PC Update Monday 11/11/02

Port Charles Update Monday 11/11/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Ian watched the TV and as soon as he saw Stephen (aka. Caleb) he flipped out and ran for the elevator. He bumped into one of the nurses and told her to watch Danny and not to let him out of her sight.

Meanwhile, Stephen continued to sing and as he did this he noticed Livvie. He moved towards her and stared at her. She freaked and ran. Then he went to the other side of the stage and locked eyes with Tess. Jack freaked, grabbed Tess and ran. Rafe, Alison, Lucy and Elizabeth watched as Stephen did this and then Rafe ran up on stage. (Pushing security guards out of his way) Stephen had the band stop playing and addressed Rafe as a drunken loon who had too many. Rafe stared at Stephen and lunged at him. He knocked him down and started punching him but didn’t get too far in that, the guards came and pulled him off and Stephen had him escorted off the stage. Rafe grabbed the microphone and struggled with the guards. He shouted that Stephen was Caleb and he was a vampire. Stephen laughed at him and Reese asked him where his wings were. Stephen turned around and bent over and slapped his butt, saying that they were right there. He smiled at Rafe showing him his teeth. Elizabeth asked Alison if Rafe was on any medication and how could she ask her who she was sleeping with. It was Elizabeth who should be asking Alison. Finally the guards got Rafe off stage. Stephen took a break, (to the displeasure of the crowd). While backstage, Ian and Lucy went and convinced Stephen that Rafe was just excited and he mistook Stephen’s band for another.

Stephen said he understood and let him go with a warning. Capelli had Stephen’s concert shut down however, and Stephen left. Alison took Elizabeth aside and asked her if Stephen ever bit her while they were making love. Elizabeth just laughed at Alison and walked away. She ran into Joshua and asked if Stephen was around because they were supposed to meet for dinner. Joshua informed her that Stephen had left. She went back to talk to Alison and told Rafe that she was not pleased with his performance. Rafe vowed that he had to stop “Caleb” before he continued to carry out whatever plan he had. And warned Alison not to be anywhere near her mother. He didn’t want her near Stephen and Elizabeth was the door to him. But Alison said that someone had to help her mom and she was the only one. She promised to be careful and left with Elizabeth. Ian left to find Jack and Lucy and Rafe each shared their views of how impossible this all was.

Jack took Tess home, and locked all of the windows and doors. Tess thought he was mad at her but he assured her he wasn’t. He told her to stay away from Stephen, that he was a bad man. Tess said that he was a good man. Jack asked how she knew and she told him of the time that he offered her a ride. Jack remembered and assumed that he thought she was Livvie and told her to stay away from him. She looked at him and told him that she loved him, and he said he loved her too. They shared a sweet (and long) kiss. Ian came over and Jack freaked thinking it was “Caleb”. He had Tess hide, and walked toward the door. Ian yelled out that it was him and Jack (relieved) let him in. He asked where Tess was, and Jack had her come out of hiding. She was happy to see Ian. Ian requested some private time with Jack to share something with him. He went outside and Ian told him that Tess’s results came back and showed that she had no DNA. That she wasn’t human.

Livvie packed up a few things and ran to her car. She was so scared and just kept asking herself how he was alive? She had flashbacks of when she killed him and couldn’t understand how he was back. She knew she had to leave town before he could get her. She shoved everything in her trunk and ran to start the car. It wouldn’t start; she became more desperate with every turn of the key. She decided that since he was probably still on stage that she still had time and went to open the hood to see what was up. Just as she started to look around, Stephen walked up behind her. She could feel his presence and turned around. He said that he guessed she didn’t like the music either.