PC Update Friday 11/1/02

Port Charles Update Friday 11/1/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth sits alone at a bar, putting away one martini after another.

Putting down the grocery bag, Jack goes over to Tess. After looking at her hand, he asks Livvie what she did to Tess. Livvie puts all the blame on her double. Tess the one who was scratched, but now Livvie is bleeding in the exact same spot! She demands to know what Tess really is. Jack looks at Livvie's hand, confirming this for himself. He can't believe it. The two wounds are identical.

The party thrown by The Stephen Clay Experience is in full swing. A kiss between Rafe and Alison is interrupted by a question. "Great party, isn't it?" Alison agrees with the masked Stephen Clay. She is obviously very happy to be at the party. Rafe, on the other hand, looks very unhappy. Alison asks the man whether he knows who Stephen Clay is. She realizes that he probably can't answer her question, since Stephen's identity is a mystery. She has a guess, though. She points to another guest, and Stephen Clay turns to look, nodding in agreement. Alison tells him that she's a very big fan. Rafe interrupts to introduce himself and his date to the masked man, in an effort to get the other man to state his name. "And you are?" Rafe prompts. "I'm--pleased to meet you," Stephen replies. Other guests pass between Rafe, Alison, and Stephen, and by the time they have passed, Stephen is no longer there. Alison points out how weird that was. Who does Rafe think the man is?

Stephen Clay walks among his guests, observing their behavior. He passes by Frank and Karen. Wearing their masks, they kiss. Frank tells Karen that he feels more in love with her than he ever has before. Chris and Doree, also wearing their masks, are having a lovefest of their own. Stephen walks by them and goes up to Joshua, who offers him some liquid refreshment. Stephen accepts the blue bottle, and takes a drink. Things are going even better than he had hoped. He even found a few new surprises. He pulls back a curtain to reveal Ian and Lucy, who are in the middle of a passionate kiss.

Lucy pulls away, commenting that it was amazing. Then she corrects herself. It wasn't amazing; it was crazy. They can't kiss. He's wearing his heart on his sleeve, his feelings for her obvious. Lucy admits that she leans on Ian too much, because of Kevin's situation. She's hoping that Ian will find a way to laugh this off, but he won't do that--not this time. Lucy wants to know what he means by that. Does he mean that everything is going to change because of their kiss? Is he saying that they can't be friends anymore? He's her very best friend, and she doesn't want to lose their friendship over a kiss--even though it was a really great kiss. Ian is very uncomfortable listening to her. She has it all wrong. A lot changed over the summer, and something is happening between them. She can't deny that. Before she can respond, his cell phone rings.

Ian tells Jack that he's too busy to talk, but Jack insists that he has something important to say. Jack tries to describe what happened with Tess and Livvie. Ian is incredulous. Jack knows how crazy this sounds. He wants Ian to come over and see this for himself. Ian agrees. He hangs up, then tells Lucy that he has to go to Jack's house. He wants Lucy to stay and enjoy the party. She doesn't want to do that; she wants to go with Ian, and continue their discussion. Ian promises that they'll talk about this later. With that, he leaves. Unaccustomed to waiting for anything, she follows him.

Jack puts a comforting arm around Tess. He assures her that Ian will help them. Livvie angrily tells him that there's nothing to figure out. She doesn't need Ian to tell her that Tess is some kind of freak. Jack orders her to stop. Livvie decides to leave. She looks in through the window as Jack comforts Tess. She just doesn't get it. Who is Tess, and why does she look like Livvie? Someone is trying to drive her crazy. She tries to figure out who would--and could--do this. Alison is furious with her, but she couldn't do this. However, Rafe could.

