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Phillip Cutler, Malcolm Barrington's attorney, reveals that the remainder of Malcolm's estate is to be equally divided between his two children. This shocks everyone in the room. When Elizabeth asks how he could do this to her, she learns that there is a provision for her after all. She is to receive an annual income of one dollar. Amanda smiles, very pleased. Elizabeth grabs the will. While she looks it over angrily, Alison asks Rafe whether he knows what this means. He replies that her mother is headed to the poor house. That's not what Alison meant. She has a brother or sister! No one present understands why the name of Alison's sibling remains a mystery. However, Mr. Cutler states that there's one stipulation to the will. In order for Alison to receive her inheritance, she must find her sibling. Alison asks her grandmother what she knows, but Amanda is completely mystified. After all, having a child out of wedlock isn't the type of news that Malcolm would have rushed home to share. She's going to make some calls and get to the bottom of this. She and the attorney leave, and Alison sees them out. Meanwhile, Elizabeth pours herself a drink. She knew that Malcolm didn't love her, but she stayed with him. Rafe thinks that she got exactly what she deserved. Elizabeth accuses Rafe of enjoying this, and he admits that he is, a little. After all, she gave up her daughter for the Barrington gold, and now she has neither--unless her dollar a year counts. Elizabeth won't accept this. Rafe tells her to just move on with her life. Elizabeth claims that she has nothing. Her marriage was her only investment. Rafe laughs. Elizabeth refuses to accept this. She's going to get exactly what's coming to her.

"That's enough, Elizabeth," Alison says after closing the door. She tells her mother that she already got what she deserves. "You must have a calculator for a heart, don't you, Elizabeth? Can't you stop talking about money for two minutes?" Alison uses her mother's first name. She points out that money isn't everything. Elizabeth thinks that's easy for Alison to say, since she's about to inherit a fortune. As for herself, she's not so noble. She earned her share of Malcolm's estate, and she's going to fight for it. Alison has a question for her. What if she were to give Elizabeth her half of the money? "Tax free?" Elizabeth asks hopefully. Not receiving an answer, she backs off and admits that she would take the money. However, she knows that there must be a catch. Alison does want something from her. She wants Elizabeth's help finding her sibling. Rafe warns Alison, but she continues. She has no idea where to look, but she's certain that her mother does. If she wants even a dime, she'll help. Elizabeth bitterly accuses Alison of being no different from her father; they both make her work for every cent. She storms out. Rafe asks Alison whether she's sure about this. It won't be easy to have to deal with Elizabeth. Alison explains that she really didn't have a choice. She was so lonely growing up. She always wanted a brother or sister, and now she knows that she has one. She has to find her sibling, even if it means that she has to have her mother's help.

Jack anxiously waits for the elevator, so that he can resume his search for Tess. The doors open and Lucy rushes off the elevator. Seeing Jack, she asks about Livvie. Jack says that she's back to her usual self. He should have left her down by the river where he found her. Confused, Lucy tells him that she's the one who brought Livvie to the hospital. She found her by the side of the road. Jack contradicts her. They argue about it, which freaks them both out. Livvie can't be in two places at once. When Lucy saw her, she was acting weird, "even by Livvie standards." When she mentions that Livvie was carrying a doll, Jack understands what happened. He's really hoping that Lucy didn't bring her to the hospital. Lucy confirms that she did; she already told him that. Jack informs her that she's not Livvie. He has to find her. Lucy thinks that Jack's not exactly okay. Maybe he should see a doctor. Jack is fine, but he needs to find Tess. He'll explain later. He wants Lucy to just let this go. Not willing to do that, Lucy follows him.

Livvie is shocked by the appearance of Tess in her room. Tears streaming down her face, she stares at her doppelganger in amazement. Tess approaches the bed, and the two young women reach their hands out toward each other. As their fingers are about to touch, Livvie pulls back, screaming in terror. She hugs herself and cries. Tess also felt something. She hugs herself, and then runs from the room. Hearing Livvie's screams, Ian comes to the rescue. Livvie shouts at him to go after her. "I saw me! It was another me standing right beside me!" Livvie wants Ian to find her. She looked exactly like her! Ian tells her that she's not making any sense. He's convinced that she dreamed the whole thing. Livvie is adamant. She could reach out and touch her. When she looked into her eyes, she felt a chill, as if death had just walked into the room.

