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Port Charles Update Friday 10/11/02

By Beth
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Jamal tells Ricky that while he really likes his song, Marissa loves it. Because of this, Jamal owes Ricky a favor. Ricky reminds him Marissa wrote the poem; he just laid the track. He teases his friend about the music. He had no idea that Ricky was in touch with his sensitive side. Ricky admits that it isn't what he usually does, but it seemed to fit, and Jamal wholeheartedly agrees. Jamal brags that he knows how to repay a debt, so Ricky should consider it paid in full. Ricky has no idea what he's talking about. Jamal is quite pleased with himself. He actually arranged for a copy of Ricky's CD to be given to The Stephen Clay Experience. In fact, Stephen Clay himself should be taking a listen right now. Skeptical, Ricky tells Jamal that he's crazy. He's been in the music business a long time, and there's no way that Stephen Clay would ever listen to that CD. If he had a house, he'd bet on it. That's how certain he is. Jamal is just as certain that he will prove Ricky wrong. Marissa joins them briefly, then says that she's thirsty and needs something to drink. She approaches a girl seated at the bar and starts talking to her.

Jamal is feeling pretty confident. Since Marissa doesn't know about this yet, he asks Ricky to give him a minute to set it up. When Marissa rejoins them, Jamal notices that she doesn't have a drink. He asks about it, and she's confused at first. Remembering her cover, she claims that her drink's already gone. Jamal steps away to make another phone call. While he's gone, Marissa tells Ricky that she figured out a way to repay him for the song. Ricky can't figure out why everyone wants to pay him back today. What did he do to deserve this? Marissa insists that she has a surprise for him. Ricky closes his eyes. When Marissa tells him to open them again, she introduces him to the girl from the bar. She tells Ricky that this is her friend, Candy. She tells Candy that Ricky has been dying to meet her. Ricky doesn't tell Candy that this is the first he's ever heard of her. Candy informs Ricky that she's in her last year at Port Charles University. She's double-majoring in pre-med and theater. Ricky doesn't think that's fair; she's pretty, smart, and talented. Candy excuses herself, telling Marissa that she's right about Ricky; he's cute. Marissa reminds Ricky about her promise to find him a girl. She's very proud of herself for this one, and she wants a proper thank-you from him. Ricky wants to know whether this setup was for his benefit or Marissa's. Before she can answer, Candy returns and asks whether she missed anything.

After Ricky entertains the girls with a story about his band, Candy's beeper goes off, calling her to an emergency at work. Ricky asks--and receives--permission to call her later. When she leaves, Marissa answers Ricky's question from before. The setup was for him; Marissa already has someone special. Jamal gets off the phone and rejoins the others. Marissa wants to know what he's been up to with all his phone calls. He seems to have been sneaking away and planning something. Jamal is grinning from ear to ear. Even though Ricky thought he was crazy, he's going to make Marissa a superstar. Ricky fills Marissa in, and she doesn't exactly look happy. Jamal boasts that he has it on excellent authority that Stephen Clay himself is listening to "Hey, Sister" at this very minute.

As "Hey, Sister" plays, a woman apologizes to Stephen Clay. One of the roadies slipped in the CD, but she set him straight. Stephen doesn't have to listen to it. She starts to turn it off, but the musician stops her. Accepting this, the woman asks, "What, is she the one?" She leaves, and he looks over the lyrics sheet--Marissa's poem--that came with the CD.

Livvie spies through the window as Alison fills the tub and adds the poisoned bath beads to the water. Soon, Alison will be soaking in toxic water, and she'll die a slow and painful death. Livvie chuckles as she thinks about the best part of her plan. The poison is completely undetectable. It will look as if Alison's heart--the same heart that brought Rafe back to her--simply stopped. Livvie's own heart almost stops when she sees her mistake: she left her wedding ring on the side of the bathtub.

