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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/9/02

By Beth
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Ricky listens to music through headphones while drumming on his legs with his sticks. Hearing Marissa insistently banging at the door, he lets her in. From the urgency of her desire to come in, he thinks that she must have some news about Jack. She admits that they found Jack, and he's fine. However, that's not why she stopped by. She wants her book of poetry back. It contains all the poems she's ever written in her life. "Uh oh." Ricky explains that she accused him of ruining it just by reading it. She also tore it up and said that she didn't need it anymore. That's why he went ahead and threw it away. When Marissa becomes angry, he tells her to wait right there. He hands her the book, and admits he didn't throw it away. Instead, he taped it back together for her--not that she deserved it. Still angry, Marissa wants to know when he was going to tell her. Ricky insists that he would have told her in a couple of days. She sees his little stunt as immature, but he reminds her of the tantrum she threw when she accused him of ruining all her poetry. He will return the book to her, but first he wants her to listen to something he put together. Marissa refuses to let him hold her book hostage, but Ricky insists. He tells her to just shut up and listen for once. Marissa tries to leave, but Ricky insists that she just listen for thirty seconds. This isn't dumb; it's for her. Maybe she'll recognize something. He turns on the stereo, and as they listen, Marissa realizes just exactly what she's hearing. It's her poem about Casey, set to music. Ricky watches her face, happy to see that she's pleased. He smiles and hands over her notebook. Then he asks for her opinion. He knows it's a little rough, and he can handle whatever she says. Marissa tells him that it's good. Actually, it's beautiful. Ricky pulls her close, and with tears in her eyes, she thanks him. Marissa is truly excited. She wants to show Jamal. Ricky's a little disappointed to hear this, but Marissa doesn't notice. Ricky made copies for her to keep. Thrilled, she thanks him again. For a guy who tries to come off as such a jerk, he's really not that bad. She kisses his cheek, then says that she wishes she could do something to show her appreciation. Ricky tells her that she just did. Marissa wants to find him a girl, but Ricky reminds her that he had one. They both wrote a song about her. When Marissa leaves, Ricky turns the music back on, picks up his drumsticks, and kicks back.

Livvie reaches menacingly into her purse, stating that she should have given this to Rafe long ago. Not trusting her at all, Rafe grabs the purse away from her and starts to search it. Livvie grabs it back. Did he think she had a gun in there? Rafe states that it did cross his mind, for obvious reasons. Livvie says that the satisfaction of getting rid of both Rafe and Alison isn't worth sacrificing herself or her child. She hands him a large envelope. Rafe removes the contents, and can't believe his eyes. These are the annulment papers. He and Alison are both stunned. Livvie turns to leave, but Rafe stops her. What's her angle this time? Livvie feigns indignation, but Rafe insists that it's a fair question. What is Livvie getting out of this? When Livvie accuses him of being paranoid, Alison points out that she has gone out of her way to make their lives miserable. Livvie says that her motive is completely and utterly self serving. Is that what they want to hear? She promises that her only angle is to get the two of them out of her life. She wants to get herself and her child as far away from them as possible. She just wants Rafe to sign the papers. Rafe wants to look them over first. As he does so, Livvie and Alison exchange words. Rafe hastily looks over the papers and then signs them. The marriage is over. "Good riddance," Livvie says on her way out the door. Alison stops her. She's concerned about what happens now, especially with the baby. Livvie accuses Alison of wanting her to get an abortion or put her child up for adoption. Alison's attempt to explain is cut short. Livvie tells her not to worry about her baby; she can take care of her own. She's going to get herself and her child as far away from them as possible, and try to forget everything that's happened. As for Alison and Rafe, she's certain they'll get exactly what they deserve. Alison tries to stop her again, but Livvie closes the door behind her. Rafe tells his soulmate to just let it go. As he holds her, Alison asks whether he thinks Livvie has let it go.

