PC Update Friday 11/15/02

Port Charles Update Friday 11/15/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita


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Lucy and Ian continued to discuss what he told her…about loving her. She told him that there was no going back now that he said it. She also told him that though she couldn’t say that she felt differently but that she had waited her whole life for Kevin. He was the one she loved and would once again be with. Ian looked sad and told her that he wished he could take back what he said to make it easier for them but he couldn’t. He said that it wasn’t fair though to push, not to Kevin, her or him. Lucy kissed him on the cheek and left.

Tess watched through the window as Livvie and Jack hugged. She looked really upset, heard someone coming and ran off. Livvie and Jack sat down and talked about Caleb. Jamal came over and thought that Livvie was Tess. When they told him otherwise he was confused, Livvie told him about Caleb. At first he didn’t believe them but when Stephen came on the TV for a press conference he was giving for his fans, Jamal freaked out. He saw Marissa there too and ran to get her. Stephen answered every question about where he was from, why he is hidden, why he decided to do this conference etc. he told them that everything about him could be found in his lyrics. The press asked about a girl friend and he said that he had had a great love. Jack thought he was talking about Tess, Livvie thought it was her. Jack got scared and ran to find Tess.

He went to the conference just as it ended and threw Stephen on the counter and held up a stake.

Earlier, Rafe had confronted Stephen while he was answering questions (prior to cameras). He snickered at one of Stephen’s answers and Stephen told him that sometimes things aren’t what they seem and sometimes they are. Then the conference began, Rafe watched everything that Stephen did.

Victor came in to talk to Rafe. He gave him a phone that could have pictures sent from the Internet. Victor told Rafe that when his people find a picture of who ever Stephen was, he’d get it ASAP.

Rafe thanked him and eagerly awaited the arrival. When it did come in it was a graduation picture of Stephen, and it looked just like “Caleb”. Rafe wondered out loud if maybe this really was Stephen and not Caleb. This is when Jack ran in.