PC Update Thursday 10/31/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 10/31/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Just outside the Recovery Room, Lucy tells Ian to go home, dress up a little, and pick her up at the lighthouse in an hour. They're going to a party.

Alison really wants to go to the party, but Rafe isn't at all sure about it. She points out that this is "the" Stephen Clay. He admits that he doesn't like the band's music, but something else is what's really bothering him. He just found out from Lucy that there are two Livvies walking around Port Charles. Alison laughs. That would be the perfect Halloween trick, because it would be her very worst nightmare. She changes her mind when her mother drops an envelope on the table in front of her. Two Livvies would be her second worst nightmare. Elizabeth informs Alison that she had her attorney draw up a contract, according to the terms that they discussed. In exchange for her help finding Malcolm's other child, Alison will hand over her inheritance. Scowling at Elizabeth, Rafe grabs the contract and asks what her problem is. Doesn't she trust her own daughter? Alison tells him that she needs to say some things to Elizabeth, and it should probably be done in private. Rafe leaves the two Barrington women to talk, but he watches protectively from the bar. Elizabeth picks up the contract and places it back inside the envelope. Alison can't believe her mother's actions, but Elizabeth defends herself; she learned the hard way that sometimes people say one thing and do another. Alison sarcastically apologizes for forgetting that she's just "some people."

Elizabeth doesn't want to fight. It's a very simple contract. She doesn't see anything wrong with both of them getting something that they want. Alison thinks it's sad that money is the only thing that means anything to her mother. She's ready to sign the contract, but Elizabeth would prefer that Alison have her own lawyer look over it first. She doesn't to be accused of trying to pull something. Elizabeth leaves. Rafe comes back to Alison, and starts rubbing her shoulders. Alison stands up. She doesn't want to deal with this right now. She wants to spend time with Rafe--preferably at the big party. Since Rafe has a hard time ever denying her anything, he agrees to go. They kiss.

Livvie gets past Jack, and confronts Tess. She wants to know why Tess is wearing her robe. Livvie takes off her leather jacket. Jack informs her that he is letting Tess borrow the robe. He tells her to go home, because she's scaring Tess, but she refuses to leave as long as Tess is still wearing her things. Jack tells Tess to go into the other room while he takes care of this. He asks Livvie what her problem is. Livvie claims that she's not the one with the problem. She sees that now. Jack couldn't have her because she was married, so he went out and got another one of her. Well, she's not married anymore, so Jack doesn't need Tess. Why should he settle for an imitation when he can have the real thing? She kisses him. Jack frees himself from her embrace and pushes her away. He tells her to stop making a fool of herself. Tess is here because he wants her here, and she's not a substitute for anyone. Livvie tells him that if he really cared about Tess, he'd get her some professional help. Laughing, Jack tells Livvie that she's amazing. She misunderstands, taking it as a compliment. She tries to get close to him again, but he pushes her away again, and sets her straight about what he said. What's amazing is that she's more worried about getting Tess out of the way than trying to find out what kind of connection they have. She's sicker than he thought. Livvie thinks that his infatuation with the Livvie wannabe is what's sick. Jack tells her that the sad thing is that Tess is who Livvie could have been. Opening the door, he orders her to leave. She picks up her jacket and walks out of the house. Tess peeks around the corner to see whether it's safe to come out. She runs to Jack's comforting arms as he reassures her that Livvie can't hurt her.

Jack and Tess are watching TV when the doorbell rings. Jack realizes that it must be a trick-or-treater. As he searches through a drawer for some candy, he explains the custom to Tess. He finds a candy bar and gives it to the little girl outside. Then he tells Tess that he's going to go to the store to buy more candy, because he has no idea how old that candy bar was. He promises to bring Tess lots of candy. As soon as he leaves, the doorbell rings again. Alone, Tess looks for more candy, but doesn't find any. She answers the door anyway, only to find Livvie outside. Barging in, Livvie points out that the chill they both felt before is gone. She insults Tess, who obviously can't respond in kind. Livvie asks what's so special about her doll. Tess calls it her "baby." Livvie wants her to grow up and talk like an adult. "You killed baby," Tess accuses. Livvie is outraged. "You little witch. How would you like me to kill your baby?" She grabs for the doll and scratches Tess. Scratch marks appear on her hand, identical to the ones she just made on Tess. This scares Livvie. What is this? What is happening? Jack returns with the candy. He wants to know what's going on.

Stephen looks around at Joshua's handiwork, and he's very pleased. Most of the the warehouse is in red and black, with red lighting. Several ice sculptures depict armless, headless torsos. Stephen picks up a set of vampire fangs from a bowl. "Nice touch, Joshua." Almost everything is ready now. He dons his mask. "Let the party begin."

