PC Update Wednesday 11/6/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/6/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Tess was sitting on the floor playing with a camera when Jack came into the room. He tried to talk to her about what had happened with Ian last night. But Tess was reluctant and Jack didn’t push. He sat her down near a table and showed her some pictures of him and his brother. He also showed her where here eyes and nose were. Tess showed him where her lips were, and said that they were good for kissing. She then leaned in and gave him a kiss. Jack showed her another picture and Tess noticed one of Livvie. She asked if Livvie and her were the same as Chris and Jack. Jack knew what she meant and said he’d find out.

Meanwhile, Ian and Lucy talked at the hospital. They tried to discuss the kiss but Lucy quickly dismissed that. She didn’t want to think of Kevin or anything. They talked about Livvie and Tess and the possibility that they were twins. But Ian quickly dismissed that for the reason that twins don’t bleed when the other one does (reference to the scratch that Tess and Livvie shared) he then tried to get up letting Lucy know he was going to find out some answers. She jumped on him and pinned him to the bed. She told him that he almost died and that he had to stay in bed and rest, if she had to sit on him all day to make sure of it she would. (Chris was lurking outside, and heard everything. But his interests peaked when he heard of Tess.)

Later, Jack went to Ian’s room to ask a favor. He brought with him a lock of Tess’s hair and said that since Ian had Livvie’s DNA on file…Ian interrupted, “you want me to see if they are related”. Jack said yes and Lucy looked at him with a strange look, then got really excited and said that she knew that look in his eyes. And Jack admitted that he was falling in love with Tess.

Chris went to Jack’s house and Tess was happy to see him. He lied to her and told her that Jack sent him. He told her to come with him and Jack would meet them. Tess happily agreed and left with him.

Livvie went to visit Kevin, who was less then thrilled to see her. She tried to tell him about Tess but Kevin showed his disgust about what she did to him (the drug that she injected him with) and the fact that she never called or sent letters, or showed any interest. Then the first time she comes it’s to discuss her life. Livvie apologized and said that she really needed him. She told him of Tess, and he said he knew nothing of twins but again he wasn’t the one to ask since he didn’t know anything of her originally. Kevin then gave Livvie some advice regarding Tess. He shared some therapy words about everyone having an other. He told her that everyone has another side, either a twin or an alter ego. They possess everything that we lack, and only when you become one with your other half can you truly be whole. She showed interest and got really happy when Kevin told her that if she made friends with Tess, to just imagine what power she would have and what she could have Tess do. He then played a song for her that helps him in therapy; it was “Naked Eyes”. Livvie listened for 3 seconds then ran out of the room. She said thank you, kissed his cheek and told him she loved him.