Just as her foot is about to touch the bath water, Alison hears the sound of breaking glass at the front of the house. Going to investigate, she isn't happy to find a broken window. It must be those stupid kids from across the street, but she doesn't have time for this now. Not wanting to cut her feet on the broken glass in the floor, she returns to the bathroom for her slippers. Outside, Livvie watches, waiting for the chance to retrieve the incriminating ring.

Outside the Recovery Room, Rafe obsesses over giving Alison the ring. He just hopes she likes it. Making a decision to just do it, he rushes off, and in his haste, he collides with a woman and drops the ring box. The woman, a fortyish blonde, stops to make sure that everything is all right, especially the ring. Rafe apologizes and explains that he's just nervous. He's already proposed, but he hasn't given his fiancee the ring yet. Embarrassed, he doesn't know why he's telling her this. The woman doesn't mind. She thinks that his fiancee must be very special. Rafe confirms that she's everything to him. He tells her about their incredibly romantic reunion on the train. The woman remarks that young love has so much hope and willingness to sacrifice. It's nice to know that true love still exists. Rafe's phone rings. It's Alison, wondering what's keeping him. She reluctantly admits that someone threw a rock through a window. Rafe promises to come right home. He tells her of his plan to take her to the Port Charles Grill for dinner and a surprise. They hang up, and Rafe thanks the woman for letting him ramble. Thanks to her, he's a little less nervous now. The woman asks for a favor. She heard him say that he's going to the Port Charles Grill, and she's staying at the Port Charles Hotel. Could she get a ride over there? Rafe agrees, but says that they have to stop by his house first. The woman doesn't mind; she would love to meet Rafe's wonderful girl. After the way he's been talking about her, the woman feels as if she knows her already. Rafe picks up her luggage, which has the same design as the overnight bag into which Alison's photo was recently placed.

As Tess gently washes the dirt off Jack, he touches her arm, hand, face, and neck. Just as he is about to kiss Tess, he stops himself. A look of incomprehension comes over her face. Then she smiles as he caresses her chin. As Tess rubs Jack's hand, he teaches her some more words. She points to the lines in his hand, and he tries to explain. As he talks, he wonders how this is possible. How could she look like Livvie, yet be so different? He tries not to think about that. He shows Tess her fingers, teaching her to count to three. Jack is lost in thought again. She is so innocent. It's like looking at Livvie before she became Livvie. Could her mother have had another girl that nobody knows about? When she repeats back what she just learned, Jack teaches her to give a high five. Jack is amazed by what Tess has learned in such a short time. She demonstrates that she understands the words for objects as well as numbers. Jack tells her that they make a good team. She laughs, holding his face and pointing out his smile. Jack tells her that she makes him smile. He puts his arms around her, and she returns the gesture. Jack explains that this is a hug. A second hug makes two hugs. She initiates a third hug, holding on tight to her new friend. Jack looks at her face again, still unsure of what to do.

As Alison cleans up the broken glass, Livvie slips back inside the house. She grabs for her wedding band, and in her haste, she accidentally knocks it into the water. She tries to figure out how to get her ring out of the water before Alison comes back and catches her.

After patching the hole in the glass with a piece of cardboard, Alison thinks she's finally ready to take a bath. She empties the dustpan of the broken glass.

Livvie grabs something that she can use to poke into the water. She climbs onto the side of the tub to extend her reach. Suddenly, she loses her balance and falls into the toxic water.

Suddenly, Tess pulls away, gasping for air. She can't breathe. As Jack rushes to her side, she collapses.

Livvie thrashes inside the tub as she becomes submerged in the poisoned water. Somehow, she manages to escape the tub and crawl onto the floor. Crying, she tries to dry herself off with a towel, determined to wipe off the poison.

Alison finally decides that she doesn't have time for a bath now, so she'll just take a shower. On her way back to the bathroom, she hears Rafe say her name. He has just come home, and he wants to introduce her to someone. Alison is stunned to see her mother.