PC Update Wednesday 10/30/02


Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/30/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Anxious to get out of the hospital, Livvie tries to rush Chris through her release papers. Chris points out that he has to be thorough. He takes advantage of the opportunity to get in a few digs. He had her pegged as a seedy roadside motel kind of girl. He didn't picture her as the hospital supply closet type. Livvie has no idea what he's talking about. Chris says that it must have been her identical twin who was found in the supply closet. This angers Livvie, who insists that Tess isn't her twin. They're not even related. Livvie doesn't know who she is, and she doesn't want anything to do with her. Chris doesn't blame her. Her life has become a disaster, with an identical twin showing up and stealing her ex, while Livvie's own life is pretty much going down the drain.

Chris returns to Livvie's room for her signature. After she insults him, he makes an observation. It's no mystery to him why his brother traded her in for a better model. Livvie is outraged that he would use the word "better" to describe "that thing." Tess can't even speak. Has Chris seen her hair and fingernails? She's disgusting and a total disaster. Chris points out that she has the same dynamite body and pretty face as Livvie. She's just the warm-blooded version. "Yep, all the perks, none of the garbage. Lucky Jack." Livvie insists that she doesn't feel threatened by Tess. Jack loves her, not some poor imitation. Livvie is the original. With that, she leaves. "No extra charge for the torment," Chris chuckles.

Tess is fascinated by her surroundings in Jack's house. As she munches on a cookie, she notices her reflection on the TV screen. Seeing her curiosity, Jack shows her how to use the remote. Tess looks around some more and points out the "sun." Jack explains that it's a light. Tess flips the lamp switch off and on a few times. She wanders over toward the front door, still captivated by everything. Just as she gets near the door, the doorbell rings. Frightened by the loud noise, she runs. Jack explains what made the sound and why. When he opens the door, Ian asks whether Jack found Tess. He had to see her for himself. Looking past Jack, he sees her. He can't believe his eyes. Ian approaches Tess, introducing himself. In turn, she tells him about Jack's television. It has moving pictures! Jack lets her know that her bath is ready, and she goes to clean up. Ian still can't believe it. Tess had never seen a TV before! Jack says matter-of-factly that there's not much about city life that she has seen. Handing Jack a large envelope, Ian challenges him to explain this away by calling her a simple country girl. The envelope contains Jack's leg x-rays, as well as Brennan's EEG. There's no sign of trauma on either one. Jack thought his leg was broken, and then he said that Tess healed it. Brennan had been in a coma for years, and Tess came in and healed him, just like that. How does Jack explain that? Jack tries to write it off as a coincidence, but Ian doesn't buy that. He could believe one miraculous healing, but not two of them, both associated with the same girl. If she really does have healing powers, he wants to find out about them. Jack won't let Ian make a guinea pig of Tess. That's not what Ian has in mind at all; he's not Chris. He just wants to see her healing powers. Jack says that it's his job to protect her, and Ian understands. Jack did talk to her about this, but she had no idea what he was talking about. Ian says that she may need help figuring it out. Jack agrees that it's possible, but Tess is trying to adapt to her new surroundings, and she's scared. He thinks it's best for her to just lay low and stay away from everyone. Ian understands that. Tess is very nice and special. She's fragile now, but she will grow stronger. Jack can't keep her a secret forever. Jack points out that he never said that it would be forever. Ian asks him to think about it and let him know. He leaves. Tess emerges after her bath, looking clean and beautiful. Tess asks whether the man is here. Jack explains that he had to leave, but he can come back sometime. He wanted to meet her, but Jack told him that this isn't a good time. Tess tells Jack that she likes his home. It's nice. The doorbell rings again, and Jack assumes it's Ian again. Unfortunately, it's Livvie. When she sees Tess, she becomes even more furious with Jack for letting that freak wear her clothes.

Stephen Clay looks at a photo of his three band members. He takes a knife and separates Mick's image from the picture. He hears a commotion. Joshua is unable to stop an intoxicated Ricky from barging in. Ricky came to tell off Stephen for kicking him out of the band. Ricky yells and hurls insults, announcing that he came to tell Stephen what a stupid fool he is. Ricky says that Stephen has no clue about what real talent is. He and the band are too caught up in their egos. Stephen asks whether he's finished, but he isn't. Ricky has true talent, and he's too good for them. Stephen takes a drink from his blue bottle. He is fuming. Ricky thinks that they feel threatened by him because he can reveal them for what they really are. Joshua tells him to stop, but Stephen wants him to be honest. Ricky doesn't think that Stephen knows anything about honesty. As far as he's concerned, Stephen is a fraud and a hoax. If he really had any talent, he wouldn't have to hide. Stephen tells Ricky that he's lucky he's drunk. He pours a bucket of water over his head. Now they can start all over again.

Stephen states that Ricky entered his territory and started hurling drunken insults, so he had to cool him off. Ricky's going to feel really stupid when he hears the message that was left on his machine. Handing him a pair of drumsticks, Stephen informs him that the band has an unexpected opening. Ricky has been chosen to fill the position. Ricky can't believe it. He does some fast talking to try to make up for all the insults. He promises to stop drinking, tell all his friends, and start practicing. He's very excited. After he leaves, Joshua asks Stephen whether he's sure about this. Stephen states that he has to give something to get something. He won't forget this; he doesn't forget anything.

