PC Update Tuesday 10/29/02


Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/29/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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Livvie screams at Ian to get Brennan off her. Ian pulls her loose, and she flees the room. Ian tells Brennan not to try to talk. He wants to check a few things out. After sending Lucy out to be with Livvie, Ian checks his patient's vital signs. He can't explain it, but they're very good. Brennan wants to know what's going on. Ian explains that they're at General Hospital in Port Charles, New York, but how Brennan got here is a pretty long story. Kate comes to visit. She starts talking to Brennan without looking at him. When Ian takes her aside to talk, she assumes the worst. She's shocked to hear a familiar voice. "Hi, Katie." Kate runs to Brennan's side, and he talks to her. She kisses his lips. She can't believe it! Ian smiles from the doorway. As he watches the happy reunion, he's joined by Colleen. The nurse asks how it happened, but Ian has no idea. He just wants to make sure that there's no relapse. He orders a complete workup on Brennan. Kate comes to Ian and asks how he did it, but he's mystified. He's never seen anything like it. They agree that it's a miracle. He explains that he's running a battery of tests, and if they're normal, Brennan will go to rehab. Kate can't even begin to thank him. She'll never forget what he's done for both her and Brennan. Embracing him, she says that she hopes he can find happiness like this again. He's a good man, and he deserves it.

Livvie is hysterical. She's convinced that someone is punishing her. Lucy tries to reason with her, to no avail. Livvie is certain that "they" want to hurt her because they think she killed her baby. Lucy takes her back to her room. Back in bed, Livvie wants Lucy to leave, but Lucy's curious. What did she mean about being punished? Livvie claims not to remember saying anything like that. When Lucy reminds her, Livvie says that she was talking about Lucy's presence, which certainly feels like punishment. She again tells her stepmother to leave, and Lucy again refuses. She wants to help. Livvie doesn't believe that for a minute. She knows that Lucy doesn't care about her or her baby. Lucy insists that nobody wanted any harm to come to either of them. Livvie disagrees, telling her to check with the new freak in town. She shouldn't be hard to find; she's hanging all over Jack. She's even sleeping with him. Lucy wants to know why Livvie thinks that Tess was sent to hurt her. In response, Livvie asks what Lucy would think if her exact duplicate marched into town and right into Kevin's bed. She accuses Lucy of sticking up for the person who was sent to replace her. Lucy says that Tess is just a girl who looks like Livvie. She wants to help solve this mystery. Lucy points out that twins run in Kevin's family, but Livvie refuses to believe that she could be related to that "thing." Lucy insists that Tess is a real person, but Livvie doesn't agree. Lucy asks whether it would be so terrible to learn that they're related. There's obviously some weird connection between them. Livvie refuses to admit anything of the kind. She considers Tess to be a freak who had plastic surgery or something. She's definitely not her sister. Lucy reminds her that Rachel used to do strange experiments in the woods. Maybe she left Livvie's sister out there somewhere. Livvie stands by her belief. Tess isn't her sister. Lucy wants to compare their DNA, but Livvie refuses. Insisting that there's something dangerous about Tess, she orders Lucy to get out of her room now. Lucy consents. Alone and scared, Livvie pulls the sheet up for comfort.

Lucy goes up to Ian, and they talk about Brennan's miraculous recovery. It's about time they got some good news for a change. It was just a "random, everyday miracle." There's no evidence that Brennan was ever in a coma. Lucy fills Ian in on Livvie's ramblings about Tess, including her belief that Tess is here to punish her. Apparently, people think that Livvie killed her baby. It was an accident, wasn't it? As far as Ian knows, it was. Lucy says that this just adds to the weird feeling that's getting stronger every day. She knows that something's going to happen, but when she sees something as wonderful as Brennan and Kate, she can believe that anything's possible. She stays to watch the lovebirds, while Ian gets back to work.

Brennan tells Kate that he loves her. Kate is still in shock. She was so afraid that this would never happen. She'll never again take what they have for granted.

Ian asks Colleen about Jack. He learns that Jack came in for a broken leg, but that he didn't have one after all. Ian wants to see the x-rays. He wants to know who Tess is, and what she's doing in Port Charles.

Livvie looks at herself in the mirror. She touches her face, cries, and remembers her terrifying encounter with Tess. It's impossible. She doesn't understand how this can be happening to her.

Stephen asks Tess whether she needs a ride. As she hums, he points out that it's his song. Did she know that? He promises not to hurt her; he's just offering her a ride. It's not safe to walk these roads all alone. Does she understand what he's saying? Tess asks whether he knows her. Then they both hear Jack calling her name. She gives Stephen a knowing look and says, quite clearly, "Jack. He's coming for me." Stephen tells Tess that she has a lovely name. He introduces himself, holding out his hand, but Tess doesn't take it. Stephen is glad that she likes his music. They still hear Jack calling for her. Stephen asks whether she's running from someone or something. If so, he can protect her. All she has to do is get in the car. Hearing Jack's voice again, Tess smiles. "That's Jack. I love Jack." She calls out to him, and then runs straight into his arms. The limo pulls away. Jack hugs Tess, and then asks who was in the car. She says that it was a nice man. Jack holds her. He wants to take Tess back to the hospital, but she won't go. Jack tells her that she's shaking. She needs to be checked out. Tess doesn't want to go back. She's afraid. Jack promises not to let anyone hurt her. She begs him, and he asks whether this is about Livvie. Tess nods. She's afraid of Livvie. Jack promises not to let Livvie anywhere near her. He really needs her to go back to the hospital with him. Tess is adamant. She wants to go home. Jack suggests a compromise. He won't take her back to her home in the woods, but he'll take her to his home.

On the front porch, Jack tries to talk Tess into going inside where he can build a fire. She's afraid, but he assures her that she's safe with him. He won't leave her. He holds her close, promising to always be here with her. He kisses her tenderly, and then takes her inside.

Stephen plays the guitar, and then takes a drink from his blue bottle. His mind replays his conversation with Marissa, when she insisted on making Ricky part of the deal. A knock at the door signals Mick's arrival. Like a faithful lapdog, Mick is happy that Stephen wants him. Stephen is sorry to disappoint him, but the band is going in a different direction creatively, and it will be without Mick. Mick is shaking with fear. He can't believe this. He's a really good drummer, and he's always been loyal to Stephen. Stephen knows that. He lifts Mick up by the neck. They both knew that this day could come. He knows that Mick will do the right thing, and after he leaves, no one will ever see him again. It's over. Mick runs out.

Stephen plays his guitar again. Nearby, some black candles burn. Stephen takes another drink. It's time to give the people of Port Charles a taste of The Stephen Clay Experience. He and his band are going to spread their wings. "I'm the gift that keeps on giving, but no real gift is free." He plays.