PC Update Wednesday 11/13/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/13/02

By Jenna
Proofread by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


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Livvie continued to make accusations regarding Tess’s connection to “Caleb”. Tess ran over to hide behind Ian, and Jack grabbed Livvie. He told Ian to take Tess and he’d get her in the morning. Livvie said that she’d be there, too, to drive a steak through her heart. After they left, Jack turned around and slowly walked towards Livvie; he warned her that if she did anything to Tess, he’d come after her ,and he wouldn’t be held accountable for his actions. She was shocked by his threat and pleaded with him to understand that that “thing” was here to hurt them. Livvie says that she was sent by Caleb and they couldn’t trust her. Her referring to Tess as a “thing” outraged him. He told Livvie that she was barely human. She said she knew what she’s done in the past but it was because of Caleb that it started. She begged him to let her stay with him. She didn’t have anywhere else to go or anyone else to turn to. Touched, he agreed and said he wouldn’t let her get hurt. (They hugged)

Later, he was staring out the window remembering when Caleb bit him and turned him into a vampire. He screamed out, so Livvie ran into the room and gave him a hug. She told him it would be ok; they could help each other.

Meanwhile, Ian tried to get information out of Tess, who was interested in Danny’s toys. Ian showed her how they worked while trying to get her to listen to his questions about her past. She picked up a picture of him, Eve and Danny. He asked her where she was from, did she remember where she came from, or where she lived when she was a kid. She wouldn’t answer him, or couldn't, and he became really frustrated at her not paying attention to him and their not communicating. He went over and called her name (and grabbed her arm), so she dropped the frame. The glass broke; Ian and Tess picked it up and she asked who that was in the picture. He told her it was his wife, Eve, and she was dead. Tess said she loved him (Eve), you could see it in her eyes. Then she held his face and said that he was in pain and hurt. She put her hand on his chest and said he was hurt. He said no, that she healed it. She said not the cut, his heart, and she couldn’t heal that. She said that there was still love there. Ian asked weakly how she knew all of this. She said she was tired, so she went to bed.

Rafe and Alison took Stephen and Elizabeth to the newest hot restaurant. Elizabeth was hesitant, but Stephen convinced her to go. He asked Rafe if he could handle going to dinner with a vampire, and Rafe said he would be fine so long as he wasn’t the main course. When they arrived, the hostess said that they were full, but when she saw Stephen, she offered them the private dining room. The waitress announced the specials and Rafe asked Stephen what he wanted. He said a steak, rare-- blood rare. Then, smiling, he said he was a vegetarian and didn’t believe in killing. He ordered the vegetable platter, as did Elizabeth. Alison ordered salmon and Rafe, steak. Rafe asked Stephen many questions about his past: where he grew up, how many siblings, how did he get started, etc. Stephen answered all of them vaguely or side-stepped them, with a sarcastic, witty sense of humor that Rafe later pointed out was very much like Caleb’s. Stephen said he was raised by wolves, and so Elizabeth laughed. Then he asked about Rafe’s past and why he came to Port Charles. Rafe said he came because of his job, which was "vampire slayer". Both Stephen and Elizabeth giggled but then they got angry at Rafe's attitude.  They decided to leave because this evening was just an excuse to bother Stephen.   After they left, Alison expressed her concerns for Rafe and her mom. Rafe explained that this was part of the game and he would never put her in danger. Then he showed her that he had taken Stephen’s wallet. She wasn’t thrilled, but he told her that he could find out a lot about someone from his or her social security number, like who the real Stephen Clay was. Alison asked if he meant… then Rafe jumped in with the fact that someone had to die, for Caleb to take their identity.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Stephen went to her hotel room. He realized that his wallet was missing; she offered to call the restaurant and have someone find it and bring it. But he said that was ok, that someone would do the right thing.  Because of what Alison said about Stephen only wanting her to get to Rafe, Elizabeth asked him why he chose her when he could have his pick of women.  He said sweet things to her about how she had forgotten how great she is.  Then they started to make love.