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Port Charles Update Monday 10/14/02

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Marissa can't believe that Jamal actually sent the CD to The Stephen Clay Experience. She thinks it's awesome. Ricky can't believe her double standard. She got mad at him for reading her poetry, but she's happy that Jamal made it public. Marissa admits that she was wrong for giving Ricky such a hard time, but he wrote a beautiful song. Ricky insists that it's not ready for an audience. As for Jamal, he realizes that it's a long shot, but he doesn't think they have anything to lose. It's obvious to Ricky that they just don't get it. He's happy that they like his song, but this isn't how rock works. There's no way that a band like The Stephen Clay Experience would waste time on this. Marissa wants Ricky to stop being so negative. Ricky insists that he's just being realistic. Marissa and Jamal tease him, wanting him to draw on his vast experience in the business to explain how it all works. He tells them exactly how it works, but Marissa still wants him to be positive about this. Jamal points out that he's not stupid; he has connections to the band. Ricky laughs, not thinking much of his connection. This offends Jamal, and Marissa scolds Ricky for the way he's acting. After all, Jamal was just doing something nice. Ricky apologizes for giving him such a hard time, but Jamal's not too interested in hearing it. Marissa's phone rings, and she answers it. She's shocked to learn that it's Stephen Clay calling. When she says his name, Ricky turns around sharply. He hovers, trying to get information, while Jamal tries to get him to back off. Marissa tells the musician that she's looking forward to "it," then hangs up. The guys want to know what just happened. Marissa informs them that Stephen Clay listen to the song, and he likes it. Thrilled, she gives Jamal a big hug. Still skeptical, Ricky asks how she can be sure that it was really Stephen Clay on the phone. In response, Marissa asks Ricky how many other copies he made of the CD. He didn't make any others. Marissa informs him that their song was playing in the background. Ricky can't believe it. This never happens! Between the two of them, they did a good job. Ricky apologizes to Jamal and says that he's eating his words. Jamal says that they'll see what happens. He's wondering how the guy got Marissa's unlisted cell phone number. This is no mystery to Ricky or Marissa. Someone that big can get anything he wants. They're really psyched that he wants them! Jamal's not nearly as happy about this as he was earlier.

Rafe thinks that this must be a joke. He met Elizabeth outside the Recovery Room. She can't really be Alison's mother. For her part, Elizabeth is totally amazed. She met Rafe by chance after her rental car broke down and he agreed to give her a ride. He went on and on about being in love with such a wonderful girl, who turned out to be her own daughter. Alison wants to know what she's doing in Port Charles, and Elizabeth says that she came to see her. Alison doesn't believe that. She doesn't want to be rude, but she knows that her mother didn't come all the way to Port Charles just to see her. She wants to know the real reason her mother is in town. Is it business or some social engagement? She knows it isn't money, because her mother has plenty of that. When her mother continues to insist that she came to see her, Alison explains the situation to Rafe. She tells him that usually when mothers visit their daughters, it's perfectly natural and normal. In the Barrington world, however, it's unheard of. Elizabeth protests that this isn't fair, but Rafe sides with Alison. He called Elizabeth's husband once. Did she know about that? Elizabeth admits that he mentioned a young man calling when they were in New Zealand. Rafe says that he wanted to surprise Alison, and all they had to do was show up, but they didn't bother. They didn't show up when she was in a coma fighting for her life, or when she was on trial for a murder she didn't commit. Alison adds the fact that they were never around for her birthdays or for her graduation. Rafe says that if Alison has questions, so does he. Elizabeth is disappointed. She really thought that she and Rafe were hitting it off. Rafe points out that when they were getting along, he didn't know who she was.

Elizabeth tells them that they're both right. Alison rolls her eyes as her mother admits to--and apologizes for--being a terrible mother. Elizabeth feels awful about neglecting Alison, but that doesn't mean that she didn't care about her daughter. She loves her. Alison stops her. She doesn't want to hear this. She doesn't need this. Her mother ignored her for twenty-one years. How does she think that makes her feel? Whatever she's selling now, Alison's not buying. She demands that Elizabeth just come out with it. What does she want? Elizabeth didn't want to do things this way, but it seems that she has no choice. She drops a bombshell. Alison's father is dead. It was a boating accident. They were sailing the Aegean with some friends, and he went out on deck for some air. He fell overboard, and his body was never found. Alison cries as her mother apologizes for telling her this way. She thinks it's important for her to know that her father loved her very much. He would have wanted them to be together now, because neither of them has anyone else. Alison calls a cab for her mother, saying that she must be exhausted. Elizabeth looks to Rafe for help, but gets none.

Alison walks around nervously, anxious for her mother's cab to arrive. Elizabeth points out that she doesn't have to leave. She wants to stay and spend time with her daughter. Alison isn't really listening. She's absently biting on the cordless phone's antenna while thinking about how to give Amanda the bad news. She decides to wait until morning, since it's a bit late for this kind of phone call. Elizabeth wants to go with her, but Alison thinks that the news should come from her alone. Elizabeth asks Rafe to talk to Alison, but he won't side with her against the woman he loves. Alison says that she's sorry for her mother's loss. Elizabeth asks Alison about her own loss, and Alison shrugs. When they hear the cab horn, Alison opens the door, and Rafe tells Elizabeth to go now. Elizabeth wants to know when she'll see her again. Alison says unconvincingly that she'll call. She closes the door in her mother's face. Rafe goes to her, but Alison doesn't want comfort. She apologizes, but assures him that she's okay. Crying a little, she says that she didn't have a relationship with her father. She didn't even know him that well. It's sad, but she'll be fine. She lays the phone back in its cradle and goes off to be alone.

Tess gasps for air. Jack rushes to her side.

Crying about her baby, Livvie uses a towel to try to wipe off the poison. She rushes out to get help.

Jack tries to call 911, but discovers that the battery on his cell phone is dead. He picks up Tess and carries her, intending to take her to the hospital.

Frank surprises Karen in a treatment room. He knows how hard it was for her to learn that he's the father of Livvie's baby. Not many women would hang in there. Karen won't pretend that she would have asked for this situation, but she knows that Frank is a good man. She's glad he wants to be involved with his child's life. With a mother like Livvie, the baby will need all the love it can get.

Livvie opens the door and stumbles inside the room. Telling them that she doesn't want to die, she collapses in Frank's arms. As Livvie cries, remembering how her plan backfired on her, Karen starts taking her vitals. Karen wants to know what happened. That's the only way she can help. Livvie claims that she had an allergic reaction to something in the bath water. Her chest hurts so much. Frank returns with news that the E.R. is swamped. He couldn't find anyone to help. Karen enlists his aid, having him start an IV. Livvie pleads with him not to let her and her baby die. Frank assures her that he'll do everything he can. Livvie goes into V-fib.

After Jack lays Tess down on the grass, her heart stops. He panics.

Frank rushes to get a crash cart, and he and Karen go to work on Livvie. They're losing her.

Jack performs CPR on Tess.

There's no change in Livvie.

Jack urges Tess to come back.

Karen and Frank try again. Livvie's heart rhythm returns.

Tess suddenly sits straight up.

Frank checks for Livvie's pulse. It's back.

Tess is back. She's terrified, but Jack is happy that she's all right. He holds her, and she clutches onto him.

Livvie awakens, asking for Jack. Frank assures her that she'll be okay. Karen wants her to try to relax. Livvie thanks them for saving her and her baby. Karen tries to tell her something, but Livvie's not listening. Instead, she talks to her unborn baby. Seeing the look on Karen's face, Frank looks at her questioningly. Karen shakes her head.