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By Beth
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Jack enjoys teaching Tess some language skills. He's amazed at what a fast learner she is, having already learned "baby," "face," and "beautiful." Jack tells Tess that her face is beautiful. She shows him a flower, which he then gives to her and her doll, teaching her how to say "flower." Tess points upward, and Jack explains that the bright lights in the sky are stars. As Jack tells her about them, she looks at him with awe and devotion. When she touches his face, he turns to look at her again. He reaches for her hand, but she runs. Jack follows Tess and asks what's wrong. She gives him his digital camera. As he prepares to show it to her, the flash scares her. He explains that it's harmless, pointing the camera at his own face to demonstrate. Now it's her turn. He wants a picture of both of them. He tells her to smile, demonstrating and tapping his own teeth, then takes the picture. He shows her the image on the camera's screen, but she doesn't like what she sees. Showing him a book, she points to a sketch of a girl, saying "beautiful Tess." Realizing that Tess has no idea what she looks like, Jack has her sit down on a rock. He gets some water in a bowl made from a gourd, then takes a cloth and begins to wash some of the dirt off her face. He warns her that it might be a little cold, but he's going to clean her up a bit. Tess laughs, and Jack understands that it feels good to her. He has her turn around, and he pushes her hair back. She laughs again as he washes her shoulders. He also washes her arms, and wipes her face a little more. Finished, he tells her that she's beautiful. Now he wants to show her how she looks. He has her smile for the camera again, then shows her the image on the screen. This time, she likes what she sees. Tess wants to wash Jack, and he lets her. She's a bit rough at first, until he shows her how to be gentle. She washes his face and chest. Jack looks at her in amazement. He could definitely lose himself in her.

Lucy is glad that Kevin's going back to the hospital. It really is for the best. Kevin says that he wants to do the right thing. For now, they need to spend time together. Lucy reminds him that when she visited him, he told her to go away. Kevin's excuse is that he was confused and angry, and he didn't know what he was saying. He asks Lucy why she's being so distant now. It's been so long since they've been together this way. Lucy agrees; she misses their life together. When she calls him "Doc," Kevin makes a confession. He's always hated that nickname. Taken aback, Lucy argues with him, but Kevin insists that he really hates it. Sensing that something is still very wrong, Lucy stands up to put a little distance between them. Nervously, she asks him to tell her again where Ian went. She gets her answer, but not from her husband. She sees Ian on the floor, unconscious. She wants to know what Kevin did to him. Kevin replies that now they can really be alone. Lucy checks Ian's pulse, asking Kevin again what he did to Ian. Holding up a hypodermic needle, Kevin says that he just gave him a little something to help him sleep; a little nap never hurt anybody. Being a doctor, Kevin knows what he's doing. Lucy doesn't think he knows that at all. In fact, he's just making things worse. Seeing how upset she is, he tries to reason with her. If it's that important to call him "Doc," it's all right with him. Why is she looking at him like that? What was he supposed to do? He knew that Ian would never leave her side. After the way Kevin treated Lucy, he wouldn't even blame Ian for that. Lucy asks whether he's all better, and he admits that he isn't. The people at the hospital tried to help him, but Lucy is the only one who can truly help. Tearfully, Lucy explains that she tried with all her heart to help him. She gave everything she had inside, but he went inside himself someplace and she couldn't reach him. Kevin explains that he snapped. He admits that she warned him not to keep his feelings bottled up inside. He can't apologize enough for scaring her. He just wants one more chance. Nothing makes sense without her. Until he can see her every morning and every night, nothing will be right again. She is his lifeline and his miracle.

Lucy agrees that they hung in for each other for a very long time. Kevin thinks that Lucy now understands why she's the only one who can help him. The next step is to take Christina and go away. They'll change their identities, and they can live anywhere in the world. Lucy won't leave Serena, and she doesn't want to leave anyone else either. She doesn't think that her husband has really thought this through. She's sorry, but she can't fix it this time. Kevin sadly asks whether she's walking away from him. Lucy is emphatic that she would never do that. She suggests that the three of them go to Switzerland. She and Christina will get a place by the hospital. Kevin insists that he won't go back there. Pleading with him, Lucy calls him the nickname he hates so much. "Don't call me that! Sit down!" Kevin screams in rage. Lucy complies. Kevin apologizes, but insists that they have to do this his way. Lucy tries to placate him. Maybe he's right, and they can go somewhere and start over. Seeing the hypodermic needle on the coffee table, she gets an idea. She tells him that he's tense and needs a shoulder massage. Kevin likes the sound of that. He turns his back to her, and as she rubs his shoulders, she reaches for the needle. Kevin grabs her hand and stops her. "I really don't think you should have done that, Lucy," Kevin says almost sadly. He wants to know what Lucy intended to do after drugging him. Was she going to call the cops? Order a straitjacket from room service? Or have loverboy get rid of him? Is this how she loves him? By locking him up in a loony bin and living it up in New York with another man?

Lucy insists that there's nothing going on with Ian, but Kevin doesn't believe her. The universe certainly didn't whisk her away to New York. Ian probably couldn't wait to get rid of him. Lucy must have run straight to Ian as soon as Kevin was locked away. Now Kevin is angrier than he's ever been before. Terrified, Lucy asks him what he's going to do. Kevin informs her that he's going to teach her a lesson. Before he can jab her with the needle, Ian grabs his arm and manages to turn the needle back on Kevin, jabbing him in the leg. As he succumbs to the drug, Kevin tells Lucy that he wouldn't have hurt her. Ian informs Lucy they're going to have to take him back to Switzerland, but she already knows that. Saying that she just can't do this anymore, she cries on Ian's shoulder.

Happy that things are finally going their way, Alison and Rafe make a toast to the most incredible night ever. Not only is Jack safe, but Rafe and Alison will be able to get married on Christmas Day, because Livvie signed the annulment papers. Alison invites Rafe to share a hot bath with her, but he tells her to keep it warm for him. He'll be home soon. After Alison leaves the Recovery Room, Rafe stays there to meet with a a jeweler, who delivers a beautiful diamond ring. Rafe is very pleased with the ring, and the jeweler compliments him on his choice. Rafe thanks the man, who then leaves the pub. Rafe tells himself that he wasn't able to give Alison a ring the first time, but this time, they're going to do it right.

Livvie breaks into Alison's place, calling out to be sure that no one is home. She picks up some photos, one of which is of Jack--her sweet Jack, who doesn't love her anymore because of Alison. Now he's shacked up with some girl, and Livvie's going to find out who she is. For right now, though, she has a surprise for Alison and Rafe. Livvie knows that Alison enjoys a hot bath, and tonight will be her last. She fantasizes about what will happen. Alison will get into the tub, unaware that her bath beads contain poison. The poison will enter her bloodstream through all her pores, then kill her when it reaches her heart. Turning her wedding ring around in her hand, Livvie vows that Rafe will never get his happy ending with Alison. "Oh, how his heart will break when his forever love doesn't even last a few pathetic weeks." She imagines a scene in which Rafe begs his poisoned soulmate to wake up. Livvie enjoys this. Rafe wanted so much to be mortal. Now he'll know what it feels like to lose the love of his life. Livvie waits by the tub for Alison to come home. Hearing the front door, she runs out the back and watches through the window as Alison draws the bath water.