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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/15/02

By Beth
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Lucy and Ian have had Kevin admitted to a hospital right across the border in Canada. It has a good
reputation, and Ian thinks that it may be better than the one in Switzerland. In addition, Lucy will be
able to see Kevin whenever she wants.

Kevin's new doctor introduces himself as Dr. Fox. He knows that Kevin has already seen several different
therapists. However, Dr. Fox is different from all the others; he can help. Kevin doesn't want to hear this.
Lucy was the one person he thought he could count on, and she actually stabbed him in the back. She
and her boyfriend put him in the hospital, and he'll never forget that. Lucy enters the room, and Kevin
looks at her with contempt. Dr. Fox tells her to take all the time she needs to talk to Kevin. Giving them
some privacy, he leaves. Seeing Ian outside the door, the doctor asks Ian how far he's willing to go in
order to help Kevin. Ian replies that he'll do whatever it takes. In that case, Dr. Fox has a suggestion.
Ian has to stay away from Kevin's wife. Ian informs the doctor that his relationship with Lucy is none of his
business. Besides, they're just friends. Dr. Fox feels strongly that Ian's presence is impeding Kevin's recovery.

Kevin feels threatened by him, and thinks he has to rush through his treatment before he loses his wife to Ian. Ian insists that this is crazy; Lucy loves her husband. Dr. Fox asks Ian how he feels about Lucy. Ian tells his colleague that he's about to cross the line. Dr. Fox advises him to think about his suggestion.

Kevin says that if Lucy really cared about him, she wouldn't have brought him to this hospital. Did Ian pick this place? Lucy confirms that he did, because he thought that it would make it easier for her to be with Kevin. Kevin blames Lucy for this; he wouldn't be in the hospital at all if it weren't for her. He went to his faithful wife for help, but got betrayal instead. Lucy protests that this isn't fair. More than anything, she wants him to get better. She hopes that he'll understand that someday. This really is the best place for him to be. Dr. Fox is the best, and Lucy will be speaking with him every day. She can't stay here right now. It's hard because she sees so much hatred in Kevin now, and she can't help him. She has to go home, be with the girls, and have some semblance of a normal life. Kevin mocks her, saying that he's heard this before. Lucy knows that, but she adds something that he hasn't heard before. She's done. He tried to kill her; it wasn't the first time, but it was definitely the last. He has to stay and get help. If he wants to blame someone, he should look in the mirror. Lucy is tired of hearing him blame everyone else--especially her. She wants him back, but she also wants him well. Kevin reminds her that she told him she'd love him forever. Apparently, forever is a lot shorter than it used to be. Lucy says that she does love him. She thought that if he focused on her love, that would save him, but she was wrong. Instead, he has to focus on himself and on getting better. If he won't try, then she can't try anymore. Kevin looks at her analytically. He never realized before just how cold she really is. Lucy's sorry that he feels that way. She's going to go now. Kevin says to go ahead; she shouldn't keep Ian waiting. Lucy says that Ian has nothing to do with this. She can't look at Kevin and not recognize anything anymore. She walks out of the room.

Just outside, Ian is waiting for her. She tells him that she'll be okay. She hopes that Kevin's new doctor is good, because maybe he can help him. Ian thinks that Dr. Fox already has an idea how to help Kevin. He informs her that the doctor accused him of wanting her all to himself. Lucy can't believe that Dr. Fox actually said that. Ian says that maybe he was right. Maybe he really is in the way. Lucy tells him not to say that; they're good friends, and she couldn't get through this without him. Ian tells her that she won't have to. They hug.

Kevin tugs at his restraints. His doctor comes in with a small boom box. Kevin scoffs at the idea of music therapy, but Dr. Fox believes in it. Music goes right to the heart of the emotions. "Shrinks," Kevin remarks contemptuously, rolling his eyes. The doctor says that he can help Kevin get back to a normal life, if Kevin will just do as he says. Kevin informs him that he just wants to get out of the hospital. In that case, the Dr. Fox knows just where to start. He wants Kevin to listen to the music. He flips a switch on the boombox, and the song by The Stephen Clay Experience starts playing. Alone, Kevin is entranced by the music.

