PC Update Tuesday 11/5/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/5/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Ricky and Reese (the blonde from the band) stepped outside of the party to discuss what time they had to leave to go to rehearsal. The two were kissing and laughing when Jonathan came out to see if anyone knew where Marissa was. Both said no and Jonathan left to find her. Reese tried to tempt Ricky into making love with her right then and there, but he was too concerned with rehearsal and where everyone (especially Marissa) was. Reese became very upset by his lack of interest and threw the fact that he thought he was so cool now that he was in the band in Ricky’s face. He replied that maybe it was a bad idea that they hooked up at all. Since they were in the same band, things could get weird. He tried to leave, but Reese made reference to why he was in the band at all. Of coarse Ricky was interested and pushed her into telling him the truth. Reese tried to get him to forget it but he wouldn’t and finally she told him that were it not for Marissa threatening to not write, he wouldn’t be in the band. She told him he was a charity case.

Marissa and Jamal were out riding around, in hopes to be alone and have no one be able to find them. They were so happy to be back with one another since Jamal had been gone for a few days on business. Marissa joked around with Jamal, telling him (when he asked) that his bike was slow and her grandmother’s car had more power. He told her that he hoped her feet had enough power cause she was walking home. Marissa grabbed him and began sucking up. She told him how sexy he was and how hot his bike was. She said that he was the coolest biker she had ever met before. He “melted” and they started kissing. Jonathan interrupted their reunion, and shared his ill fondness of Marissa not making it to rehearsal. He told her that the band expected new material and she wasn’t there to deliver. He asked if she understood just how much of an honor and importance this position was. Jamal threatened that Jonathan could get hurt if he keeps sneaking up on people and bothering them when they want to be alone. Marissa stepped in and stopped Jamal, apologized to Jonathan but warned him that she didn’t want Stephen or anyone tracking her down like a child. She told him that Jamal was important to her and should be treated with respect. If he couldn’t do that then…Jonathan apologized and gave her the rest of the night off with the agreement that they would rehearse first thing tomorrow morning. Jamal and Marissa continued their kissing session while, Jonathan watched from behind a bush and made a call to someone telling them that Jamal was becoming a problem and he would deal with him properly. Later, Jamal got a call from a client who wanted to buy two bikes for a really nice price. Jamal had to deliver however, and that meant that their night would have to end and he’d be out of town for a while again. Marissa expressed her disappointment but knew that it was important. They drove off to drop her off home, while Jonathan stepped out from behind the bush as they left and whispered for Jamal to enjoy his trip.

Rafe continued to take out his frustrations on the punching bag and continued to listen to “Naked Eyes”. His frustration was growing and he really started in on the bag. He paced around a bit, took a drink of water and continued in his punching fest.

Later, Rafe went to the steam room to relax. Shortly after he was joined by Stephen (who left Elizabeth’s room upon Alison’s refusal to leave until she spoke to Elizabeth). Rafe had a towel over his head and couldn’t see who was in the room with him. Stephen tried to make conversation with Rafe about his night; he asked if Rafe had anyone and Rafe told him he was engaged. Stephen poked fun at what marriage means for a man, and Rafe finally told him that he wanted to think so could Stephen please "shhh". Stephen agreed and asked if he could play music? Rafe said yeah and Stephen turned on “Naked Eyes”. He then put a towel over his head, just as Rafe took his off with a bad feeling about why this man put “this” song on. He headed toward Stephen, who asked if Rafe liked the song. Rafe said no, and Stephen asked who the artist was. Rafe said Stephen Clay, Stephen said that he was original. Rafe mentioned the party and caught Stephen in a lie (Stephen said he’d been there, and Rafe asked why if he went to the party did he not know the artist?) Stephen asked if Rafe saw him and Rafe said no. (Rafe was sitting next to him now) Stephen turned to Rafe (the steam was a lot thicker so you couldn’t see through it) and said that he just did. Rafe jumped over to pull the towel off, and Stephen disappeared before Rafe even got close.

Alison wouldn’t leave Elizabeth’s door till she spoke with her. Stephen and Elizabeth both shared their annoyance with being interrupted but finally Elizabeth answered. She tried to keep the door closed as much as possible so Alison wouldn’t see the man she was with. However, Alison was determined and pushed her mother out of the way. No one was in the room, and Alison made a comment over what a slob Elizabeth was. Then Alison noticed a watch on the nightstand and realized that Elizabeth had a man in her room. Alison checked a few doors but came up empty and Elizabeth said he left. Alison expressed her true disgust over her mother’s sleeping with someone else a few months after her dad’s death. Elizabeth admitted that she just met the man and didn’t know his name. Alison got even more freaked and truly was disgusted by her mother’s actions. Elizabeth tried to explain how nice it was to be needed and wanted; she told Alison that the man called her beautiful and exciting. But Alison didn’t care and told her mother why she was really there. She signed the contract that says that Elizabeth tells her every one of her dad’s affairs, encounters, women etc. So that Alison could find her sibling, and in return Alison would give her share of her dad’s money to Elizabeth. Elizabeth began to make a list of all of the women Malcolm had been with, and Alison showed remorse for her mother. She couldn’t believe how long the list was, but Elizabeth told her that these were just his encounters. She still had to get to the many affairs. Alison looked really sad and said she was sorry. Elizabeth shook her head, and Alison told her to put the pen down before it ran out of ink and they could do it later. She then asked about this guy her mother was with. She wondered if Elizabeth would see him again? Elizabeth said she hoped so, and that she could tell he was one of the good ones.