PC Update Thursday 11/14/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 11/14/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita


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Lucy went to visit Ian, and found Tess there (in a t-shirt only). She became jealous and tried to find out what she was doing there. Ian told her about Livvie and Lucy understood why Tess was scared. Then Ian told Lucy (reluctantly and with much nagging) about Tess’s DNA results. Lucy became very upset, accusing Ian of having romantic feelings for Tess (who she now referred to as that thing). She was afraid that Tess was connected to evil, but Ian thought just the opposite. He thought that Tess might have been sent here to help fight off the Calebs of the world.

They continued to fight just as Tess came out and told them to stop yelling. She said that Ian loved Lucy and he should tell her and stop lying. Lucy was speechless and Tess continued to say that he loved Lucy like she loved Jack, and she missed Jack and wanted to see him. Ian told her soon, and she told him not soon…now. She left.

Lucy tried to leave to make reservations to see Kevin but Ian had to tell her his feelings. She tried to dodge them, and change the subject. But he continued, he told her that Tess has insight and she’s never wrong. That she could see what others won’t admit. He told Lucy he loved her.

Jack and Livvie woke up and began fighting. She was wearing just a t-shirt. Jack told her to put some clothes on, and she took offense to that swearing that she was only there out of fear and they could comfort one another she wasn’t trying to seduce him.

Later, Livvie came down (dressed), and Jack and she continued to discuss Tess and Jack’s connection to her. Jack made another comment about Livvie wanting him, and she told him that she wasn’t there to “jump his bones” he wasn’t that hot. She went to leave, but there was someone or something moving outside. Livvie and Jack both freaked thinking it was Caleb. Jack went outside to look around while Livvie ducked down. When Jack came back Livvie expressed her fear that it was Caleb and how sorry she was that she ruined it with Jack. He hugged her and told her not to be scared. Meanwhile, Tess watched them hugging from outside.

Rafe did some investigating on Stephen, and all of the information pointed to the realization that Caleb wasn’t back and Stephen was Stephen. Alison came into the bedroom and they talked about it. She expressed her fears that he was hungry for the hunt again and the last time he fought Caleb he lost and she couldn’t lose him again. He held her, and explained that he wouldn’t leave. He had something more important to live for now…her. Then he told her to close her eyes, and went over to the dresser and pulled out the ring box. He placed it in her hand and asked her to be his wife. She was so excited and just loved the ring, she tackled him and they kissed. She went on about how was he able to pay for such a beautiful ring; he’d have to sell his soul. Then she turned to him and jokingly asked if he had, he laughed and assured her he didn’t. Then she told him that he could have given her a piece of string, or a ring from the cracker jacks box and she’d be happy. He then said that was nice to know and asked for the ring back. She said no it’s hers and he chased her around the room. Then he tackled her on the bed and they kissed.

Later, while Alison slept, Rafe got dressed up in a suit and got the gun with the silver bullets.  He said softly to Alison that he wished he didn't have to do this.  Then he headed out with a determined look on his face.