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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/16/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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At the Recovery Room, Marissa paces in anticipation of her meeting with Stephen Clay, who is about an hour late. Jamal is still concerned about how the musician got her private cell phone number, but Ricky doesn't think it's anything to worry about. Ricky tells Marissa to relax and get used to waiting, because rockers are always late. Jamal teases him about his vast knowledge of how rockers operate. After all, Ricky's the one who was so certain that Stephen Clay would never listen to their song in the first place. Marissa just can't wait to meet him. Jamal scoffs when Ricky mentions that no one has ever seen Stephen Clay, but Marissa confirms this. No one has ever seen the band perform live. They're not even in their own videos. The mystery of who they are is part of The Stephen Clay Experience. Jamal thinks maybe they're just "butt ugly."

Just a few feet away, Frank is on the phone, telling someone to keep looking for Livvie. Ian comes in, hears this, and asks what Livvie's done now. Frank informs him that she lost the baby, but refuses to believe it. She took off before getting the follow-up procedure. It just doesn't end. The darkness seems to follow them all around wherever they go.

As soon as Frank mentions the darkness, three wild-looking people--two male and one female--come into the pub. Everyone turns around to look at them. They walk up to Marissa. The woman informs her that they're the band.

The music playing in the pub has changed drastically. The song now playing is by The Stephen Clay Experience. Frank informs Kevin that the Avatar was the father of Livvie's baby. Nobody was supposed to know, but it really doesn't matter anymore. Frank remarks that things happen in Port Charles that don't happen anywhere else. Ian tells him Lucy's theory about that. Lucy believes that Port Charles is a spiritual vortex, where good and evil fight each other. Frank thinks that it makes sense. Ian asks Frank what the battle is now. What are they looking for?

A waitress brings Ricky, Jamal, and Marissa their food. The band approaches them again, and the woman makes the introductions. She's Reese, and the guys are Mick and Cass. Reese pulls up a chair between Ricky and Marissa. Mick stands behind Marissa, while Cass sits between Marissa and Jamal. Mick tells Marissa that he likes the song about her sister. Reese confirms that Ricky wrote the music. She thinks he's cute. Mick slams his hand down onto the chip bowl and grabs a bunch. Meanwhile, Cass is rubbing his hands as he stares at Jamal. Mick's presumptuous, uncouth behavior ticks off Jamal. Reese explains that Mick has low blood sugar and needs to eat every hour. Otherwise, he turns into a wolf. Jamal doesn't care. Mick grabs another handful of chips, and Cass turns his attention to Marissa's hair. Marissa immediately pulls away. Angry, Jamal grabs the chip bowl away from Mick. Marissa and Ricky both ask where Stephen Clay is, and Reese informs them that she and the guys were sent to check them out. Jamal takes this to mean that he's not going to show up. Reese says that nobody just meets Stephen Clay. Marissa contradicts her; that's not what the man himself told her on the phone. Reese says that she must have heard wrong. Mick asks Marissa how her sister "checked out." Jamal's had enough. He tells Mick to take his freak show and get out. Ricky tries to defuse the situation, but it doesn't work. Mick calls Jamal a little badass. "Mick doesn't like badasses. He eats them for lunch," Reese warns. She advises Ricky to tell Jamal to chill, but instead, he tells her that he has Jamal's back. The tension mounts as Cass and Mick prepare to fight. "Let the games begin," invites Reese. Marissa tries to break it up, but Reese asks what she's going to do. Take her song and go home? Marissa asks Reese whether she has a problem with that. Before Reese can answer, a man's voice replies, "I certainly do. All right, you three--back in your cages." Marissa looks at the man. "It's him. It's Stephen Clay."

As Lucy goes through her mail, Rafe comes up behind her and surprises her. She drops the mail, then tells herself that she's imagining happy things. After all, she's been under a great deal of pressure and stress. Rafe can't possibly be standing there. She turns her back to the figment of her imagination, who then picks up her mail from the floor and laughs. Rafe informs his cousin that he's back for good this time. Thrilled, Lucy throws her arms around him and asks how this can be. Rafe tells her that it's a long story. Lucy asks about Alison, and Rafe happily informs her that they're getting married in a couple of months. Lucy's ready to cry tears of joy. She really needed to hear some good news. She hugs her cousin again, glad to have something to celebrate. Rafe tells her to slow down. His news isn't all good; they just found out that Alison's father has died in a boating accident. Her mother came to town to let her know. This surprises Lucy, who knows Elizabeth. Rafe is surprised that Lucy knows her. Lucy explains that they have something in common, in that they both came from the wrong side of the tracks and worked their way up. Rafe tells her that he hasn't lost his instinct for trouble, and Elizabeth is big trouble. Lucy wants to know what it is about Elizabeth that makes him say that. Besides the fact that she's always treated her own daughter as an afterthought, Rafe has an instinct about her. Lucy understands her somewhat, saying that she herself could have turned out the same way. Rafe doesn't believe that. Lucy never walked out on her own child. On the other hand, Alison went for years without seeing either of her parents. Lucy thinks it has to do with Elizabeth's old habit of telling everyone that she was going to marry a rich man. Elizabeth probably felt that the only way to ensure her place in the Barrington dynasty was by having a Barrington child. By doing that, she doomed herself to an "unhappy, loveless, icky marriage."