Lucy hears the music coming from Kevin's room, and it gives her the creeps. She doesn't like it at all. In fact, she needs to get away from it, because it gives her the strangest feeling. She asks Ian to take her home, and he consents.

Jack carries Tess back inside the cave and puts her down. He really wants to take her to the hospital. Tess gets up and starts frantically looking for her baby.

Livvie talks to her unborn baby, saying that they're both just fine. Frank and Karen return, and Livvie thanks them for their help. She also apologizes for how awful she's been acting to both of them, and she promises to change. She doesn't care about Alison and Rafe anymore. She'll let them live happily ever after. Karen asks for clarification of that last statement, but Livvie brushes off her question. She just wants both of them to know how grateful she is to them for saving her baby. The baby is all she has left. Karen gently says that she needs to tell her something. Livvie takes this to mean that she's still in danger, but Karen assures her that she's not. The poison was very dangerous, but Livvie got help in time. However, there is bad news. Karen can't detect a fetal heartbeat; the baby didn't survive. Livvie doesn't believe her. She accuses Karen of lying.

Jack wants to help Tess look for her baby. He knows that the doll has to be there somewhere. He finds it and returns it to her. Her baby was safe and sound the whole time. Tess lies down, cradling the rag doll in her arms.

Livvie doesn't know what Karen's trying to pull, but she won't fall for it. Karen knows that she's upset, and she's sorry. Livvie yells at her. Frank asks what possible reason Karen would have for lying. Livvie knows exactly why she would do it. Karen hates her--and the fact that she's having his baby. Frank takes up for Karen, which doesn't surprise Livvie. She wants to leave the hospital. Karen informs her that she called Dr. Neumann, who will come by to talk to Livvie about what happened, as well as what's next. She shows Livvie a consent form for a medical procedure. Livvie accuses Karen of trying to convince her that her baby's dead, so that she can kill her baby for real. Karen insists that unless Livvie has the procedure, she could die.

Tess gets up, still agitated. Jack asks her what's wrong. She hands him a book to read to her. They sit down, and Jack points out that he has already read it to her twice. She really wants him to do it again, but Jack has another idea. He wants to tell her a story, instead of reading one. She doesn't want that, but he insists. He starts out by telling her about Cinderella, whom he likens to Tess. Then he blends several fairy tales together, including Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. Tess is mesmerized. She laughs as he talks about the prince who comes to Cinderella's rescue--riding a white Harley-Davidson.

Livvie refuses to listen. She knows that Karen wants to kill her baby. She won't sign the consent form. She orders Karen to leave, but Karen stays. Frank tries to reason with Livvie. He knows how much she's hurting. Livvie insists that her baby isn't dead. She tells Frank that he should know how strong their baby is. She would know if something had happened, but instead, she can feel it growing inside her. Karen is wrong. Frank wishes that were true, but he was there. He knows how hard Karen worked to try to save both of them, but she couldn't. He knows it's hard, but Livvie has to find a way to accept that. Livvie asks whether he really believes Karen, and he does. Seeming to accept this, she asks to be alone. Frank tells her to think about this. Karen mentions that she can schedule the procedure for whenever Livvie wants. Livvie tells her to do it tonight. She wants to get it over with as soon as possible.

As Jack winds up his story, Tess keys in on the phrase "happily ever after." Jack explains it to Tess, and she keeps repeating the phrase. She kisses his hand, and he kisses hers in return. They both smile.

Outside Livvie's room, Karen tells Frank that she's glad he was able to get through to Livvie. She knows that this hasn't been easy on him. Frank points out that at least he still has Karen. Livvie doesn't have anyone. She's driven away everyone she ever cared about. Karen encourages him to go sit with her; it would do her some good. Frank returns to the room, but Livvie's gone.