the restaurant, Jamal finally puts his livid girlfriend down. He tries to explain his actions, but Marissa thinks he's acting like a lunatic. Despite his strong desire to take her somewhere safe, she refuses to go anywhere with him. She doesn't believe for a second that Stephen Clay is a vampire. Jamal tells her to think about what drew her to Port Charles in the first place. She came to town because she'd heard about all the weird happenings. In fact, she even asked him about vampires when they first met. Marissa remembers that. She also remembers how he answered her question: by saying that she was nuts. Jamal admits that he lied. Now he's telling the truth, and the truth is that Stephen Clay is the "big bat" from before. Marissa thinks this is ridiculous. She challenges Jamal to explain why Stephen loves soaking up the sun, why he puts garlic on everything he eats, and why she's never seen one single fang on him. She knows him and works with him, and he's no vampire. Jamal informs her that she doesn't work with Stephen anymore. As of right now, she's out of the band.

Marissa doesn't like this one bit. She's not going to let Jamal order her out of the band! They argue about it, neither one willing to give in. Marissa reminds him that when she first came to town, he was convinced that she was Casey. She looks exactly like Casey, but she's not her. Jamal doesn't see her point, so Marissa spells it out for him. Stephen Clay might just be someone who looks exactly like Caleb. Jamal doesn't want her to stick around the band long enough to find out. Marissa is extremely annoyed with Jamal. She wants to find Stephen and make sure that his little stunt didn't cost her the gig. Jamal's not about to let her do that. He blocks her way as she tries unsuccessfully to get past him. He's not going to let Caleb turn her into a bloodsucking monster and take her life away. Marissa informs him that the decision isn't his to make. It has nothing to do with him. Jamal contradicts her. It has everything to do with her, because he loves her! Marissa is almost speechless. Jamal admits that falling in love was the last thing on his mind, but it's true. He really loves her, and he would do anything to protect her. He knows that he's asking a lot, but he's scared to death of what will happen to her if she stays with the band. He asks her to say something--anything. "It's over, Jamal." Jamal is stunned. Marissa clarifies that her deal with the band is over. Jamal is relieved by this, and by her next revelation. She loves him.

At the restaurant, Jack holds the stake up to Stephen's heart. He won't let "Caleb" hurt them all again, because he's going to end this. Before he can drive the stake home, a shot rings out. Rafe's bullet has rendered the stake useless. Jack continues to threaten Caleb as two bodyguards grab him and Rafe, dragging them away from Stephen. Joshua checks on his employer, then advises him to leave, but Stephen isn't ready to go. Jack lashes out at Rafe; he doesn't need the slayer's help. He accuses Rafe of missing the mark. Rafe informs him that he didn't miss. He wasn't aiming for Stephen. He had to stop Jack from killing him. Jack can't believe this. Does Rafe really believe the whole Stephen Clay act? In response, Rafe reaches into his pocket, which draws the attention of the bodyguards. Rafe shows them that he's just getting out his phone. He shows Jack the screen, which displays a younger picture of Caleb--with the name "Stephen Clay." It's not enough to convince Jack that the man isn't really Caleb. Rafe completely understands, but the problem is that they don't have any proof to back up their belief. If Jack had killed him, he would be going to prison for the murder of Stephen Clay. He assures Jack that they will find a way to get him, but they have to be smart about this. Jack reluctantly agrees. The guards take them to see Stephen.

Stephen wants to understand what just happened. Did Rafe actually just try to kill him with a silver bullet? Rafe informs him that if he had wanted to kill him, he would have succeeded. Instead, he stopped Jack from making a huge mistake. Turning to Jack, Stephen asks whether he's insane. "I know who you are, Caleb," Jack replies. Rafe tries to stop his friend, but it's no use. Jack vows to kill Caleb for good this time. Stephen accuses them both of being crazy, but Rafe says that maybe he'd understand if he saw a picture of Caleb. Stephen doesn't know what he's supposed to understand. Their contention that he looks like an imaginary vampire? Rafe knows how it sounds. Maybe they made a mistake. Stephen disagrees. Wearing brown shoes with a black suit is a mistake. Trying to jab a stake into his heart is attempted murder. Rafe reminds him that no harm was done. He promises to talk to Jack, but Stephen won't let this go. The night of the concert, when Rafe jumped onto the stage and accused him of being a vampire, he thought it was kind of funny. Then, when they went to dinner, and Rafe kept asking his inane questions, Stephen was mildly amused. However, he's not laughing anymore. They tried to kill him, and they're going to pay for it.

Tess accuses Livvie of being bad. Livvie denies this, but Tess knows better. She wants Livvie to stay away from Jack. Tess loves Jack, and she knows that Livvie's bad for him. Livvie's laughter confuses Tess, who asks for an explanation. Livvie accuses her of being jealous. As Livvie explains the concept of jealousy, Tess tells her that she sounds mean. Livvie counters by saying that Tess sounds stupid. She claims that Jack feels sorry for Tess. Knowing that Livvie always hurts Jack, Tess tells her to go away. Livvie refuses. She says that she and Jack need each other, but that he can't see that right now because of Tess. Tess says that Jack will make Livvie go away. Getting an idea, Livvie pretends to give in. She tells Tess that she's no good for Jack, because she always hurts him. She adds that Jack could really be happy with Tess. "Apologizing" for underestimating her lookalike, she promises not to make that mistake again. She says that Jack told her of his love for Tess. She goes over to an old trunk. She explains what a gift is, and says that Jack has a gift for Tess inside the trunk. She urges Tess to look inside, saying that Jack will be hurt if she doesn't. Not wanting to hurt Jack, Tess goes to the trunk. Livvie pushes her inside and closes the lid. As Tess pounds on the inside of the trunk, crying to be let out, Livvie is very pleased with herself.

Rafe and Jack are in a holding cell. Rafe is furious with Jack for getting them into this predicament. Jack feels perfectly justified; he wanted to kill Caleb before he hurt anybody else. Rafe points out that he hasn't hurt anyone yet, but Jack isn't impressed. Are they supposed to just wait until he does hurt someone? Rafe reminds him that Caleb has come back differently this time. Now, millions of people know him as Stephen Clay. He's playing a very clever game, and the only way to beat him is to play an even better one. Jack still blames Rafe's interference for the fact that Caleb is still walking around Port Charles. Rafe says that if he hadn't interfered, Jack would be going to prison for the murder of Stephen Clay. Then, to add insult to injury, Caleb would still have found another way to be reborn. The best thing to do now is just relax and think about how to play this. Jack's uneasy about this. He's afraid that while they're sitting in the holding cell, Caleb is out there, closing in on someone they care about.

Alison and her mother board the jet. Alison still can't believe that she's about to meet her sister. She really hopes that Rafe got her message in time to go with them. Elizabeth tries to tell her something, but Alison is preoccupied with her inability to reach Rafe earlier. The pilot informs her that, because of an approaching storm, they'll have to leave immediately if they want to reach Canada tonight. Alison is disappointed that they'll have to leave without Rafe, but then she sees someone just coming into the cabin and assumes that it's her fiance. Seeing Stephen instead, she angrily demands to know what he's doing on the plane. Stephen informs her that Rafe won't be able to make it. Alison tries to stop the jet from taking off.