Rafe has something to add. It also made Alison have to grow up by herself. He informs Lucy that Alison isn't dealing with this well. Although she claims that she doesn't feel anything, her lonely childhood was just thrown back in her face. Lucy tries to look at the bright side. Maybe something good can come from this. Yes, Malcolm died, but the first thing Elizabeth did was come back to see Alison. Maybe they'll become close now. Rafe is convinced that she has a secret agenda. His belief is based on a weird vibe that he can't explain, but when they were out of town, he knew that they needed to come back. Lucy understands completely. She had the same feeling when she was in Canada with Kevin. She believes that something is about to change in Port Charles again. Rafe thinks that it could be a family thing, possibly something to do with the "family business." This frightens Lucy, who asks whether he thinks that Alison's mother is a vampire. Yes, he does, but not the way Lucy thinks. Elizabeth is a human vampire--someone who sucks the life out of everyone she comes in contact with. He refuses to let that happen to Alison. Lucy wants to help, but Rafe asks her to just keep on being Alison's friend. Lucy is really curious about how he managed to come back this time. She desperately needs to know. Rafe starts to tell her, but he gets a phone call. He confirms that the caller double-checked some information, then thanks the caller and hangs up. He hugs his cousin and says that his story will have to wait. He has to get home to Alison.

Amanda is at Alison's for tea. Alison prepares to give her the bad news, but she's interrupted by the doorbell. When Alison opens the door, her mother barges in. Elizabeth didn't think it was fair to make Alison tell Amanda that her son is dead. Amanda hears this and stands up abruptly. Is it true? Alison rushes to her grandmother's side and gently confirms the news. Then she tells her mother off.

Amanda is sitting down again. Alison gives her grandmother some medication. Amanda regrets that she and her son went so long without speaking to each other. Now he's gone. Alison is sorry about the way she found out. Amanda points out that this is typical of her mother. She wants to know why Elizabeth is in town. To grieve over the loss of Amanda's son? Elizabeth reminds her that she was married to Malcolm. Amanda is well aware of that; it was the first of a long series of heartaches. Elizabeth knows that "Mother Barrington" has never liked her, but she'd hoped that her mother-in-law could get past it. Amanda says that will never happen. She wants to know how her son died. Getting the information from Elizabeth is like pulling teeth. Elizabeth answers her one sentence at a time. Amanda's voice drips with sarcasm as she mentions Elizabeth's love for Malcolm. Elizabeth wants to leave and continue this later, but Alison blocks her. She insisted on barging in, so now she's going to tell Amanda everything. Elizabeth tells Alison to do it herself, since she knows the rest. Alison refuses, saying that she doesn't think she really knows everything. Her mother does, though. Alison tells her not to leave out the part where she tried to save him. When Elizabeth asks Alison what she's suggesting, Alison says that it's a simple question. Did she try to save him? Elizabeth replies that she didn't dive in to the Aegean, if that's what she means. Amanda wonders whether her son might still be alive, but Elizabeth informs her that they did an exhaustive search. She tells Amanda that they were on their way home when the accident happened. Malcolm felt badly about his estrangement with his mother. He was so proud of her charity and foundation work, and he was in the process of establishing a European chapter to parallel the work she's doing in Port Charles. Amanda should check it out for herself. Her son loved her very much; he just didn't know how to show it. Amanda tells Terence to take her home now. Alison asks her to stay, but Amanda wants to make arrangements for a memorial service. Alison tries to get her to wait until another day. They hug, and Amanda tells Alison that she loves her. Then she tells Elizabeth that they'll talk later. She leaves, and Alison confronts her mother. Was anything she just said true? Elizabeth informs Alison that her father was no better a parent than she is. Yes, she lied to Amanda. The truth is that he was a very cold, selfish, cruel man who only cared about himself. Is that what Alison wanted her to tell her? The woman's son just died, and Elizabeth was trying to make her feel better. From the doorway, Rafe has something to say. He informs Alison that her father didn't "just die." He died months ago. Her mother didn't come sooner because she's been under investigation for his murder. Elizabeth turns to Alison to protest. Alison slaps her--hard.

Serena comes into the lighthouse wearing headphones. She's completely unaware of Lucy's presence. Lucy removes the headphones, telling her that the music is too loud. She asks Serena about it, and Serena says that it's The Stephen Clay Experience. Lucy recognizes it. She doesn't want Serena to listen to it, period. It's weird and creepy. She doesn't have to have a reason, other than that she says so. Serena looks at her in disgust and disbelief, and walks away. Lucy's afraid that she just sounded like Tipper Gore. She answers the phone. It's Ian, informing her that Livvie lost the baby. He says that Livvie also ran out of the hospital, and they need to find her. Hearing the same music where Ian's calling from, Lucy asks him about it. He goes outside so that they can hear each other better. She says that the music makes her skin crawl.

Crying and in pain, Livvie wanders through the woods. She comes to a stop and talks to the baby she refuses to believe she lost. She tells the baby not to worry. Nobody will ever find them or take the baby away from her.