PC Update Friday 10/18/02

Port Charles Update Friday 10/18/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Jamal and Ricky went to Kate and had her read over the contract. She said that everything looked fine. That there was no fine print or hidden clauses. Jamal asked Kate how her boyfriend was doing. She told him that there was no change.

Meanwhile, Marissa continued to follow Joshua. As Jamal and Ricky kept calling her cell and her home phone looking for her.

Ricky left another message on her answering machine telling her about the contract, and that he had ideas for the next song. Jamal kept yapping in his ear asking where she was, how was she, why did she leave, why wasn’t she calling, etc. Ricky told Jamal to stop and continued to talk to the answering machine. He told Marissa to call as soon as she got this, and he’d see her later. Jamal told Ricky that he had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

Finally, Jamal got a hold of her, she was whispering which gave him cause for concern. She told him she was following… but then they got cut off and the next thing Jamal could hear was Marissa screaming. Then she started asking who was there; she knew someone was there, so come out. She asked if it was Joshua. Just then, a door flew open and Marissa started screaming even louder. Jamal kept calling her name but she didn’t answer. Then she was gone and the only thing left was her cell phone.

Rafe got his wish to make Alison’s dreams and make believe come true. She dreamt that he and her were in the park and they were watching her as a little girl. She watched a few scenes from her childhood, but they were happier cause now her dad was there. Her birthdays, he let her dance on his feet; he complimented her on her drawings, and was there to help her when she fell and scraped her arm. Alison was so happy while watching it. Then her father spoke to her, saying that he loved her and he’d always be watching his princess.

Then Alison woke up and told Rafe all about the dream and how good she felt. She said she felt loved, and peaceful. Rafe said she was, she was loved and safe. Then she moved closer to him and they hugged.

Lucy caught up to Jack and filled him in on Livvie’s situation. She expected him to help her find Livvie, but instead, he showed little concern and said that someone was waiting for him. He didn’t have time to look for Livvie, he had to get back to this other girl. Lucy asked who, and he said just an honest good girl. She said that she was happy he was so happy, but this was a life or death situation. He still showed no concern so she left.

Livvie continued to feel the effects of carrying around a dead child. And at the same time, Tess was feeling it too.

Livvie continued to call for Jack and tell the baby that they would be fine, Jack was coming.

Tess looked at the camera with the picture of her and Jack and called his name. Then she started out in search for him.

Jack came across Livvie, almost as if he knew where she was. She was so happy to see him. He asked her to trust him and to go to the hospital. She said no, that the doctors were just going to hurt the baby. She promised him that they were going to be such a great family, and he was going to be such a great dad. So Jack asked her one more time to trust him, she said, of course, she did. He told her everything would be fine, that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her and hugged her.

Meanwhile, Tess wandered toward a road holding her rag doll and calling for Jack. Just then, lights came towards her and Lucy came running from her car. She thought it was Livvie, and asked her where she’d been that she’d been looking all over for her. Then she just looked at her weirdly, and just said her name one more time.