Tess stands outside Brennan's room. A nurse, Marcy, invites her to come in. The poor man could use the company. Tess approaches Brennan's bed, repeating, "poor man." Humming, she places her healing hands on his face.

Jack and Lucy go to Livvie's room. Livvie gets out of bed and rushes to Jack. She tells him what happened, but seeing the look on his face, she assumes that he doesn't believe her. Jack admits that he does. Ian can't believe this. Why would Livvie say that she had a visit from herself? Jack explains as much as he can about Tess, including the part where she healed his broken leg. Ian is skeptical. Lucy says that this explains the person she found on the road. Livvie is afraid that some wild girl is running around, looking like her. Jack tries to calm her down. He doesn't know much about Tess, but she's perfectly normal. She doesn't talk much, but he did teach her some words. They've been spending time together. Livvie suddenly understands. "You mean to tell me that you left me for--for me?"

Marcy comes in, and Ian tells her that this isn't a good time, because Livvie needs to rest. Marcy is confused, because she thought that Livvie was in Brennan's room. Hearing this, the others run to find Tess. By the time they get to Brennan's room, Tess is gone. Jack explains that she's probably terrified. Trying to get Jack to stay with her, Livvie tells him that she feels faint and upset, but it doesn't work. "Well, it's a good thing you're in the hospital." He runs out to look for Tess. Ian watches the monitor. He and Lucy discuss the fact that Tess doesn't know Brennan. They can't figure out what her connection to him could be. "Does it really matter? I mean, who gives a damn why she was in here with this vegetable anyway?" Livvie asks hatefully. She screams as the "vegetable" grabs her arm.

Marissa doesn't believe the man in the limo. She knows that he can't be Stephen Clay because Joshua is really Stephen. The man smiles at this; Joshua can't even carry a tune. Marissa stubbornly refuses to believe him. It's just another stupid trick. The man invites her to take a little ride with him. "Come on. I won't bite," Caleb Morley's look-alike promises. Marissa remains unconvinced. The man feels that this makes her even more interesting than he had thought. He tells her that he's a big fan of her work. It's a gift. He knows that she feels a connection to his music. It speaks to her. He feels the same way about her lyrics. They get under his skin and into his blood. That's how powerful her words are. He and Marissa are a lot alike. In fact, he knows her better than she knows herself. He thinks like her. He feels like her. They both have the need to have their voices heard. As he talks, Marissa realizes that he's quoting from her lyrics. She accuses him of using her own lines on her. The man says that he uses only the best. He wants to give something back to her in return for her gift to him. He gets a guitar and begins to play. Is he an imposter, or the real deal? As he plays, he recites the words to her poem, "The Gift." Is she convinced yet? Marissa nods. Stephen Clay has passed the test. He apologizes for the mystery; it's dramatic but necessary. He doesn't like to be seen, only heard. He's not much of a people person; he has trouble relating to others. He's never met anyone who understood him the way she does. Marissa accuses him of bugging her house. That's the only way he could have gotten her lyrics. "Is it?" he asks. He suggests the possibility that he read her mind. He asks whether she'll work with him to make music. Marissa consents, on one condition. "Damn. There's always one condition, isn't there?" He kisses her passionately.

Marissa pulls away, stunned. What is he doing? Stephen explains that he thought that was the condition. Marissa sets him straight. She isn't a stupid groupie; she's not into him that way. Stephen apologizes. Marissa tells him that her condition is to have Ricky back in the band. Stephen reminds her that they already have a drummer. Marissa informs him that their conversation is over. When Stephen remarks that Ricky must be quite a lover, Marissa corrects him. Ricky is her friend. He's the reason she's here in the first place, and she owes him. It's going to be both of them, or neither. Stephen agrees, pointing out that this shows how much he wants her as a partner. They shake on it. Marissa is ready to get out of the car. She tells him not to worry; he won't be sorry about Ricky. She gets out, and Stephen tells the driver to drive on; he got what he needed. He takes a drink from a blue bottle.

After leaving the hospital, Tess wanders through the woods. She approaches a black limo. "Naked Eyes" can be heard playing inside. A window rolls down. Stephen Clay asks Tess whether she's lost. She shouldn't wander around by herself. It's dangerous.