Chris and Doree arrive just after Frank and Karen. They're all ready to party. They go inside, where "Naked Eyes" is blasting. Chris is duly impressed by what he sees. Joshua is glad that he likes it. He hands the two couples their passports to the party: masks. Stephen Clay is inside, kissing a woman, and he senses their arrival. Joshua explains that the masks are a very important part of the evening. "The masks will protect you. The masks will free you. They'll allow you to find your hidden self, the one that you keep buried. The masks will allow you to lose all your inhibitions and all your expectations. Let go. Let go and be who you really are. That is what The Stephen Clay Experience is all about. Let go. Let go." Joshua holds Karen's hand, who in turn holds Frank's hand. Joshua leads them to sit down, where a scantily clad woman begins to rub Frank's shoulders. Karen has her own male counterpart, who is briefly replaced by Stephen Clay, unbeknownst to her. This gives Karen a chill.

The music plays. "To the freak show you created if you really want to do with me the one-on-one then you're going to have to face it no more hiding from the world through naked eyes."

Doree likes the music. Joshua tells her and Chris that there's a message in the music. They must open themselves up and connect with it. That's what Stephen's music is all about. Chris feeds Doree some oysters. They kiss, but Chris freaks out when Stephen passes by. He just felt something strange.

Jamal is still out of town, so Marissa attends the party alone. She meets up with Ricky, who is in awe of everything. Joshua hands each of them a mask.

Lucy and Ian arrive. Lucy had no idea that these were the people who rented her warehouse. Ian thinks it's like a circus. He's ready to take her to dinner and a movie instead. Lucy doesn't want to do that. She has the feeling that they're supposed to be here tonight. Something is definitely going on, and not just in this room. It's in the whole town. She's convinced that it has something to do with this music. She also thinks that Livvie and Tess are somehow involved. Neither she nor Ian can understand any of it. Joshua welcomes them, and gives them their masks. Ian says that they're not really mask people. Joshua disagrees. "We're all mask people." He leaves, and Lucy thinks there's something very familiar about Joshua. He's kind of creepy. As they move into another "room," Ian comments that he doesn't know what Lucy expects to find. It's just some rocker's Halloween bash. Lucy doesn't know what to expect. She just knows that she's going to find something. She gasps as a cold draft moves across her body. Nearby, Stephen is watching the two of them.

Lucy and Ian are still taking in their surroundings, but now they're wearing the masks. People all around them are into heavy make-out sessions. Lucy is starting to feel the effects of her environment. The creepy feeling has passed, and she and Ian are ready to dance.

As Ricky and Marissa talk, Reese comes up to Ricky. "Trick or treat, Garza?" His answer, "treat," is the right one. She kisses him. She wants to show his something much cooler than anything he sees now. Marissa tells them to go ahead. She misses Jamal, so she's going to to home and call him. Joshua watches her go. She's stopped on the stairs by Stephen, whose mask has been pushed up, away from his face. She's surprised to see him. She thought that he liked to stay mysterious. He points out that this is what the mask is for. He can observe rather than be observed. Marissa thanks him for keeping their bargain about Ricky. Stephen says that he always keeps his bargains. When he asks how her new song is coming, she says that she wants to go work on it just a little more before rehearsal. Stephen likes that idea. The band has something big coming up, and they should be ready for it. He'll tell her about it some other time. After thanking him for the party, she leaves.

After her dance with Ian dance, Lucy sits down. They're no longer wearing their masks. Lucy talks about how hard it is to be alone. She stands up again. She admits that she was even jealous of Kate and Brennan, now that they're together again. So was Ian. Lucy has another confession. Sometimes she leaves her TV on all night for company. Lucy thinks that they must be pumping aromatherapy or something into the room, because the romantic mood is definitely catching. She and Ian stand very close to each other.

Stephen remarks that the party is quite a success. Joshua adds that the guests are certainly enjoying themselves, but not everyone is here. Stephen has no doubt that they will show up.

Rafe and Alison arrive. Alison looks absolutely beautiful and ready for fun. Rafe looks very uneasy.

Marissa leaves the party. Outside, Jamal sneaks up on her. He's back from New Jersey. Happy to be together again, they kiss.

Lucy tells Ian that he's quite a dancer. He nuzzles her neck, saying that she smells great. They kiss.

Alison tells Rafe to get in the spirit. They need to have some fun. They're both holding their masks instead of wearing them. Rafe claims that he's ready to party, but Alison can see the frown on his face, and the sexy wrinkles on his forehead. "Great party, isn't it?" the masked Stephen Clay says directly to them.