PC Update Tuesday 11/12/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/12/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita


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Lucy and Rafe went to Lucy’s house to discuss what to do about “Caleb”. Rafe tried to be calm and wait to see what was up. They still weren’t positive that Stephen was Caleb. Lucy ran to her cupboard of slayer things and showed Rafe everything that she had. She wanted to just go and kill him and ask questions later, but Rafe convinced her that it was better to wait. He said that there were still a lot of unanswered questions. Like why Caleb wasn’t hiding, why he has this in your face identity, why he’s not making a move and what does he have planned etc. Lucy remembered that Serena had printed out the words to one of his songs and showed Rafe. (The Gift was the title) The lyrics clearly were about getting revenge, being in one’s dreams, and striking.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Alison went back to Elizabeth’s hotel room. Alison tried to explain to Elizabeth how dangerous “Caleb” was but Elizabeth didn’t want to hear it. Alison told her that they had all lived (barely) through Caleb’s last visit and that he was just using Elizabeth. Elizabeth defended herself by saying how Alison didn’t want her to be happy, and that he understood everything. Then she mentioned everything that she had told Stephen about herself and the family. About her husband, the will, his death etc. Alison freaked at the fact that her mother was playing right into his hands and now that he knew her weaknesses he would use them against her and the rest of them. Elizabeth threw Alison out and told her that she was wrong and that Rafe had filled her head with a bunch of silly things.

Alison went to Lucy’s and told them of he discussion with Elizabeth. Rafe got an idea and told them that he was going to do something that “Caleb” wasn’t expecting. He and Alison left, while Lucy locked every door and window and set the alarm. Then she called Ian, (not wanting to be alone) but he wasn’t there so she left a message on his machine about wanting to talk to him and how fearful she was about this whole “Caleb” thing.

Stephen offered to help Livvie with her car. She was at first speechless and ran to her car. He came up by the window and told her that she had trouble. He asked her to pop the hood so he could have a look. She did and snuck out of the side of the car. She began crawling away and he came up in front of her and told her that she couldn’t do that. Explaining that it was late and she wasn’t safe with all of the creeps that lurk at night. She begged him not to hurt her, that she was sorry for killing him but that she had no choice, that he was a nightmare. He looked confused and she attempted to run from him, but was almost hit by a car. Stephen ran over and grabbed her throwing her and him to the ground and out of danger’s path. She expressed her confusion that he just saved her life. He said that he wasn’t a bad guy. She began explaining how they were married and that’s when the trouble started. He continued to look at her like she was nuts and just said, “We were married?” She continued to tell him their history and how she ran a steak through his heart and that’s why she doesn’t understand how he’s in front of her right now. Stephen said that he realizes that he looks like this Caleb guy but that he wouldn’t hurt her or anyone. That he was a musician and that was it. He then went to start up her car and sent her on her way. She was so confused that he was letting her go but didn’t stick around long enough to find out why. She drove off, with Stephen’s wishes of a safe trip.

Ian and Jack discussed Tess’s DNA results. Jack wouldn’t listen to Ian’s beliefs that Tess was connected to Caleb. Ian tried to explain but Jack said that she was more human then either of them, she was caring and sweet and gentle. Ian said that she had abilities that he couldn’t begin to describe. Jack just used that to continue to explain how great she was, and finally admitted that he was in love with her. And he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her, that if they wanted to get to her they’d have to go through him. He wasn’t going to stand around while she was leeched. Tess came outside and asked why Jack was so mad. He took her into the house and said that Ian and he were just talking, that he wasn’t mad. Ian tried to talk to Tess to ask her questions but Jack wouldn’t let him. Tess said that Ian was a good man, and Ian thanked her. Jack told Ian to let it go and his tone upset Tess who sat on the couch humming (Stephen’s song). Ian got very upset by this and asked why she was doing that; Jack explained that when she’s scared she hums and that she’s been doing it since he met her. Ian asked if she had a radio in the “hole”. (Sarcasm) And how did she know that song? He continued to say that she had to be connected to “Caleb” in someway, just as Livvie walked in saying how she knew it. That Tess was sent here to (Ian had to hold her back) make her life miserable and to punish her. Jack told her to shut up and went to sit with Tess. He held her while Livvie continued to shout out accusations and Ian continued to hold her back.

Stephen went to see Elizabeth; as soon as she opened the door he jumped on her with a very passionate kiss. When they were done he said how he’d been waiting all day for this, and how hungry he was for her. Just then Rafe and Alison walked up. Alison mentioned to Rafe (“Honey”) that Stephen was hungry. And Rafe replied that that was a good thing, cause they were all going to dinner. Stephen looked less then thrilled.