PC Update Thursday 11/7/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 11/7/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Jack went home to find that Tess wasn’t there. He panicked and called Lucy to see if she knew where she was. Lucy didn’t but came right over to help in the search. After going down the list of possible people (Jack knew that Tess wouldn’t just leave, so someone had to have taken her) they came to Livvie, but Lucy assured him that wasn’t possible due to Livvie’s visiting her dad. Then they realized that Chris was the only other person who knew of Tess and her power. They ran out of the house to find her.

Meanwhile, Chris asked Tess what it felt like when she healed people. She dodged all of his questions and continued to ask for Jack. Chris told her he would be there but he needed to know how she healed people. He told her that they shared that since he was a doctor. He said he uses medical science and wanted to understand her way of it. He then took a pocketknife and cut his arms, and told Tess to heal it. She cried and got upset that Chris hurt himself. She walked over to him and said that he shouldn’t do that. She put her hand on his heart and said that he hurts there too. He should just let himself feel. She then put her hand on his arm, and a few seconds later he was healed. Chris looked very upset (sad) and Tess left. Shortly, after Jack and Lucy came in and were shocked to find Chris curled up crying. Jack asked where Tess was, and Chris (through tears) said that she left. He called her a miracle as Jack and Lucy left.

Rafe, Alison and Elizabeth continued to work on the list of women that Malcolm had. Alison felt very sorry for her mother, she and Rafe discussed this as Elizabeth went into the other room. Alison told Rafe that she now knew what a jerk her dad was. Rafe told Alison of his meeting with Stephen (Rafe believed that’s who was in the steam room). Alison didn’t understand (neither did Rafe) why Stephen would do any of that. Rafe then realized that he wasn’t being fair under the circumstances. He told Alison that he wouldn’t bother her with any of this anymore, that she was just watching as her mother made a list of all that was wrong in the marriage of Alison’s parents. And how much of an emotional roller coaster it was for all, and he shouldn’t get her thinking about stupid things (feelings). Elizabeth came back in, very excited over the phone call that she just received from Stephen. She told Rafe and Alison that he wanted to see her again and that he’d invited her and them to his concert. She told them that he was Stephen Clay.

Stephen and Marissa sat on a park bench and worked on her lyrics for their new song. She apologized for not making it to rehearsal the other night, but that she needed to be with Jamal. Stephen said that it was just fine and he understood that she needed a life. And if she continued to produce words like this, then he would insist that she hang with Jamal as often as possible. She laughed and told him to make sure he told Jonathan that. Stephen said that Jonathan doesn’t have a life so he doesn’t get when others do. Just then Ricky and Reese came up. Reese tried to stop Ricky but he was determined to be heard. He told Marissa that he didn’t like being her charity case and that he quit. Marissa tried to convince him not to and that she was so sorry. But he wouldn’t hear it. While they continued to argue, Stephen asked Reese why he was being disturbed. She apologized and said that she tried to stop him. He then got up and told Ricky that he wasn’t quitting anything, and that he should thank Marissa and not care how he got the gig just be thankful that he was a part of such a great thing. Marissa tried to cut in before they went at it and Ricky pushed her off of him, knocking her to the ground. Stephen grabbed Ricky’s hand and squeezed it. Marissa got up and said that she was fine, so Stephen released his grip. Ricky apologized for knocking her down and she said it was fine. Stephen pulled Ricky aside and warned him that if he ever did this again, that he would break his arm. Ricky and Marissa left while, Stephen warned Reese to never let this happen again.

Marissa tried to talk to Ricky but the only thing that he had to say was that he wasn’t quitting but not for her or because Stephen told him, but because he was going to prove to everyone how great he was.