PC Update Friday 11/8/02

Port Charles Update Friday 11/8/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Ian waited at the hospital for Tess’s DNA results. Lucy and Jack ran in and asked if he had seen her. He said no and they told him that she had been kidnapped by Chris but managed to get away from him and now they couldn’t find her. Ian said that if she was there he would have seen her. Jack went to find her, and asked Lucy to stay with Ian and wait to see if she showed up at the hospital. Lucy was reluctant but agreed. She asked Ian if he had gotten the test results back yet, he said he hadn’t but he would really soon. Lucy checked with the nurse to see if she had any messages (maybe someone knew where Tess was). The only thing that was left for Lucy was a flier advertising the Stephen Clay experience free concert in the park. She got a really bad feeling about it.

Ian ran into Chris later on in the hospital. He asked Chris why he had done what he did. Chris said that he just was curious but that Tess was amazing and he told Ian (who just received the envelope with Tess’s results) not to open it. That maybe they weren’t meant to know anything about her. That he would regret it if he did.

Jack found Tess wondering through the park calling for him. He hugged her and asked if she was ok. He promised he’d never leave her alone with his brother again. She asked him to just hold her, Jack told her he’d never let her go. Right after he said that she moved away from him and stared over to the other side of the park. She silently walked away and Jack followed her. They ended up at the concert, Jack asked Tess why she just walked away like she knew where she was going? She said she didn’t know and grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to the stage. (Livvie, who had gotten home from visiting Kevin, found a flier outside of her door and decided to go to the concert.) Jack saw her and got a bad feeling, he tried to get Tess to leave with him but she wanted to stay.

Rafe questioned the motives of Elizabeth’s new love interest Stephen. Elizabeth told him what she knew (which was very little) and couldn’t understand why he was acting like that. He asked why with all of the women this man could have why he chose Elizabeth. Alison stepped in on her mother’s behalf and said that her mother was a very beautiful woman. Elizabeth looked shocked and thanked Alison who said that Elizabeth looked very nice in that outfit. Elizabeth, fed up with Rafe’s grilling left and told them that they could come or not but she wasn’t missing the ball. Alison asked Rafe why he was acting like that. He said he didn’t know, but that he didn’t trust Stephen and he didn’t know why. Alison said that they should go to the concert. Rafe didn’t particularly want to go but he did.

Everyone in Port Charles went to see the concert; Marissa, Ricky, Stephen, Jonathan and Reese hung out back stage. Stephen made a big speech about how great this was going to be, and the hard work would pay off. He told Reese that he wanted every man’s jaw to hit the ground, could she handle that? She said yeah, and he told Marissa that she had done her part and now they would give it its proper respect.

Lucy met up with Rafe, Alison and Elizabeth and showed Rafe the flier. Rafe had even more reason to doubt Stephen’s motives, and tried to sneak backstage but the guards wouldn’t let him. He tried to get Marissa’s help but the guards wouldn’t listen to her.

The concert began, and everyone (except Stephen) came out. The crowd went wild, and Jack had a really bad feeling. He tried again to get Tess to leave but she told him to listen to the music and that she wanted to stay. Reese went over to Ricky (on the drums) and asked if he forgave her. He said life was too short (she laughed) he asked what was so funny she said nothing. Then she asked if they could kiss and make up after the show? He said life was too short. Then the band started playing “Naked Eyes”.

Meanwhile, Ian sat down at a table and toyed with what Chris said about not knowing about Tess. He then decided that since Lucy wanted to know and Jack and Tess all wanted to know he had to find out. He opened it and shear shock came over his face. “That’s impossible” was all he said.

Lucy got this really bad chill and told Rafe that something was coming. She asked if he recognized the feeling?

Ian continued to glance at the paper and said that it wasn’t possible, that that would make her a… then he glanced at the TV. Stephen’s concert was on.

The crowd continued to go wild, and finally the stage opened and Stephen rose up. He had his back to the crowd and walked over to his microphone. He finally turned around and started singing the rest of the song. Lucy, Rafe, and Jack all said “no way”. Karen and Frank both looked shocked.

Stephen finished the song and said “Hello Port Charles”. (The crowd cheered) He said it again (and they cheered louder). Rafe looked at him and said “Caleb, you SOB”. Stephen introduced himself as Stephen Clay.