Alison and Rafe sit in the porch swing together, happy that the whole ordeal with Livvie is over, and that nothing is standing in their way now. Rafe tells Alison to pick a date for their wedding. Alison gets up. She's been thinking about this, and she has an idea. It may be a little too perfect. Last Christmas, Rafe made everyone's dreams come true. This year, she would like him to make her dream come true and give her the best present he could ever give her. She wants to become his wife on Christmas. Rafe just has one thing to say about that. "Ho-ho-ho-ho." They kiss, and then go inside. From behind some brush, Livvie spies on them and talks to her unborn child. The baby has to learn that although people pretend to care, what they really want is to see them all alone, and with nothing. She could let this go, but that wouldn't teach her baby a lesson. Alison and Rafe have to pay.

As the last of the pillow feathers fly, Lucy asks Kevin how he got to the hotel. Kevin states that he was looking for her. Ian asks whether it was a good idea to leave so soon, but Kevin insists that he needed to talk to his wife. Imagine his surprise to find the noble Dr. Ian by her side--again. Lucy tries talking to her husband. She had no idea that he was getting out of the hospital so soon. This is a big surprise to her. She needs him to help her understand what's happening. How did he find her? Kevin reminds her of the message that she left on their answering machine at home. Ian points out that the authorities will track Kevin down to New York. He wants to call the hospital and let them know that Kevin's okay, but Kevin is opposed to that. He must have spoken to every therapist in Switzerland, but all he really needed was to talk to his own wife. He asks Ian to give them some privacy, but Ian refuses. Kevin wants to know who put Ian in charge, anyway. Christina runs into the room and is swept up into Kevin's arms. Lucy is absolutely terrified. She suggests that Christina go finish her drawing, but Kevin won't let go of her. He carries the little girl over to a chair and sits down with her. He wants her to tell him all about what they've been doing on their trip to New York City. Lucy begs to take Christina. They can finish her drawing together, and then try on her new blue dress. Kevin tells Christina that her mommy sounds serious, so she should go with her. With a kiss on her head, he tells the little girl that he'll wait for her to come back. Lucy takes her and carries her to the bedroom, stopping to give Ian a very worried look.

Ian points out that Kevin scared Lucy half to death. Kevin asks whether he really thinks that he would hurt his own daughter. Ian doesn't know; no one knows anymore. He wants to know what happened to Kevin that made him attack his own wife. He knows that there's a decent man in there somewhere. He also knows that Kevin broke out of the mental hospital. People are going to be looking for him. Kevin knows all about that; they'll be people with electrodes and straitjackets. When Ian reminds him that the police will also be looking, Kevin says that he's not concerned about that anymore. Ian asks what he plans to do. Is he planning to run away? How does Kevin know that it won't happen again? Kevin insists that it won't. Ian says that this is Kevin talking. What about Ryan? Kevin insists that anything left of Ryan in his head is as dead as Ryan is. He won't have any more delusions or psychotic breaks. Ian knows it's not possible to know that for certain. Ian advises him to go back to Switzerland, and take Lucy with him. She wants to go. Kevin doesn't believe this, but Ian insists that it's true. Kevin needs help, and he should get it--for Lucy, for the kids, and for himself. Kevin apologizes, and agrees with Ian. He wants to call the clinic, but he needs Ian's help, because he doesn't have the number. Ian tells him that this really is the only way. Kevin adds that it's the best way. While Ian places a call to information, a creepy, disturbed look comes over Kevin's face as he says, "the best way possible."

Lucy instructs Christina to stay in the bedroom until she comes back for her. She asks where Ian is, and Kevin informs her that they had a very good talk. Ian told him he should go back to the clinic, and Kevin finally agrees. Ian also thought that they should spend some time together. "Alone?" Lucy is very uneasy about this. They sit down together, and Kevin insists that he's better. He's not trying to hurt her. Lucy says that she's not afraid. She knows that he would never truly want to hurt her. Kevin puts an arm around her, which makes Lucy uncomfortable. Across the room, where she can't see, Ian lies unconscious.