At the Recovery Room, Marissa talks on the phone to Jamal, who had to go to New Jersey to deliver a bike. She tells him that she handled the problem with Stephen Clay. She warns him not to let Ricky know what she did. It all works out perfectly because the original drummer got an offer in Los Angeles.

Alison and Rafe are at their own table when Karen and Frank come in. The new arrivals offer Alison their sympathy for the death of her father. Karen mentions that her mother's presence must be making it a bit easier for her. Alison remarks that they don't know her mother, but she does appreciate their kind words. Frank and Karen go to the bar. Rafe points out that Alison isn't inhaling her fries the way she usually does. She's preoccupied. Of all the things that she could have heard from her father's will, she never thought she'd find out that she has a brother or sister. Rafe doesn't think that she really needs to involve her mother in the search. Alison agrees, but she thought that this would be the quickest solution. She doesn't really expect Elizabeth to go out of her way to help. She goes to get a drink refill, and Lucy comes in and sits with Rafe. She's been trying to reach him. Rafe didn't get her message. "Don't you feel it?" Lucy asks her cousin. Halloween is in the air, and she just knows that another freakshow is headed for Port Charles.

"Two Livvies? Please tell me you're kidding." Rafe doesn't even want to think about what Lucy just told him. Lucy explains that Tess looks exactly like Livvie, but looks are the only similarity. She starts to wonder whether there's a common thread between everything that's happening, from Kevin's mental state to the arrival of Tess. Her babbling is giving Rafe a headache. Lucy adds that the weird music is probably related to the rest. It could just be Mercury in retrograde, but she doesn't think so. Rafe really has no idea. Something is messing with his intuition. He thought he was fine, but he certainly didn't predict the latest bombshell to hit Alison. In the same week, Alison learned of her father's death and found out that she has a sibling. Lucy thinks that there's probably a connection in all this. Everything that's happening has family in common. Rafe admits that it is a big coincidence. He asks her to tell him more about Tess. Lucy says that Tess is like a wild child. She looks exactly like Livvie, but looks are where the similarity ends. Tess radiates innocence, and there's a sweetness in her eyes. Rafe agrees; that definitely doesn't describe Livvie.

Alison stops by Marissa's table to tell her about finding out that she has a brother or sister. She thought Marissa might be interested because of the way she found out about Casey. Marissa hopes for a happier ending for Alison and her sibling. Alison isn't sure where to start looking. Marissa offers to give her the names of several websites for locating missing relatives. She starts looking through her notebook, and Alison sees that she's been writing. Marissa tells her that she's working on a song for Stephen Clay. He signed her to write songs with him! Alison is in awe. She wants to know what Stephen Clay is like. Marissa describes him as intense. Alison loves his voice, but she asks what he looks like. He's tall, and he has dark hair and unbelievable eyes. He has a heavy-duty sex appeal, so it's no wonder that he's such a star. The way Marissa talks about him makes Alison wonder. Are Marissa and Jamal okay? She's not planning to dump him for Stephen Clay, is she? Marissa says that she's crazy about Jamal, and he knows that. Stephen Clay is all about the music. He's amazing. He has a deep appreciation for her lyrics. Alison thinks that this is fantastic. She's really happy for her friend. Marissa thinks that this is proof that anything can happen. She's convinced that Alison will find her brother or sister.

After his meeting with Stephen Clay, Ricky goes to the Recovery Room. Grabbing a cloth napkin from the bar, he tries to dry off his hair. He tells Marissa and Alison that he got the drumming gig with The Stephen Clay Experience. The girls are very excited for him. Alison leaves them alone, and Ricky sits down. He admits that he almost blew it. He showed up drunk and told off Stephen Clay to his face. Fortunately, both Stephen and Joshua were cool about it. They must have realized that they really wanted him.

Alison gives Rafe and Lucy the exciting news. Rafe says that it's the same band that does the song that drives him and Lucy crazy. Lucy points out that it's just starting to play. A girl has just selected "Crooked Avenue" on the jukebox.

Joshua and Stephen go to an old warehouse. Joshua says that it needs a lot of work if it's going to be ready for tonight. Stephen has full confidence in Joshua's abilities to get the job done. Joshua wonders whether anyone will even show up, and Stephen points out that it's all in the presentation.

"So, Frank, are you going to bust out the shroud and scare the kiddies for Halloween?" Chris asks while playing with the olive in his drink. Karen informs him that she and Frank will be handing out candy. Suddenly, the lights go out. Everyone looks around in surprise. They see a skeleton glowing in the dark. Its arms move as Joshua's voice speaks for it. "Stephen Clay and The Stephen Clay Experience invite you to celebrate Halloween. It's never too late to party. Come as you are; stay as long as you want. The drinks, the food, the masks, the decadence are on us. Go to the Port Charles docks and follow the screams to Warehouse Number Thirteen. It's your lucky number. It's your lucky night."

The lights come back on, and orange fliers drop from above. The skeleton is gone. Ricky takes the opportunity to announce that he and Marissa are with the band. Karen is duly impressed. She, Frank, and Chris all decide to go to the party.

Alison really wants to go to the party. Lucy gets up to leave. She knows what she has to do. Just outside, she runs into Ian. She wants him to come with her. There's a party that she's not about to miss.