As Alison and Rafe walk among the other guests, Alison's mask is pushed up, but Rafe is wearing his. He removes his mask, unhappy with the whole idea. Alison points out first Karen and Frank, then Doree and Chris. She laughs, thinking that the other couples need to get a room. Rafe is still mulling over the situation. How did that man just disappear? He must not have wanted them to know his name. Alison thinks that Rafe is overreacting. It's Halloween, and things are supposed to be creepy. She points out that everyone is wearing a mask. Rafe wants to know what that's all about, anyway. He wishes that he could have removed the man's mask and seen his face. He knows that it's Halloween, but the masks aren't scary. He waves his own mask is front of his face as proof. Alison has an idea about the reason for the masks. She puts her mask back in place. Maybe kissing a stranger is supposed to be sexy. Rafe disagrees; nothing is sexier than kissing the woman he loves. He pushes her mask back up to kiss her. Alison is pleased. Rafe apologizes for spoiling her fun, but she promises him that he isn't. She would like to stop thinking about their problems for this one night, though. Her mother and the two Livvies can just fend for themselves. Rafe thinks that's a great idea. As they kiss, Stephen Clay watches. Alison asks Rafe whether he felt that. He looks around nervously. "What? Feel what?" Alison tells him that all their problems melted away with their kiss, just like that. Rafe feels silly for the way he reacted to her question. Alison tells him that nothing in the world can touch them, as long as they're together. She doesn't realize that the mysterious Stephen Clay is watching them.

Stephen Clay allows himself to be led away by one of the female guests. Alison reminds Rafe of his promise to relax. "I am relaxed!" Rafe immediately apologizes for yelling. He's as relaxed as possible, for a slayer on Halloween. He takes her aside, where the music isn't as loud. He really does feel something. It's not just at the party, either. He's been feeling it for a while. It's not because of Elizabeth or the two Livvies. Alison is confused. She really thought that he was kidding about that. He informs her that he was serious, and tells her what he knows about Tess. "Okay, this isn't good," Alison remarks. Rafe agrees. He doesn't know what's going on, but it's definitely not good. Something's changing in the atmosphere. Something is happening, or is about to happen. Something is out there.

Livvie arrives at the party, intending to confront Rafe about what he's doing to her. She bumps into the masked Stephen Clay, who asks her to dance. She declines, but he insists. He grabs her hand and pulls her into his arms. They begin to dance. As the music plays, she looks deeply into his eyes. The dance is sensual and seductive. When Livvie looks into his eyes, she recalls her time as Caleb's bride.

Rafe apologizes for ruining the evening for Alison. He doesn't know whether he's right or not, but he does know that he needs to figure it all out. He has to go someplace where he can focus all his energy on this. He opens the door for Alison, while he takes one last look back at the party. Alison points out that Livvie is dancing with the masked man from before. Seeing this, Rafe scowls. He decides to take action. "Excuse me. Maybe it's time that you tell me your name." He rips the mask from the man's face. He and Livvie are both stunned to see Joshua's face. They thought he was someone else.

Stephen approaches Elizabeth at the bar. Offering to be her friend, he kisses her hand. She seems mesmerized by him. They kiss passionately.

Jack and Tess are sitting on the couch, waiting for Ian. Tess doesn't want Ian; she just wants Jack. Jack explains that he needs help, because Tess is a very special person. Ian will help him find out more about her powers. They'll also figure out whether she has any connection to Livvie. Tess gets up and walks away from Jack. She doesn't like what he said. Livvie's bad. Jack agrees with her. Livvie is terrible, but Ian is good. He tells Tess that Ian has a baby, and she smiles. Jack also tells her about Ian's love for his wife. He starts to explain what death is, but Tess already knows. Jack assures her that he trusts Ian. If he didn't, he wouldn't have called him. Ian is going to help them. Tess thinks about this, and agrees to let Ian help. Jack holds her close.

Just outside Jack's house, Lucy brings up the subject of the kiss. Ian tells her that they need to focus on the reason they're here: to see Tess and find out what's going on. Lucy claims that she is focused on that. However, she wants to continue their conversation from before. Ian wants to know why the word "later" loses its meaning with her. Lucy hates that word. She doesn't like to wait. They need to talk about it now, before it gets too weird. Ian tells her that it won't get weird, but then he admits that he doesn't know that for certain. He just wants to see Tess now and deal with that. "Trick or treat." Masked thugs appear and start hassling them. Ian and Lucy try to get them to go elsewhere, but it doesn't work. One of the thugs pulls out a knife. Ian tries to protect Lucy. When one of the thugs grabs for her purse, Ian threatens him. He tells Lucy to ruun inside. When he turns back around to face the thugs, he is stabbed. The thugs run. Ian falls to his knees. Lucy screams for help.