PC Update Monday 11/4/02

Port Charles Update Monday 11/4/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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After realizing that it was Jonathan that Livvie had been dancing with (and not Caleb who both Livvie and Rafe thought it was), Jonathan gave his apologies and said he thought that Livvie knew who he was. She wouldn’t admit whom she thought it was, no matter how much Rafe tried to get her to.   Finally, Jonathan left and Rafe really dug into Livvie, but she wouldn’t budge. She quickly turned the tables on him and told him to get rid of Tess.  Rafe looked confused and Livvie filled him in on what she thought he had done (create Tess to torture her and ruin the rest of her life).  Rafe told her that he didn’t have anything to do with it, that he didn’t have any powers. Alison mentioned that she wished that he had done something because of how mad Livvie was over it. Livvie decided that she was getting nowhere and left. Alison asked Rafe what was going on. He told her of his suspicions. He couldn’t put into words what he was feeling, but he tried to make her understand. He then apologized for dragging her into this because of her mom and dad's circumstances. Alison assured him it was fine and told him that his instincts were to be trusted. Rafe wished that he could have his powers for one day, and Alison told him to not even think of it;  she couldn’t lose him again. He assured her that that wouldn’t happen but that his powers would protect him because they’d tell him what was coming, so he wouldn’t have to guess. He told her he felt frustrated. But then he decided that he'd had enough and that they were going to live a normal life starting tomorrow. They agreed that they would go and get manicures and pedicures together, but Alison told Rafe that he should go and try to get his head clear tonight. He was reluctant to leave her alone, but she told him she’d be fine.

As Rafe went to work out, he played the “Naked Eyes” song and punched a punching bag, while Alison changed her hair and clothes and went to see her mom.

Elizabeth met up with Stephen.  They went to her hotel room and had relations. After they were done, Elizabeth was very satisfied and let Stephen know that. She said that he’d seen into her soul and she didn’t even know his name. He said he did, it was beauty, and he could see pain in her eyes when he laid eyes on her. She told him about her husband’s death, he gave his condolences and she told him that her husband caused more pain alive then dead. She told him of her life and about Alison not liking her and how she blamed it on Rafe. Stephen showed interest in Rafe, and Elizabeth wondered if he knew Rafe. Stephen said he thought he did. They started kissing again just as there was a knock on the door. Elizabeth told whomever it was to go away and Alison told her that she wasn’t going anywhere. A look of shock and fear came over Elizabeth’s face.

Lucy put pressure on Ian’s stab wound. She called 911 and kept screaming for Ian to stay with her. Jack and Tess came out to help, Jack went to the road to flag down the ambulance and Lucy talked to Ian. He told her to take care of Danny and she said no cause he had to. He said it was time for him to see eve and she said not yet he had years before that and eve wouldn’t be pleased if he leaves Danny especially with Lucy. Ian said that he wasn’t going to make it but Lucy expressed her displeasure with that. She said he was stubborn as a mule, he was her best friend and she loved him and he was a good man who was going to be fine. She went to help Jack find the ambulance and told Tess to keep applying pressure to Ian’s wound. Tess did and healed Ian’s wound. Frank came by with the rest of the paramedics and looked at Ian’s chest and said that the wound wasn’t deep at all and he was going to be fine. Ian knew that Tess was responsible and thanked her. Lucy expressed her confusion and Jack asked Tess what had happened, she replied that Ian was a good man.

Later, Livvie went back to the spot where she danced with Jonathan/Caleb? She had flashbacks of dancing with Caleb when they were married and then of the Halloween night. She expressed just how much it felt like him but it was impossible cause she got rid of him a long time ago and made sure he couldn’t come back. Now she had to think and relax and figure out what to do with this “thing” Tess.