PC Update Thursday 10/17/02

Port Charles Update Thursday 10/17/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Ricky, Marissa, and Jamal meet the manager of the band. They thought he was Steven, but he was the manager.  He does Steven’s talking for him.

Jamal had his doubts, not understanding why “the man” couldn’t come out himself.

Ricky was completely into it especially when a suitcase was plopped on the table, and it was full of cash. It was the down payment for their services. Jamal then stepped in, saying that he didn’t trust this. The guy asked him who he was, and Jamal said he was their manager. He then handed Jamal a contract, told him to look it over and let them know. Ricky pulled Jamal over and asked him what his problem was. Jamal told him of his worries, and how it didn’t make any sense. Ricky told him that was how the music business worked, but Jamal was determined to be sure before he allowed them to sign anything. He said he’d have Kate look at the contract, and if everything was ok, then great, he was happy for them.

Meanwhile, Marissa talked to the band. The guy asked her if she always lets those 2 make her decisions? She said that she liked to do her own research before making the big decisions. He then handed her a card and told her to call. He and the band left. Jamal and Ricky went back to talk to Marissa about the contract but she was gone.

Outside of the restaurant, the guy talked to Steven on the phone saying that Marisa was too curious about him, but he’d take care of it. Then he left and Marissa followed.

Livvie crawled around the woods looking for Jack. Still not believing that the baby was dead, she told it everything that was going to happen.  She was going to find the only man she ever loved, and he would take care of them. But she continued to collapse from the pain.

Meanwhile, Jack told Tess he was going to go and get some supplies, but he’d be right back. She showed concern, and didn’t want him to leave.  She asked him to please stay and ran into his arms. Jack took her outside and showed her the sun. He said that when the sun moves from there to those trees he’d be back. Then they started kissing.

When they were done, it was dark out and Jack finally got Tess to let him leave.

While the pain got worse for Livvie, she started screaming Jack’s name and her baby, while Tess was on the ground curled up, too, saying over and over "My baby, My baby".

Elizabeth tried to explain to Alison what had happened in the search for her dad. She said that every possible favor and resource was called in, and she had a huge file with every little detail about the search. Alison continued to question if her mother had anything to do with it pending Rafe’s comment about her standing to inherit a lot of money upon his death. Elizabeth told Alison that she may be a lot of things, but she’s not a murderer. Alison said that she was right, she was a liar. Then she asked Elizabeth to leave.

Rafe tried to get Alison to open up to him.  He told her it was him, and to not ignore her feelings. She started talking about not having memories with her dad like other kids. She said that other kids had imaginary friends, and she had imaginary parents. She told him about how she would sneak into her nana’s room at night and pretend to dance with her dad and brush her mom’s hair. Then she laughed and said how embarrassing that was, but Rafe said no, it wasn’t. Don’t take on their mistakes as her own and feel bad about herself.

Then she started really crying, and he pulled her in his arms and told her to let it out.

Later she was on the couch sleeping and Rafe said he wished that he could make all of her pain go away. That he could go inside her “beautiful” head and change all of the bad memories and make them happy.  He could make all of her dreams and imaginary acts become real. Then everything started to glow, and Rafe disappeared.